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The Next Generation Intranet Tech for Employee Engagement

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Benefits of adopting the next gen intranet includeSharing pictures, blogs, videos, news feed updates, conversations, announcements—this is now how we communicate with the world. As these forms of communication grows the way we interact, how critical is that for the workplace?

HODs and business leaders need to inculcate these services to streamline their companies and develop efficiency in the workplace.

Intranet and the digital workplace is critical to the modern businesses in 20--. 

Benefits of adopting the next gen intranet include:

  1. Create better internal communication. 
  2. Connect with your employees at varied locations and timezones. 
  3. Find information with ease. 
  4. Enhance employee recognition and reward and develop motivation. 
  5. Build transparency. 
  6. Streamline company data and files. 
  7. Create a vibrant and positive company culture. 
  8. Eliminate excess emails, meetings, and outdated files. 
  9. Create effective employee engagement

Impact of the next genA perfect intranet software excellence consists of everything that your employees are looking for in for internal communication. A sense of online community with social touch.

Impact of the next gen intranet tech in 20&&

Few elements likeWhat will be the impact of the net gen intranet to your employees? Will it be fruitful and will it be used on daily basis by your employees?

Certain features of the next gen intranet boost intranet performance across the board. 

 Total accessFew elements like:

  1. Total access
    The next gen intranet tech is mobile responsive and has a separate app to make information access available anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  2. With a well constructed mobile app, employees are comfortable working easily, effectively and more productively.
  3. Engagement with a social touch
    2020 intranet is all about social networking, engagement and performance. A way for employees to have face, precise, two-way or group conversations allowing for collaboration and innovation in the workplace. 
  4. Social features like reviews, comments, likes, shares, etc. give more feedback and allow employees to have a voice within the company. More the employee engagement, better is the intranet adoption. 
  5. Collaboration across departments
    The next generation prefers everything digital. Paperless workplace with projects stored on cloud allows for easier collaboration. This will develop more effective, all-encompassing collaboration between employees across the entire organisation.
  6. Personalised intranet approach
    Employee personal dashboard like popular social media websites with their photos, profiles, timeline news feed and more. A custom employee dashboard that provides personalized experiences.
  7. Artificial Intelligence
    The up-and-coming feature of the next tech intranet is beginning to shape the workplace in a new way. Artificial intelligence in live chat, search, comments boxes will work like a personal assistant for employees. Artificial intelligence technology on an intranet will help automate the more mundane tasks, making work more engaging.s
  8. 3rd party / Legacy Application integrations
    Companies already have their legacy intranet applications which they use for various operations. Like HRMS, DMS, LMS and more. A single gateway Intranet that can combines and consolidates these apps into one digital workplace. Single sign on to access all these apps with one click will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. 
  9. A GUI innovative and appealing yet effective
    Adopting modern intranet design concepts are very important for better employee engagement. The next gen intranet is highly user-friendly and relevant for modern-day employees. 

Get your employees going with next gen tech intranet

Get your employees going with next gen tech intranetEvery day your employees use many different tools to get their daily tasks done.

Documents sharing, group chats, forms, workflows, onboarding, calendars, leave requests, event management.

The next generation intranet has a complete set of features to see how you can deliver an exceptional digital workplace experience – equip your people to go further and go faster


  1. Equip your people with all the tools and documents they need in one place.
  2. Organize files in Content Management System with no storage limits.
  3. Build online forms and attach multi-step workflows.
  4. Book resources or schedule events in calendars.

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  1. Engage your people with a branded intranet that fits your company culture and processes.
  2. Apply custom color themes to specific sites – as many as you need.
  3. Create templates and layouts using the drag and drop Layout Manage.
  4. Take complete control over all layouts – including responsive views.

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