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What is Influencer Marketing and How to Work with Social Media Influencers?

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is when a brand collaborates with an influencer online to promote one of its products. Others influencer marketing partnerships are less tangible. Brands simply collaborate with influencers to increase brand recognition.

YouTube star PewDiePie was an early example of influencer marketing. He teamed up with the makers of a horror film set in the French catacombs under Paris, creating a series of videos in which he underwent challenges in the catacombs.

This was the perfect content for PewDiePie’s 27,000,000 subscribers. It received almost twice as many views as the movie’s trailer. Everyone won.

This is a simple example. It is easy to see a celebrity teaming up with a company to pitch a product, even if it is a series of 10-minute videos.

People wouldn’t talk about influencer marketing – you wouldn’t visit a website called The Influencer Marketing Hub to read about it – if it didn’t offer a wider range of applications. The keyword is an influencer.

Influencers can be everywhere, and they are not celebrities. They can be anything. Their large social media followings and online presence are what makes them so influential. Influencers can include a prominent fashion photographer on Instagram or a well-read cybersecurity blogger on Twitter or a respected marketing executive via LinkedIn.

There are many influential people in any industry. You just need to find them. Many will have thousands, if not millions, of followers. Many will appear more like regular people. Sometimes they may have only 10,000 followers. They will be known as experts in their field. They are the people people people turn to for the answers to their questions.

They are experts in their field and make the most interesting social posts about their topic. They post the best photos, create the most entertaining videos and lead the most informative online conversations.

Are you having trouble getting the desired results with your influencer campaigns?

Even though you have read every word and put in a lot of effort and time, it’s still not as effective. It doesn’t help to read all the influencer marketing success stories or articles.

This post is for you if you relate to it. This post will provide seven key tips to help you work with social media influencers, and run successful campaigns.

How to Work with Social Media Influencers

Are you ready to learn more about these tips?

Let’s get started.

1. Find the Right Influencers

Finding the right social media influencers for your business is the first step to working with them. When choosing social media influencers, you shouldn’t get too focused on vanity metrics such as popularity and followers.

Relevance should be your top priority. It is important to work with people who are relevant to your brand. Your products will appear more credible when they are recommended by them.

Engagement rate is the next important metric in influencer selection. Look for influencers who get high engagement on social media.

You can use one of the numerous tools to find influencers that are easily available online. Make sure you are using the correct metrics to find and select influential people to work with.

2. Make sure you both know and follow the rules

It is important to adhere to all regulations when working with social media influencers. This includes rules for identifying brand-influencer partnerships as well as the tag of sponsored posts to inform your audience.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the US’s main regulator. You must follow the FTC guidelines, which include #ad or #ads in sponsored posts, and some other rules.

These guidelines should be discussed with influencers to ensure they follow them for all brand content. You should always let your influencers know about brand partnerships. This will increase their credibility with their audience and help to build trust.

3. Set Clear Expectations

Make sure you have realistic expectations and clear communication when you start your collaboration. Tell them what you expect from them, and when.

Type of content, end goals and frequency/number posts should all be clearly communicated. It is important to communicate clearly from the beginning. Before you begin your collaboration, it is important to be clear about payment terms.

Clarity of expectations can help influencers better understand your needs and help you avoid confusion.

Also, you can use tools to manage social media campaigns to help you track each influencer’s work, progress, and results delivered. This will make collaboration smooth and ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Give yourself some creative freedom

Although you need to set clear expectations about what you want to accomplish, it is important to allow influencers some creative control. You might miss out on better content if you place too much restriction on what type of content you want.

Influencers are creative people who are knowledgeable about their field. You can trust them to do a great job. You don’t have to supervise them but you can let them create original content on their own.

5. Send them gifts

Influencers are often given gifts and goodies by brands on their birthdays or anniversaries. These gifts are often given to keep good relationships with influencers.

But there’s an additional benefit. Many influencers will return the kindness of their followers by sharing a photo of the gift on social media, and thanking the brand for sending it.

You get a shoutout without having to invest much. This is a great trick to follow for influencers that are too costly.

It’s a smart idea to build influencer relationships with people you have worked with in the past. It is a great way to express your appreciation. Influencers who have worked with you in the past are more likely than others to post about your gifts.

Don’t keep sending gifts to influencers who aren’t interested in your brand or non-responsive. This is a wasteful way to spend money and can be frustrating for the influencer. This strategy should only be used for influencers you are familiar with and who have an ongoing relationship.

6. Run a Giveaway Together

A joint giveaway or promotion is a great way to work with social media influencers. This works by asking people to follow your brand and the influencer. You then pick the winner from all of those who participated and send them your giveaway prize.

This is a mutually beneficial collaboration where both you and the influencers that you work with can get more social media followers. To maximize participation, both you and the influencers can promote the giveaway via their respective social media channels.

Participants can be asked to tag their friends, and they can then follow your profile. This will increase your followers and benefit you as well as the influencer you are working with.

Here’s an example where a restaurant and an influencer are collaborating to offer a giveaway. Both accounts have promoted the giveaway via their Instagram accounts. Participants must follow both profiles to participate. They also asked participants to tag 2 friends in the comments so that their posts get more exposure.

7. Ask them to review your products

One of the best ways for social media influencers to interact with you is through product reviews. Reviews that are detailed and honest give the credibility of your product and encourage people to buy them.

Although social media influencers are limited by the characters allowed for posts, they can still make videos. It is very useful and effective to create product reviews videos that detail all the features of your product and how you use it.

When you are working with social media influencers, don’t forget to include product reviews. You must also ensure that paid product reviews are honest and credible. Otherwise, it will all be a waste of time.


These tips will help you to work with social media influencers. These seven tips are essential for running successful campaigns with influencers.

Try these and get better results from your influencer marketing campaigns.

Are you still unsure how to work with social media influencers effectively? You can leave your questions in our comments section.

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