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Top 10 Startup Ideas You can Steal from Successful Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs who are successful share their untapped business ideas online. Perhaps one of these is for you?

Entrepreneurs who are successful post their ideas online – even if they steal them.

This is happening on a new platform called kernel. It was created by Ryan Holmes, founder of Hootsuite, with the help of his studio team, Alex Simpson and Paul Donnelly.

Hansen stated that while there are many platforms for products (HT0_ ProductHunt.com ), for questions (HT1_ Quora.com), and for fundraising (HT2_ Angellist.com ), there isn’t one for people to validate and share ideas and decide if it’s worth the effort.

We created a platform for entrepreneurs to share, grow and discover great ideas, rather than leaving them behind in notebooks/google Docs.

Kernal is still invitation-only. Hansen, however, shared 10 of the most interesting ideas that were posted to the platform.

Top 10 Startup Ideas

1. A communal tool shed for neighborhoods

Mike Parkhill asked this question. Access would be paid for by users, who wouldn’t have to purchase or maintain their own tools.

2. A waste disposal company that is friendly to customers

You’re currently following someone else’s rules if you want your trash picked up. The company will tell you when and what to pick up. What if that wasn’t the case? Kevin Moran posted the idea.

Flexible (and planned!) pickup times. Different bins to suit different needs (even taking them away and washing them). One-off items can be accepted through an app with clearly stated prices.

3. Restaurants will have a better experience with QR codes

Although the QR code has replaced many restaurant menus, it is not as useful as it could be. Tobi Lutke proposed this idea. A QRCode can be unique to the table, and allow for food ordering. Should contain context and state.”

4. AMA Platform for Athletes

People seek advice from their favorite athletes and with college athletes legally allowed to make money off their likenesses and names, NCAA athletes will look for ways to monetize their knowledge. This idea was suggested by Elaine Zelby.

5. Programs and Courses for “Shadow A Chief Executive”

Take a look at the email habits of a CEO and follow them for a day. How do they manage their time? This idea was posted by Trevor McKendrick from Lambda School’s chief of staff.

“People will be shocked at how fast CEOs move on big issues and make decisions. You can do it for 10 CEOs, and then package the results into a program. It would be huge to have these details at your disposal.

6. Shopify Live Video Sales Reps

wrote this: “Every ecommerce shop wants to sell more,” Shaan Puri is a senior director at Twitch who came up with the idea. Let’s suppose you make an average profit of $20 per sale. Imagine if you could have someone live demo your products every day in order to convert more sales.

A video salesperson costs between $10-15 per hour, so even one extra sale per hour will cover their expenses. A tiny widget at the bottom of the screen is what I am thinking (similar to how “live chat help” works today but with video so that you can actually demo products).

7. LinkedIn for Teachers

“Why does it feel like Education is the only industry that isn’t digitally connected on a personal/professional level?” asks Greg McLaughlin, who proposed this idea. “And why aren’t top teachers being recruited for?”

The new network would address this problem by giving teachers an opportunity to create their online professional profiles and schools a new tool to hire talent.

8. Classpass Conferences

You don’t have to pay for many conferences, but you can buy an annual membership which gives you access to a variety of conferences across the country and around the world.
This is the idea. “Conference organizers would love this as a means to presell tickets,” wrote Rob Stretch who suggested this idea. The problem would be figuring out how many people will actually attend each conference.

9. Tinder-style app for content creators and guests

“Looking to find interesting/valuable guests?” This idea was posted by Frances Odera Matthews. This app could be used by guests to create profiles.

Content creators (such as YouTubers, podcasters, newsletter writers, etc.) could then use the app to search for people to profile and interview. If both sides swipe right they are connected.

10. A marketplace for wedding speeches

wrote this article for the podcast My First Million. The marketplace connects people with great writing skills to help them give speeches. This marketplace could then expand to other areas such as keynotes or business presentations.

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