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6 Ways to Promote Your Content on Social Media That Have Been Neglected

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Social media has been used as the springboard to launch and promote content. Marketing strategies towards utilizing the benefits of social media are commonplace as it has proven its worth. You cannot have a digital marketing strategy without social media. The question now is how you can maximize the use of social media through methods that may have been neglected but has shown the most gains?

Indeed, when you're running a startup or business, it's crucial to define a marketing strategy and to always try different tactics. Using popular social media marketing methods to promoting your content is always safe but using methods that are not used by many can bring you great benefits. By using social media channels your competitors neglect, you'll be able to outperform them.

This is why below are some of the neglected ways to promote your content on social media.

#1 Cover Photo Promotion

Think attention grabbing! Think of something that could make the reader or anyone who opens your blog give it a second look. Cover images are usually used to hook potential readers and is used to promote events, webinars or conferences. Aside from these, making an effort to promote content or videos through interesting cover photos should also be practiced regularly to promote your content effectively.

#2 Pin You Blog Content on Pinterest

Cover image social mediaPinterest is mainly for images but it can be used to drive content to readers. Pinterest is a great channel to promote your content on social media but is often neglected by marketers. In fact, Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms you can use to leverage traffic. The promotional value it brings to your blog or site in undeniable. Pinterest comes second to Facebook in driving website traffic. Make sure your board has great visuals. Through this, you can come up with contests and give prizes to winners.

Re-pinning your board and coming up with boards mirroring the contest will surely increase more traffic and readership to your site. Coming up with boards that show what content you are putting up and include videos or pictures and pin them on your Pinterest board. Give a brief description and add a link to your content. Add tags that would make your content more discoverable when searching Pinterest.

#3 Share on the Right Platform

Right social media platformsWhen you promote your content on social media, you need to start by knowing your target audience and what social platforms they frequent.

Different websites have different audiences so make sure you don't just post anywhere. Place your content in relevant channels that have the same interest or "genre" as yours so that you are assured that they would also show interest in your content.

Develop specific strategies for each social media platform. Have a specific Instagram marketing plan, a Facebook lead generation strategy, a Twitter traffic growth strategy and more.

Join groups of the same interests and post your content. Add tags to it to make sure that you pique the curiosity of those who visit. The heading or titles should be interesting enough and show instant value to the reader.

#4 Avoid Syndicated Messages

Cover image social mediaHow to make a blog more successful is by avoiding syndicated messages. You do not post on only one platform to maximize social media tools.

But keep in mind that to get the message across these social media outlets, you should make sure that the messages are varied in the sense that it is not just a "copy paste" message but there should be variations while ensuring you are relaying the same thoughts and what you want to come across to the readers.

This will make your material more sincere when your promote your content on social media as it is not just dumping the same thing over and over.

#5 Participate in Relevant Subreddits

Reddit is a social news aggregation, discussion website and web content rating. Reddit is very powerful to promote your content on social media! Registered users vote on the materials submitted and these votes determine their place or position on the page. The content with the most up-votes appears at the front page top of a category. Content is categorized based on the categories and is call subreddits.

To get the most gains out of subreddits, choose the subreddit that is connected or mirrors your field of interest. Join the discussion and keep up to date with reader's reactions, views, and what topics or subjects are the most successful. Sort the posts by "top". Participate in the discussions and promote your content second.

How you promote can come from a comment, or you can also have an entire post solely for your content. Content creators share their latest content in subreddits. Writers post to get feedback or comments on their content and share writing advice. You are assured that you share the post with like- minded individuals. This holds true for Instagram where people are encouraged to share their latest or best photo, there are also communities for videographers and artists where sharing is widely practiced among peers.

Reddit is an awesome platform and it's still underused by marketers. You should definitely try to grow your brand on Reddit.

#6 Join Discussions, Answer Questions

You should proactively listen in on feedback, comments and suggestions about your material. This will provide you with valuable information as to what they're saying about your industry or company. By setting up search streams in Hootsuite, you will be on top of the conversations and this will give you the chance to promote your content one-on-one with the users.

Social Media discussionsOnce you have the questions and discussions, ensure your participate and show that you are an expert on the given topic or field.

Once you have joined conversations, this gives you the opportunity to share your content and take advantage. This may mean answering a question on Twitter, and offering a link to your blog post for more extensive and detailed information on the topic.

People may ask questions and show interest in a Facebook discussion. They may ask about your company and your product. This gives you then an opportunity to send a video to promote your brand. Keeping your engagement consistent and keeping tabs on discussions would provide you the opportunity to widen your scope by promoting your material.

There are times that you may not need to send a link or a video. Just answering their questions as honestly and professionally as you can still help in maintaining readership as your sincerity to address their concerns will come across. As being genuine and not giving canned responses to comments and questions, you are not only promoting your brand as legitimate but also something that is trustworthy.

So, how to promote your content on social media with these neglected marketing tactics?

Social Media discussionsCreating content is just the first part of content marketing. Promoting your content is at least as important as creating it. There are many content marketing tactics you can use to promote your content, especially on social media.

In addition to having a social media strategy, we recommend you to test the strategies above. Strategize and apply these simple methods to ensure that you maximize your scope in using social media. These are proven tactics that can give you the most exposure with minimal effort.

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