The total emission volume is intended for the development of the QUASA ecosystem and, mainly, the anchor product - the Quasa Connect app., since QUA tokens are used in the application for all transactions, to pay for remote work and to pay for clicks on posted client tasks - by all executors.

In African countries, where Quasa is actively establishing connections, the cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly. On the one hand, bitcoins have become a means of storing money for citizens of some countries during financial crises, on the other hand, authorities are looking for ways to gain access to these assets and are trying to regulate them. We tell you how they do this and what digital tools can be used to trade with African countries.

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In this article, we’ll look at the reasons to implement remote work policy, considerations to make, and tips to help you switch to working remotely.

Businesses built a digital presence in order to reach their customers.

It is no secret that blockchain technology is already disrupting traditional ways of doing business.

Over the upcoming few decades, a lot of the workforce will probably experience substantial changes, mainly pushed by some prominent current tendencies.

From the customer’s request to the moment you’re paid, Quasa brings everything together to make the entire job and customer experience seamless.

For every competent business, customers play an integral role in maintaining the sanity of any business.

The phrase “unpredictable,” when it comes to dealing with this epidemic, comes to mind.

Finding the right software developers is one of the most difficult aspects of launching a startup.

Hiring offshore developers reduce software development costs, but it also comes up with some challenges.

Consider a time in which you’d amazing customer support.

All these wise hints can allow you to cut costs and improve your bank account balance.