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Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

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Search engine optimization is always a challenging and highly competing area of expertise for every business. Each year, the competition is increasing at high peaks, and it is no surprise that the coming 2022 year has its perks for us. 

According to "Backlinko," almost 4.48 billion people are using social media across the world. As social media grows, common mistakes associated with not focusing on building a presence across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google +, and Twitter can be costly. 

In addition, common mistakes made by companies who fail to utilize common social media tools available properly can result in missing out on potential revenue opportunities.

The competition for ranking in Google search will be more challenging than ever before. If you want your website to remain competitive, it's essential to avoid the top 6 common SEO mistakes. So, stay ahead of the curve and ensure your website is performing at its best!

Many common SEO mistakes occur when a company fails to understand how search engines work. For your website to rank, there are several SEO mistakes to avoid. Being aware of all will allow you to be proactive in ensuring your business won't fall behind the competition.

Avoiding common SEO mistakes is suitable for your company's web ranking and will likely increase traffic, leads, and customers. Additionally, it may help you reduce expenses by avoiding a penalty from a search engine.   

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Here are six common SEO mistakes that you can avoid going forward:

1. Do not forget to invest in an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol that secures the in-transit data between two communicating entities. It engenders trust between customers that their PII will be safe. 

Google’s HTTPS Everywhere update stresses the importance of buying and installing an SSL certificate. If you have multiple domains and sub domains to secure, investing in a cost-effective cheap multi domain SSL is recommended. 

This affords unmatched security of up to 250 FQDNs. However, the number of FQDNs secured varies from provider to provider. So, if you want your online business website to rank higher on SERPs, you must invest in the right kind of SSL certificate.

2.  Do Not Create Shallow Content                                               

More than 42% of B2B marketers say that they are very effective in their content marketing efforts. However, if you have shallow content on your website, meaning pages with only a few sentences or paragraphs, you're doing the web a disservice. 

Search engines such as Google want to deliver relevant, useful, and informative results for searchers. Therefore, when websites contain shallow content, it's common for search engines to lower their page rank.

It is essential not to try and attempt to deceive users with less content and more space for images on a webpage.  

Images cannot be the only source of information about your product. Therefore, always include at least 300 words per image when creating content.

3. Do Not Over Optimize Keywords                                                                             

If you over-optimize keywords, meaning incorporate as many keywords as possible into your content without being too noticeable, you may receive a penalty from Google.  

In addition to over-optimizing common SEO, mistakes can include trying to stuff keywords into your Meta tags or URL. 

Although both of these common mistakes are intended for search engine optimization, they won't do you any good if you get penalized by a search engine for being deceptive.

4. Do Not Forget Your Customers                                                                             

To increase your company's web presence, many individuals begin blog posts with facts and details about their company. While this is one common mistake no one wants to make, it is not the only common mistake individuals make when blogging on behalf of their business brand.  

The other common mistake businesses make while blogging on behalf of their company is forgetting about their customers. 

Instead, blogging should be an interactive process designed to build relationships with your customers by sharing common interests. Globally, there are 600+ million active blogs at present.

When you forget about your customers, common mistakes can include failing to provide relevant content that may interest them.

5. Do Not Use the Wrong Keywords                                               

Other common mistake businesses make when creating content for their websites is using the wrong keywords. Before beginning any SEO efforts, review common search terms related to your business industry.  

Common SEO mistakes can include keyword stuffing or ranking for irrelevant keywords. While these common mistakes are easily avoided when conducting proper research, they are still common mistakes made online by companies every day.

If you're not sure which common keywords to include in your content, common mistakes can mean hiring a professional SEO company?

Some common mistakes companies make when hiring professionals include: hiring an SEO company that charges too much or isn't qualified to do the work required for best results.

6. Do Not Forget About Mobile                                                                             

Suppose you currently have a website and forget about mobile search traffic. In that case, potential common mistakes may include: failing to optimize your site for multiple platforms and losing out on money made from mobile advertisements and conversions.

Today more than half of all web searches occur on mobile devices. Unfortunately, it is common for common mistakes to happen with such large numbers, and common mistakes can include forgetting about mobile while attempting to increase your website's SEO efforts.

7. Do Not Forget About Social Media                                                                     

When it comes time for you to select a common platform for your business, common mistakes may cause problems—using the wrong keywords and creating content tailored for search engines rather than humans can lead users to common mistakes.  

With common social media platforms adding features that mimic common search engines, it's common for common mistakes to occur while attempting to optimize your website for SEO and get the biggest bang out of your social media campaign. Therefore, before beginning any efforts on common social media tools, take some time to understand common best practices.


SEO is an ever-changing game, and it's important to stay up on the latest trends. We've outlined six common mistakes that are made in search engine optimization today, so you can avoid them in 2022 and pave your paths rightly and sharply towards digital growth.
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