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What is Orphaned Content And How It Can Affect Your SEO?

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Though the name of the orphaned content sounds a bit weird, it actually exists, which can have a great impact on your SEO. When it comes to ranking your content in Google, it is important to know about the existing state of your content. It means that you have to link your content with other content or websites. Google follows up all the links and saves each of the pages or posts that it finds on the way to this link. So you must be adding contextual links to all of your content. Though it sounds simple, the job may not be simple enough for you. It takes a lot of time to create and publish such a large amount of content to your linking structure which may not be your actual priority. Also, some articles may not get the essential link. This is the actual source of the orphaned content. However, knowing more about it can clear your concept.

What Is Orphaned Content?

The orphaned content refers to the type of content that does not get any link from other pages or posts on the website. It causes the content to become hard to find for both Google and visitors.

Posts and the pages require the necessary internal link building, which makes them fit into the site structure and improves the findability. But the links need to be contextual.

In case other contents are linked from the sitemap, homepage, or the tag and category pages but lack the necessary text links, then it will also be considered as orphaned content. This is exactly why the text links are highly important that improve the credibility of the site and the content and serve the search engine necessary information about that content. You can avail of the most effective SEO service New York to get the proper link building for your content.

How Does Orphaned Content Get Created?

While you create and publish a new blog post and then simply forget about it, there are chances that you will link this content anymore with your new pages and posts.  This is considered a bad thing while you leave content untouched and unliked after publishing. If you want Google and your readers to find out your posts easily, then forgetting to link it will cost a lot.  By not linking your newly created content to a page or a post, you make it difficult for people to reach out to it, which makes the content an orphaned one.

How Your Orphaned Content Can Affect Your SEO?

Creating and forgetting content will make it an orphaned one that will remain unnoticed by Google and the audience. But that doesn’t mean that your orphaned content will also remain unnoticed by your SEO.

To rank your content on the search engine, Google must be knowing about it. Since search engines follow up that link and take note of all the posts and pages that come in the way, it is quite obvious that it will affect your SEO if Google is unable to find it.

Orphaned content includes some meaningful internal links from the other posts and pages to it. But in such cases, Google will consider it as the less relevant one than other content on your site, which is having a lot of links. Thus if you think that an article is important to you, then you must work on adding contextual linking to it. Otherwise, it will negatively impact your SEO.

What Can You Do About Orphaned Content?

As you get to know that your site has orphaned content, it is better to work on it. The best thing you can do is, prevent it before it happens. To prevent your orphaned content formation, it is important to make sure that you are linking to that content.

Linking to it from other places or on your website will help your audience and Google to reach out to it easily. You can link the newly created content to other articles, which can help you to generate a lot of traffic which can improve your visibility. But while linking, make sure you are picking those links which are effective and go in sync with the context of that content. It is also very important to keep the internal linking relevant so that it can help better in indexing.


Being attentive to your newly created content can be the reason why your content is getting orphaned on the search engine. But you can successfully prevent such a situation by paying attention to your content from the very beginning. Thus you must be adding the essential linking to your content from the initial stage before you forget about it.

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