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Условия партнерства

Partner benefits

  • Get access to QUASA management and engineering team
  • Possibility of tailor made features and development prioritization
  • Media coverage—become recognized as the technological leader, shape the future of services market with blockchain expert QUASA
  • Free support for API/integration questions
  • Joint-venture possibilities

Partner requirements

  • Mutual signed NDA and partnership agreement
  • Delegate a person responsible for coordinating with QUASA
  • Exchange of experience and knowhow
Become a partner

Position yourself as an active participant and innovative technology leader. Explore the benefits of blockchain for your business, with no up-front costs or big investments. Blockchain technology offers transformational powers to early adopters and brings new competitive advantages, as well as opportunities for adding value to global indastries.

QUASA will help you boost your market presence by reaping the benefits of the blockchain. But that’s is only the beginning. This is your chance to make a strategic transformation and actively shape the future of services market with us.

We are offering several partnership opportunities – from pilot testing, integration services, and business model evaluation to future ecosystem development.

Our partnerships

We are very proud of our active partnerships.

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