06.07.2022 10:33

Advertising on QUASA

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Reach the right audience.

Quasa Media is part of QUASA, which refers over 10,000 new customers every month to reputable brands.

We work with a variety of partners to help them reach new users through effective advertising.

Our users

Over 300,000 individual users visit Quasa Media each month. We publish content in 2 languages and our traffic comes predominantly from the Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany, China, and countries across Latin America.

We offer to post your article, add a paragraph or link, or order an article to be written for publication.

Visit statistics:

  • the number of unique users per month - 300K;
  • time spent on the site - 2.5 minutes.

Advertising options available

If you’re looking to place ads on Quasa Media, we will work with you to promote your brand in the right way. We provide the following types of tailored advertising:

  • Integrating a paragraph or link into a posted article.
  • Placement of your author's article;
  • An article about your company written by us;
  • Publication of posts on social networks Twitter (20K), Facebook (38K), VK (22K), OK (9K);
  • Pinning an article in the right block on the main page of QUASA MEDIA;

Link to price list.

Сontacts: [email protected]