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11 Tips on Using Google Workspace to Boost Content Marketing

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Google provides businesses with a suite of applications in what we commonly refer to as Google Workspace. This suite of applications, formerly referred to as G Suite, provides users with a massive variety of business-enabling digital content creation and marketing applications.

Marketing teams working remotely can also use Google Workspace’s set of applications to enhance collaboration. These applications also make video conferences, sharing of documents, etc., more efficient. This article explores ways that you can use Google Workspace to boost content marketing.

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1. Run Promotional Email Campaigns More Efficiently

Email marketing is one of the most popular and efficient content marketing strategies. This strategy is growing every day because of its incredible return on investment and high conversion rates. In addition, research shows that 21% of emails get opened within the first hour of delivery, making email marketing reliable.

11 Tips on Using Google Workspace to Boost Content MarketingGoogle Workspace aims at making email marketing more efficient. You can create professional and personalized email accounts with Gmail, one of the apps in Workspace. This makes it easy to send promotional emails to your audience within a frequency and timing that favors their schedules.

Gmail comes with a variety of features that make it possible to create promotional emails. For instance, its email scheduling capabilities help you time your emails perfectly. It also has Google Translate as well as Smart Compose that makes it easy to write emails.

Research shows that 61% of email subscribers are open to receiving promotional emails weekly. This makes email marketing one of the best strategies to use for content marketing. Google Workspace makes it easy to promote with emails, thanks to its set of powerful features.

2. Do Content Research with NewsWhip App

The first thing to do before marketing content is to create it. But it would help if you also researched before creating content, and research is one of the most daunting steps. The good news is that Google Workspace simplifies the tedious content research process with the NewsWhip app.

NewsWhip makes it easy for marketers to look up information from different sources. The best thing about using this app is you can gather huge chunks of information in a snap. For example, you can track the latest publications within seconds and use the information for decision-making and predictions.

Google Workspace through the NewsWhip App makes competitor research easy. You can track keywords that your competitors use and know what topics are trending at a specific time. Once you have the information, Google Workspace’s other tool, Google Sheet, can store it for you until you want to use it. Gmail comes with a variety of features that make it possible to create promotional emails. For instance, its email scheduling capabilities help you time your emails perfectly. It also has Google Translate as well as Smart Compose that makes it easy to write emails.

3. Manage Projects and Campaigns with Workfront

11 Tips on Using Google Workspace to Boost Content MarketingGoogle Workspace also works with Workfront to make content marketing more efficient. For example, using Workfront and Google Calendars helps you keep track of your project and campaign deadlines. Besides, it also makes it possible to prioritize important tasks.

Many businesses and nonprofits struggle with content management. Workfront acts as a one-stop shop for all content marketing and management needs. Besides, it can also help an organization with analytics, especially for startups without enough budgets to invest in every tool.

You can also access Workfront for free when using G suite for nonprofit.It is easy to request a Google for nonprofits account from Google. Techsoup will verify if you are eligible, and you can start accessing G Suite for Nonprofits products such as Workfront. In the end, you will be able to track your campaigns and increase conversion rates.

4. Collect and Analyze Feedback

Feedback is essential for business growth. As a business owner, detecting and identifying issues affecting your business can be challenging if you do not collect customer feedback. But then, the question for many small businesses is how they can gather feedback from customers.

Google Workspace caters to this need with its Google Forms application. Google Forms enables a business to gather feedback and analyze it without hiring a data expert. With this app, you can create a quick opinion poll or survey without any additional software and receive responses in real-time.

It is also easy to analyze the data collected within the Google Forms application. Google Forms allows you to create charts and graphs, which you can then use to summarize and analyze the data. This makes it easy to collect feedback on your content, making it easy to improve your strategy in the future.

5. Use Screencastify to Edit Videos

11 Tips on Using Google Workspace to Boost Content MarketingAs mentioned earlier, visuals are great for content marketing. A 2018 survey revealed that 54% of customers want to see more video content from a brand they support. This has pushed more and more businesses into using more visuals in their content to attract a wider audience.

One of the most popular tools used by businesses to create video content is Screencastify. This tool seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace’s Google Drive. This makes it easy to add videos into your content either from your computer or Google Drive account.

You can also edit the videos to fit the message that you want to communicate. For instance, you can combine two or more clips and trim or crop them to meet your needs. You can also use your Google Drive account to store videos from Screencastify after editing them into their final form.

6. Organize Winning Campaigns

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful content marketing campaign. Therefore, one thing that you must do when planning to launch a campaign is to set timelines. With timelines, you get to focus on achieving your goals, especially when working with a big team.

Google Workspace has a calendar feature that you can use to create a content marketing team calendar. Using calendars helps you complete every task you have planned for in time. Missing timelines may affect your brand, especially if you have an audience expecting an update about fresh content.

You can also let your audience know that the content they were waiting for is ready using Google Workspace’s calendar feature. In addition, there are various promotional resources such as flyers stored in a shared drive that can help you create awareness of fresh content and increase your viewership.

Another good thing about Google Calendar is sending email reminders to every member whenever you have a team meeting. You can also create multiple calendars and share them with your audience. Integrating calendars with meeting rooms enhances communication for marketing teams.

7. Use HubSpot to Partner with Sales and Customer Support

Use HubSpot to Partner with Sales and Customer SupportYou need to ensure that you have relevant content before starting to market it. The more your content resonates with your audience, the more successful your marketing campaigns will be. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the content you create answers your audience’s questions and meets their needs and preferences.

Google Workspace provides HubSpot, an application that helps marketing teams create content. With HubSpot, you can track your prospects to ensure you create content that matches where they are on their buyer’s journeys. In addition, HubSpot helps link different teams using Gmail and Google Calendar.

Different teams link up to create content. Google Workspace’s HubSpot app helps increase the performance and productivity of all the teams involved in the content creation and marketing processes. In addition, G Suite for nonprofits can allow you to access HubSpot professional or enterprise tier features for free if you run a nonprofit.

8. Use Awesome Table to Create Interactive Visuals

Awesome Table is another essential tool for content marketers. This application works together with Google Sheets to transform the data stored in spreadsheets into insightful visuals. It uses the most up-to-date information and recreates it to give your audience a new dynamic dimension of the content.

One of the best things about using Google Workspace’s Awesome Table is that you do not need any skills to use it. A beginner may think that they need coding skills to be able to create visuals with this app. But then, keywords are enough to tell the Awesome Table the data you want to display.

Visual content is better than textual content in several ways. First, being able to create interactive visuals almost effortlessly is a dream come true for every marketer. Second, Google Workspace can help you create content that your audience will enjoy and reward you with high conversions.

9. Optimize Content For SEO

Optimizing your content for SEO can help you reach a wider audience. Well-optimized content appears on the first pages of search engine results and attracts high engagement. In addition, you can use Newswhip and Google Docs alongside SEMRush Writing Assistant to create high-ranking content.

Optimize Content For SEOGoogle Workspace’s seamless integration with SEMRush Writing Assistant has helped boost content marketing. The writing assistant enables you to craft credible copy and attain a high SEO score, translating to high rankings on SERPs. In addition, the software has over 25 tools, all dedicated to content creation.

You can use SEMRush to research high-ranking keywords from your competitor’s websites. This tool will also recommend text changes that can help make your content more effective. It also checks for any plagiarism issues, ensures links are working, and the content reflects your brand’s voice.

You need to register for a free or pro account to use SEMRush Writing Assistant. A pro account is an excellent choice if you run a professional firm. For nonprofits with low budgets, a Google for nonprofits account gets you covered. You can access Google Workspace and SEMRush Writing Assistant at no cost.

10. Create Executive Presentations

Create Executive PresentationsGoogle Slides is another powerful application that every organization needs. Training, holding conferences, etc., without doing video presentations is unheard of today. Google Workspace’s Google Slides app makes it possible to create well-polished presentation slides.

You also need tools that can enhance collaboration if you work with a remote team. Google Slides is the best tool that you can use to create content from different locations. It allows people to comment, chat and edit content in real-time. In addition, you can control who edits or comments to avoid cluttering the slides.

There are lots of templates that you can use to create slides. This means you do not have to start from scratch when creating slides for PowerPoint or any other presentations. You only need to add content that you want to market. It can be either videos, images, or drawings as long as you deliver the message.

11. Write and Format Content with Google Docs

Google Docs is a Google Workspace tool that you can use to create content for marketing purposes. With a personal or business account, you can write, edit and collaborate with your team from wherever you are. It comes with lots of editing and styling tools that you can use to make a precise copy.

Write and Format Content with Google DocsYou do not need to start content creation from scratch with Google Docs. Instead, it is possible to choose from the wide variety of templates available and add content. You can also access content from anywhere, even without the internet, if you can access your Google account.

Besides, you cannot lose your work when working on Google Docs. Losing content that you have worked on for a long time can be frustrating. Google Workspace’s Google Docs provides autosaving, so you don’t have to hit save every minute.

This tool also integrates seamlessly with others like Lucidchart Diagrams. This means you can create and insert flow charts and diagrams and visualize data in easy-to-understand ways. Google Docs is completely free, but you need to pay to access some Lucidchart Diagrams features. However, you can access all these for free with a Google nonprofits account.

A Leading Path to Success with Well-Optimized Content Marketing

There is a lot that businesses, large and small, can do with Google Workspace. You can do everything from instant messaging to document sharing and creating video conferences. As a business, these tools can help your business succeed, especially in content marketing.

Launched in 2020, Google Workspace is no longer optional but a business essential. Exploiting the tools Google Workspace provides can help transform your digital marketing strategy. With customer needs evolving every day, Google is evolving these tools to help businesses meet these needs.

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