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Every Successful Business has its Stories: Read Some of Them

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Building a successful business is not an easy task. It is a journey from the stage of planning to executions and successful management.

In this journey, one element that plays a pivotal role is capital. It is the foundation of every business. It aids entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a business, then the initial investment is essential to get things going.
You, as an entrepreneur, can source your funding in two ways, either you can find an investor or avail a capital loan to begin your journey.

Here are some examples of India’s top Successful businesses and the stories behind them –

1. Flipkart

One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, Flipkart was started by two graduates of IIT-Delhi, Sachin and Binny Bansal.

These former employees of Amazon left their jobs to start this business. Initially, Flipkart was an online platform selling books, delivering just 20 orders in its first year of operation.

Nonetheless, the company started growing once it began to sell other consumer products, and now it has developed into a fully-fledged e-commerce company. The current valuation of this company is $24 billion.

2. Paytm

The success story of Paytm is very inspiring. It was founded in 2010 by Vijay Shekar Sharma. In his early days, Mr. Sharma took a loan of Rs.8 lakh at a very high-interest rate. To repay this loan he used to do various jobs.

Paytm, which started as a just online payment service, has now launched a host of other services.

The current valuation of this company stands at $15 billion. Potential entrepreneurs can learn how to build their business brand from Paytm.

3. Oyo

Ritesh Agrawal founded Oyo under the name of Oravel Stays in 2012. After receiving $100,000 from Thiel Fellowship, Oyo started its operations in Gurgaon.

Currently, it has established itself as one of the largest hospitality chains of India. Moreover, it has a presence in overseas markets also, like the USA, China, Europe, etc. The current valuation of the company is $16 billion.
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4. Make My Trip

This famous travel company was founded in 2000 by Dipak Kalra. He was an alumnus of IIM-Hyderabad.

In its initial days Make My Trip started as an online ticket booking platform allowing customers to book rail tickets, flight tickets, bus tickets, etc.

Later the company became a travel company providing travel packages to its customers. In 2010, Make My Trip got enlisted in NASDAQ.

The current valuation of Make My Trip is $23.5 billion. Using Make My Trip as an example, an individual can learn the financial habits to better manage business growth.

5. Nykaa

The story of this famous cosmetics product brand is very different than others. While most entrepreneurs started early, Falguni Nayar began this business at the age of 50 after leaving her job.

In its initial days, Nykaa was just a dedicated online platform for cosmetics, and now they have started launching their range of cosmetics. The current valuation of Nykaa is $750 million.

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Apart from these above-mentioned success stories, an entrepreneur can draw inspiration from several other similar cases. Therefore, if you want to become a business owner, seek help from a capital loan and begin your journey.

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