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Top 3 Content Marketing Trends for Your Business and the Role of CMS

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Content is key – no business can reach its audience without it. Your business audience likes to be informed about the decisions they make. Upscaling your business requires establishing a strong customer base who trusts you for your products and services. And what could be more efficient an approach than content marketing to grab your customers’ attention?

Understanding and strategizing authentic content organically allows you to escape the loophole of nonsense detectors and ultimately, gain the trust of your target audience and leverage brand awareness. For instance, as more and more SEO tools are emerging in the market, they cannot be helpful if you aren’t aware of proper content and the appropriate approach to using these tools.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the different content marketing trends to upscale your business. At the same time, we’ll also be talking about what you can do to manage your content efficiently to get the best possible output from your inputs.

Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing?

Content is the medium, your voice you use to communicate with your customers. Content marketing helps serve the purpose of your business. Through effective content marketing, you can inform your audience about your products and services. For example, creating a virtual reality to give your audience a taste of your product will attract more attention from them. Consequently, you’ll gain the confidence of your customers. Content marketing helps connect with your customer.

Take a look at these stats to realize the growing importance of content marketing in the business world:

  • 57% of organizations have more than two dedicated content marketers.
  • 93% of marketers in the B2B industry depend on content marketing.
  • 57% of the consumer behavior relied on their conversation with the salesperson.
  • 70% of content marketers curate content much more than the previous year.

Here’s how content marketing adds value to your business:

  • Emerge as a Thought Leader: Your audience needs a strong reason to trust your services. For example, when you post blogs, testimonials, guest posts by entrepreneurs, and land speaking appearances as the CEO, your business emerges as a thought leader.
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Content marketing clubbed with SEO plays a significant role in your business by increasing the chances of the visibility of your website or webpage. For example, Google’s algorithm is developed in a way that reads the most relevant content and ranks them accordingly. The higher your page ranks, the greater the chances are of enhancing your customer base.
  • Inform Your Customers about Your Services: 70% of consumers prefer researching the brands and their services before trusting a company for their products and services. The traditional advertising and sales tactics are no more relevant in the B2C and B2B markets. For example, a potential customer of your company is more likely to read a blog informing about your services than watching an advertisement that uses flowery language.

After all, the world is beginning to get pretty realistic in every aspect!

Top 3 Content Marketing Trends

As companies realize the importance of content marketing in their day-to-day activities, they’ve started implementing the popular content marketing trends to participate in the competitive market. Here are the top three content marketing trends you should execute for your business.

Empathetic Content Marketing

Building a strong and authentic connection will help you gather returning customers. What can you do to instantly connect with your audience? Empathy is key. Tell a story about your brand that relates to your customers on a personal level. Empathizing with your customers compels them to take action and stick to your services.

People are more drawn to news heard from word of mouth than traditional media due to the proliferation of dissembling narratives.

Understanding your customers, their challenges and pain points, and the motivation that allows them to trust your products will take you one step further. The idea here is to take a different approach and put your customers at the center of your decisions. Consequently, you will be building a better customer experience and authentic customer relationships.

Stepping into the Metaverse

The Metaverse is pretty popular in the present-day world. Using augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) is evident since 2021 and currently, their growth curve is on a peak move. With technological advances, AR and VR are two of the most practical and effective content marketing strategies for your business in 2024. Besides, this marketing approach would also help enhance your consumer group.

Video Content Continues to Shine

Video content has always been enticing to the internet audience. 80% of the internet users watch video content and 54% of consumers prefer watching video content from brands informing them about their products and services.

Videos are versatile in nature and easily shareable. It becomes easier for markets to spread the word within seconds of a valuable video. Curating video content with reliable information is a more humane way of interacting with your potential customers.

However, creating video content can be time-consuming, expensive, and challenging.

Nevertheless, using the right approach and accumulating relevant information in the videos makes the time and money worth the shot.

How Can a CMS Contribute to Your Business?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software platform that allows you to create, manage, produce, and optimize content that will impact the customer experience. An effective CMS empowers businesses to build and manage their websites without any external help or knowledge of coding.

Businesses need to concentrate on creating, strategizing, and organizing their content, and choosing the right CMS to do this is a crucial step. Drupal is an ideal choice of CMS for businesses of any size because of its robustness, security, and flexibility. Integrating with third-party tools like Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp, or any other tools you use to streamline your workflow, is easy with Drupal. A trusted  Drupal web development company can help you build compelling digital experiences that can drive revenues.

With a CMS like Drupal, managing content becomes easy. It minimizes the time invested by marketing teams in a company to design, create, and organize content and digital campaigns. Drupal provides features like SEO, user access control, editorial templates, easy content editing tools, no-code page building, and more. An established Drupal development company provides businesses with effective digital solutions for creating an efficient and streamlined workflow.

Final Thoughts

Strategizing your content is not enough as long as you implement your work plan. Content marketing is only effective when you stick to the content calendar and manage your content using practical tools. The content marketing trends would keep evolving over the years but there is no one particular approach to content marketing. Find and implement only the best solution constructive for your business.

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