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Top 9 WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

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Alfred runs a successful bakery in the city’s square. His business is a popular spot for locals and a talking point for tourists.

Alfred launches his online shop through a WordPress website to expand his business digitally after a flourishing on-site business.

However, he isn’t satisfied with the results. Alfred was not slow to pull the trigger. But, he has little experience in attracting customers through his online bakery shop. Do you have the same problem?

We are here for your rescue.


Alfred isn’t the only one who has this problem; 75% of visitors never return to a website they have visited once.

It’s difficult to attract the attention of your target audience or high-quality leads due to the fierce competition on the internet market. A lead is a potential customer that you can sell your product.

This could be someone who called or mailed you to request a quote. Potential leads can also include someone who downloaded your e-book or purchased your service/product from the website.

So, to grow your business, you need to generate quality leads.

This means that you must convert website visitors into customers or buyers. You want security first. You need to market your product/service in a way that takes your business to the next level.

You must ensure that your website is maintained properly to achieve this. Any WordPress Website Maintenance Company can help you maintain your WordPress website so that you can continue generating quality leads and turning them into customers.

As a word to the wise, the epitome of information regarding the ideal WordPress lead generation plugins will work out the best in such a case.

We have created a guide that will help you find the best WordPress Lead Generation plugins.

1. MonsterInsights

  • User-Friendly WordPress Analytics Plugin

The MonsterInsights WordPress plugin combines Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide a wealth of information. This plugin is highly recommended. It retrieves data and compiles it into clear and understandable reports.

This plugin records data that speaks volumes about your site’s visitors. Let’s dive deep into Monster insights to learn more.

  • This plugin provides information on the web pages that receive the highest amount of traffic or visitors.
  • It will acknowledge you for links that get the most clicks from all the pages you have added to the website.
  • This will give you an answer about the most effective call to actions buttons on your website.


MonsterInsights has over 3,000,000 users. Among them, famous brands such as Subway, FedEx, and yelp are also present:

  • This plugin also features file download tracking, which allows you to keep track of the performance of lead magnets like ebooks. It can also recognize ordinary downloadable files and provide you with a track report.
  • A business can see which assets are most downloaded and which ones need to be modified for better performance.
  • You can gain insight into what content converts the most visitors through author tracking and determine which content you should be promoting to grow your website.
  • MonsterInsights offers all these features to help you stay on top of your business’s performance.


  • Free to use with limited features.
  • Paid version packages starting at $99.50/year

2. Optinmonster

  • Most powerful lead generation plugin

The best-rated WordPress popup plugin, or say the most recommended lead generation software is Optinmonster. It provides exceptional tools for creating popups and email signup forms that are highly convertible for your WordPress website. Visitors will be tempted to leave your website if they see the attractive opt-in forms.

  • This helps to convert your visitors into customers and subscribers, which will, in turn, grow your email list, optimize conversion rate and dramatically reduce bounce rates on your website.
  • These WordPress plugins are a great way to grow your business. The quality of leads that you get will increase with the plugins’ traction can be expected to increase.
  • Install the WordPress Lead Generation plugin quickly to deploy campaigns on your website.


1,213,437+ websites use OptinMonster to generate leads.

  • Optinmonster can be used to create sliding-in, sidebar-form, floating bars. It also allows you to spin the wheels pop up.
  • It has a built-in Analytics tool with which you can track the performance of a website.
  • Each form element can be tested to determine which one is most effective for maximum conversion, including headlines, button colors, and two designs.
  • Inbuilt exit-intent Technology is a great way to convert visitors to your subscriber list. It pops up when they are about to abandon your site.
  • Segmented email lists can also be created with targeted messages that target specific pages within all categories.
  • The SAAS platform can be integrated with other websites and email marketing services, as well as e-commerce platforms.


  • The basic plan starts at $9/month.
  • If you want to avail just like yes/no forms and exit intent Technology, plans start from $29 per month.

3. WP Forms

  • Exceptional Drag & Drop Form Builder

WP Forms is a user-friendly plugin that allows you to create contact forms.

  • The Drag and Drop Form Builder feature eases off the task of creating eye-catching email subscription forms, donation forms, quote forms, payment forms, contact forms, or any other forms.
  • WP Forms provides you with in-built options that allow you to display results from polls or surveys using beautiful charts and graphs.
  • WP Forms forms are responsive to any device.
  • This plugin comes with a wealth of templates. With the 150+ pre-built templates for WP Forms, you can add a spark to any form that you create.
  • High-end spam security allows you to block spam submissions using a captcha or a Honeypot method in WordPress Forms.
  • WP Forms offers the option to create multi-page forms if you need more than one page for survey or detailed order forms. To improve the user experience, long-form can be split into multiple pages.


4,000,000 professionals use WP Forms to create smart forms that meet their needs. It is also possible to learn how to use it by watching a video tutorial.

  • Smoothly integrate your forms with Mailchimp, constant contact, GetResponse, Drip, and many others to enjoy mail services.
  • Conversational forms are great for increasing form completion rates and conversions. By displaying one question at the time, it creates a conversation-like interface.
  • All saved entries are stored in the WordPress database. This means that form entries can be managed from the WordPress dashboard. WP Forms also allows you to mark them as read, sort, delete, or export to a.csv file.


  • Free version with limited features
  • The paid version starts from $39.50/year.

4. Chatbot

  • AI Chatbots at your service

The chatbot plugin is for you if you are a creative thinker. It will allow you to help your customers around the clock. This plugin is ideal for creating, deploying, and tracking chatbots from one location.

  • Drag and drop is an option that allows you to add new elements to any chatbot class created with the Customised Visual Builder.
  • You can automate key tasks by creating chatbots that are multipurpose using an easy-to-use builder or prebuilt templates.
  • It is easy to install and does not require any coding, technical skills, or training. Any not-recognized words are saved automatically. Additional suggestions can be made on the same to add to your stories.
  • Integrate into one click with Slack Messenger, LiveChat, Facebook Messenger, and other integrations with open APIs, webhooks, and Zapier.
  • Every task is powered by AI for better support, engagement, and sales across all channels. It operates in a background that uses natural language processing to interpret the precise meaning of the user. Using machine learning algorithms further improves the performance of the chatbot.
  • Customers can engage with your chatbot by providing interactive responses and textual feedback. You can use the chatbot platform for quick responses, text, images, buttons, and quick replies to show off your products and services.


  • Chatbot offers a 14-day free trial to get an insight into its features.
  • The paid version starts at $42/month.

5. Livechat

  • Real-time and prompt live chat plugin

The live chat software is incredibly versatile. This chat tool is easy to use and can help you generate quality leads. It is easy to use and integrates well with many other marketing services.

  • This plugin allows you to communicate with people in real-time. This plugin doesn’t require a login to WordPress.
  • This plugin is compatible with any device, whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop, or another.


If someone tries to contact me via live chat outside of your working hours, a support ticket will be created.

  • An automated greeting message can be used to start a conversation on your behalf. This message grabs attention and lets the visitor know that the support team can help with their question.
  • You can customize the chat window to appeal to visitors and grab their attention.
  • Livechat allows you to retrieve the chat history of any visitor.
  • You can also include social media icons in your chat group. This can allow visitors to give credit to your brand via their social media accounts. Brand awareness is thus an added advantage to use this lead generation WordPress plugin.


  • Start with a free 14-day trial.
  • Paid version available at $16/month.

6. All in one SEO

  • WordPress SEO plugin

Its name is enough to tell the story. It’s been a great tool for webmasters who want to overcome SEO-related problems.

You don’t need any experience to start! To get the desired results, you will need to enter the right data in the relevant fields. This plugin allows you to optimize your WordPress website in order for your content to rank high in search engine results.

  • Using this plugin you will be able to enjoy automatically generated Meta tags.
  • You can easily detect duplicate content in your website content, which will help you avoid plagiarism.
  • The powerful tools for optimizing pages with on-page optimization: These tools simplify the task of adding Meta tags and descriptions to your pages, as well as optimizing page titles.
  • Be it XML sitemap, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools, and a lot others can be connected with the All-in-one SEO plugin.
  • It is becoming more useful and you will find that it gives you greater control over SEO tasks with its advanced features.


  • Free to use with limited features.
  • Paid version starting at $49.50/year.

7. OneSignal

  • Notification WordPress plugin

You can send push notifications to your WordPress site when you use this plugin. This will ensure that you never miss any potential leads. Notifications can be sent on the desktop and on the mobile to instantly respond to any queries or needs of potential customers.

  • Create an account to get started. Install the WordPress plugin.
  • You also have the option to change how push notifications are displayed to visitors.


Signal sends more than 5 billion notifications every day through their platform.

  • When a visitor browses on your site, he or she will be presented with a popup. If they consent, they will be able to opt in to receive any updates from you. This can make them loyal customers and followers.
  • You can create user groups, set notification delivery intervals and personalize the opt-in process with live chat.
  • Visitors can opt to receive notifications from you, even if your site has been closed.
  • This WordPress plugin powers notifications from startups to fortune companies.
  • Re-engagement with your audience can be achieved by offering a reward or loyalty program on your website.


  • It’s free to use with a limited set of features.
  • Paid plans start from $9/month.

8. Thrive Leads

  • Email list building plugin

Thrive leads are a blessing in an era when professional communication is the best way for you to gain the interest of potential customers. It requires the user to complete the information, including the email addresses.

  • Once you have their contact information, you can send them your services/products via email.
  • This list-building tool is all-in-one and allows you to create conversion-focused forms that capture data from your website visitors. Drag and drop editor is the best way to create such forms that persuade visitors.
  • This plugin is not only about the design, but also the way it should appear to the visitor. To display your email form to your visitor, you can choose from a pop-up, slide-in, in-line, sticky ribbon, or in-line format.
  • This plugin supports all types and levels of opt-in forms, as well as a wide range of email marketing services.
  • The dashboard allows you to track and analyze key metrics.
  • The A/B testing feature is the golden feature in this plugin is ideal for enhancing the rate of conversion.
  • The pre-designed templates can be used as a starting point for beginners. Once you have a good idea of which template is best for you, you can start building your own.


  • The paid version is available in Thrive Suite at $19/month.

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9. Leadpages

  • Landing page WordPress Plugin           

Inspiring and informative landing pages is a great way to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

  • Begin by selecting a professionally designed and optimized template for lead generation.
  • To create a unique landing page, you can combine and match elements.
  • It allows you to create mobile-responsive and conversion-oriented lead pages for your website.
  • The drag-and-drop builder allows you to add alert bars, pop ups, opt-in text, and many other features to your landing pages.
  • The easy-to-read analytics report will help you check the performance of landing pages associated with your marketing campaign.
  • Creators are guided in the right direction by the A/B testing and real-time conversion tips.
  • You can check out the workflows to automatically add leads to your email list when you integrate your favorite online advertising apps with it.


  • Start with a free 14-day trial.
  • Paid version plans starting at $27/ month.


For your online business to be successful, make sure you are making the right choices.

You must strive for excellence in order to build a successful business.

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