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Reasons to Use A People Search Engine

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People search engines are online platforms that help you find people using basic details like their names and address. They can retrieve detailed contact information and even a criminal history. Some of these services will deliver full reports on your search target.

People use these services to find friends or loved ones they’ve lost touch with, to scope out a potential tenant or significant other, and sometimes even for employment purposes.

Here are the main reasons these engines are used.

Find a Lost Loved One or Friend

Finding a lost relative, coworker, or friend is the main benefit of using people finders. You’ll find their current address or phone number pretty fast if you have their name and a physical or email address. Some platforms will even provide this information for free. Many of them offer paid services, which you should resort to only when you’re not getting far with a free search.

Adopted people sometimes use them to find their biological parents or siblings. It’s common to feel a sense of incompletion or emptiness if you’re not clear on your genetic heritage. Some are simply curious to know who they came from. You can talk to your adoptive parents, who can provide additional information. Armed with this, you can then take your search to the internet.

Property Rental

A quick, informal background check on a potential tenant can be very helpful. Even a simple Google search can reveal concerning information, and a people search engine can uncover additional details in this case. You want to make sure you’re renting your property to the right person.

You can achieve this by carrying out a personal, financial, and criminal background check online using people’s search engines. Ideally, you’ll complete this process with the peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands.

Identifying a Mysterious Caller

You can identify an unknown individual by using a search engine. This includes a mysterious caller or someone who’s bothering you on social media. Apart from identifying the person to whom a phone number is registered, you’ll find out if they are providing you with accurate information.

Scope out a Potential SO

You met someone on a dating site, and you’re thinking of meeting them in person. You’re also a bit apprehensive about it because they might not be who they say they are. Using the personal details they provided, you can use a search engine to find more information and potentially discover they were lying to you.

You might find they check out, and you’ll be safe meeting them in real life.

Inspect Your Own Digital Footprint

People search sites provide access to billions of people’s records. You can find people using them, but also protect yourself by looking up your details to check if they’re accurate. In other words, if there is false information about you online, you can have it corrected or removed.

Taking this step is essential, especially if you’re looking for a job. Employers sometimes run impromptu background checks, and you don’t want them to find anything that could potentially ruin your chances of success.

Making the Right Hire

On that note, it works both ways. Employers want to be sure they’re making a good hire and scope out their shortlisted candidates. There are specific requirements for the types of background checks employers can run.

Employers want to be sure their candidates have a permit to work, learn if they have a criminal record, and possibly find out something about their financial history. A specialized search engine can help ensure the other employees of the organization are safe and that it maintains its standards.

What Can You Find?

A people search will reveal basic information, such as someone’s date and place of birth, but also details, like social network profiles, criminal history, and financial history. Social media can be telling when it comes to a person’s habits and personality, but such information is to be taken with a grain of salt.

If interpreted accurately, a social media profile can give you an idea of what someone is like beyond basic contact information. You’ll learn about their occupation, their interests, and maybe even their current location. If you find an old friend’s social media profiles through a search engine, you might find they have changed a lot since you were in touch. This might influence your decision whether to reach out or not.

This article discussed the advantages of using people’s search engines, but it only scratched the surface. They can protect you from identity theft, fraud, and other crimes.

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