11.10.2022 15:30

8 Job Blogs All Graduates Should be Following

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When you finally get to the point where you are graduating from university and facing the prospect of starting out in the ‘real world of professional career paths, it can be a really daunting time if you don’t know the avenues that you have to go down. There is immense excitement in all of the possibilities, but there can also be confusion and anxiety. A really helpful way to streamline your vision and opportunities is to start interacting with some of the best quality resources online that can help to give advice and suggest the next steps when you need them.

With this in mind, here are eight of the best job blogs that all recent graduates should be following.

Graduate Coach

This is a great all-encompassing blog that features articles pertaining to every aspect of post-graduation life and entering the job hunt space. You can really do your homework to make yourself as attractive as possible to some of the best executive recruitment agencies in the country.

Education Hub

Another website that caters to both pre-graduate and postgraduate individuals, presenting lots of different articles and resources that aim to guide people into postgraduate life and the subsequent job market.

Office For Students

This site is particularly good at creating articles that have a special focus on helping students to adapt to post-graduate life, providing tips that will help individuals to get on their chosen career path as early as possible for the best head start versus their peers.


This stands for the Higher Education Policy Institute, and their website features lots of blog entries and online lectures about how best to begin your journey to finding the perfect job and career path. It is practical advice presented in a really palatable and accessible way that is easy for every person to understand and ingest.

Graduate Outcomes

This site offers a lot of data that has been collected from previous graduates to help new graduates see exactly what kind of trajectory they might be on based on their qualifications and goals. It is really helpful to have access to real data that has been collected and collated into helpful predictions etc.

Digital Marketing Institute

On this site, you will find a lot of information and help for making yourself as attractive as possible to prospective employers in the business world. In this modern age of online job hunting, it is vital that you present your best self at all times.


This site provides a lot of information about the various stepping stones that graduates can take on their path to their ideal careers. Everything is included from work experience opportunities to career advice and more.


Though not strictly a blog site, LinkedIn is the central hub of all modern graduate job hunting these days, and having a strong presence and profile on the site is the best thing you can do to make sure you are seen.

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