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5 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies To Try Today

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It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest social networking website. With over 2.5 billion active users , Facebook is one of the best social networking marketing platforms and the best place to implement your marketing strategies.

However, while many businesses include Facebook in their marketing plan , they often forget one of Facebook’s most powerful marketing tools; their messenger feature. Facebook Messenger allows businesses and clients to connect in ways that other platforms cannot.

Let’s take a look at why Facebook Messenger can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Why should you use Facebook Messenger marketing?

Facebook Messenger marketing allows a business to personalize their brand and connect with their customers in a way that other forms of communication cannot. Using Facebook Messenger marketing to compete in the digital marketing arena is growing in popularity as messaging platforms allow businesses to contact and be contacted by consumers in a variety of ways.

Facebook Messenger allows companies to receive feedback, discuss concerns, gain customers, answer questions, advertise, share events, and so much more. This feature’s ability to meet the needs of not only businesses but their customers makes it a popular platform to connect and advertise on.

There are so many great ways to use Facebook Messenger in your marketing strategy. However, if you are just starting out, we have quite a few methods that are great for beginners and will allow you to give Facebook Messenger a try as a part of your marketing strategy.

5 great Facebook messenger marketing strategies

1. Chat Blasting

Facebook Messenger blasting is similar to email blasting in a sense that, like email blasting, your business would simply message everyone on your list. However, Facebook Messenger blasting has a much higher success rate, topping the marketing strategies list.

Think about when you send an email campaign. Typically, the BEST open rate you can expect is 20%; and that percentage is wishful thinking. If you get an open rate of 20% in your email campaign, that means your campaign is much more successful than most.

Facebook Messenger blasting is better than email blasting because of its open rate. On average, you can expect an open rate of 60-70% when sending within the first sixty minutes. With that open rate, it’s easy to see why one would use Facebook Messenger as a powerful marketing strategy.

A common scenario when chat blasting involves sending messages via a chatbot (we will talk about chatbots more later) and have it ask your list if they want to opt-in to receive your business’s newsletter. Simple enough, right?

Facebook Messenger chat blasting is basically the new and improved way of email marketing.

If you are interested in chat blasting via Facebook Messenger, MobileMonkey has a great tool designed just for this purpose. Their How-To Guide on creating and managing chat blasts for businesses is extremely helpful.

2. Customer Support Feedback

Almost everyone who has a Facebook Account utilizes Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is a great platform for customers to provide feedback, voice their concerns, and ask questions.

On average, there are 8 billion messages sent on Facebook Messenger between businesses and their customers per day. In today’s world, people like things that are fast and convenient. Sending a message on Facebook is a great way to meet all your customer’s needs.

Whether you are a part of a small company or large corporation, building a strong relationship with your customers in all possible ways is always important.

Facebook Messenger is also an excellent platform for discussing private matters that are best not said through commenting on your business's public Facebook page. Social media platforms such as Facebook can cause unnecessary stress and being able to provide a safe place for people to connect with your business via messenger is one way to help your customers avoid an embarrassing situation.

For example, perhaps someone has a private question or bad experience that they wish to connect on. Facebook Messenger is a great way to handle such situations instead of forcing them to comment on your Facebook page or give your company a call. It is very easy and simple for customers to address a private matter by sending a simple message on a platform that they (probably) already use daily.

3. Use conversational flow via chatbot

Chatbots are great when programmed to understand a customer’s question, give answers, and even carry out tasks. Many people don’t like the hassle of giving a call or waiting for an email back. Using chatbots as one of your marketing strategies to assist customers is one of the best ways to market your company.

Being available via social media is important as so many people are communicating more via messaging platforms and less via text, call, and email.

However, it is important to create a conversational chatbot so that your customers feel like they are receiving personal messages from your company or business.

When you develop your chatbot, it is important that it doesn’t sound robotic (that will just turn customers away from your Facebook page).

People are used to digital assistants like Alexa and Siri that assist customers while sounding like a real person.

A few ways to make your chatbot more human and less robotic:

• Make sure the chatbot always greets whomever they are messaging
• Your chatbot needs to be familiar with all aspects of your business so they can almost always answer any question relating to your business
• Always apologetic in nature; that way if your chatbot does not know the answer they can at least be polite
• Have alternative options in case your chatbot does not know the answer such as the ability to provide information regarding other communication options 
• Has the ability to end the conversation at the appropriate time
Of course, there are more ways to ensure that your chatbot feels more personal and helpful. These are just some basic suggestions to help you begin building your chatbot so that they can sound more human.

Extra help: Don’t know how to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger? We’ve already discussed that you can use MobileMonkey to create a bot and chat blast, but here are a few other platforms you can try if MobileMonkey doesn’t work for you:

The Bot Platform

This London-based company is the perfect bot platform tool for companies that want a hassle-free bot. 

The Bot Platform’s Messenger tool actually requires no coding or programming knowledge.

Their company is recommended by Facebook themselves and offer plenty of resources as well as various methods of support to assist you when creating your own bot.

Facebook For Developers

If you don’t mind coding, Facebook gives access to a multitude of tools to help businesses create their own messenger bot.

Facebook For Developers also has an abundance of other tools at any developer’s disposal such as virtual reality, publishing, and social integrations.

It might be a good idea for your business to get familiar with Facebook For Developers if they use Facebook often and have coding skills available at your disposal.


Activechat is excellent for not only beginners but also skilled developers.

If you are a beginner, Activechat provides templates that will help you set up your chatbot in a matter of minutes. They also provide more advanced tools for more skilled developers.

You can also create a bot for one thing and then use it for another- if you create a bot for Facebook Messenger you can also turn it around and use it, for example, on your website’s chat widget. 

4. Facebook Messenger Ads

If you want to target people who have messaged you previously on Facebook, you can set up Facebook Ads to retarget anyone who has messaged you previously by having an ad of yours pop on their news feed.

Since those who have messaged you previously have been interested in your business in some way, including your ads on their Facebook feed is an effective way to potentially gain new customers or further your relationship with the customers that you already have.

To create a Facebook Messenger Ad, you would want to use Facebook’s custom audience features.

Simply use this feature and create the custom audience in a sponsored messages campaign 

5. Use Facebook Messenger to help manage events

A great way to use Facebook Messenger is to manage your events! If you are hosting an event and have created a Facebook page for the event, you can have attendees sign up for the event via Facebook Messenger and send reminders as well as important information about the event.

Here are some ways you can use Facebook Messenger to engage people more in your event:

  • Have attendees sign up for the event via Facebook messenger
  • Ask attendees to share with their friends about the event via Facebook messenger (if it is a public event)
  • Share the event via Facebook messenger to your friends 
  • Send reminders before the event reminding them of the date, time, location, etc. 
  • Send them updates about the event as the event is happening
  • Ask them how their event experience was once the event is over

Optimizing your Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies

There are many great ways to utilize Facebook Messenger in the marketing world; these are just some easy ones to get you started. With each day, more and more businesses are utilizing Messenger and discovering just how effective of a marketing tool it is.

Facebook Messenger is a great platform to connect with customers in a personalized and interactive way. Using some or all of the strategies above, you too can start taking advantage of Facebook Messenger for your business (if you haven’t already)!

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