Introducing QUASA

QUASA is an open blockchain platform for cargo transportation

QUASA is changing the global logistics industry,

providing full transparency, traceability and optimization of interaction within the supply chain network.

With QUASA, users will be able to transport goods on the most favorable terms, thanks to an innovative combination of blockchain technology, communications, and software development technologies.

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QUASA Features

  • Delivery Calculator

    The freight cost calculator is a unique QUASA algorithm that allows you to calculate the delivery of cargo and immediately compare rates on different delivery channels.

    The blockchain technology allows you to create a trusted environment for all participants in the process of coordinating the demand and supply of transport services

  • Delivery order

    With the QUASA app, the shipments will run smoothly.

    Thanks to the convenient interface, the order of any type of transportation is just 5 touches.

  • Secure from start

    Only the actual owner of the private key can initiate a cargo transportation.

    When you first log into QUASA, you are asked to create an account and a wallet. This process generates an Ethereum address for you, which is also your identity on the app.

    Although transactions will be on the blockchain, which is public, messages between buyer and seller are encrypted. Personal information (such as shipping address) is encrypted by default. Your personal information is protected from any kind of leak or attack.

  • Decentralized storage

    QUASA uses the blockchain to cargo transportation.

    This ensures that the records of cargo transportation forever available. They cannot be changed unintentionally or maliciously for any reason..

    Decentralization equals greater privacy, freedom, and stability.

  • Smart contracts

    Own smart contracts: A key component of the QUASA blockchain-environment

    Smart contracts QUASA work independently of the platform services. The effectiveness of smart contracts is based on the separation of functional and computing processes.

  • Cargo management

    Cargo management is carried out by an autonomous smart contract that works in the blockchain. Cargo management includes a messenger function, for delivery participants, document flow, cargo acceptance and invoicing.

    QUASA implements a full cycle of freight traffic in the functionality of one application, using blockchain and smart contracts technology to eliminate the problem of trust, information barriers and court costs.

  • Reputation system

    Every seller and buyer will have a reputation rating derived from their conduct during every transaction. Users with a low or negative reputation score may be filtered out, in order to protect other users from fraud and wasted time. This reputation system will encourage legitimate merchants and customers to act honestly and to build up a solid reputation. Arbiters will also be rated.

  • Tracking System

    QUASA will provide a state of the art tracking system for its customers. A customer will be able to see the status, the position of his ships and other specific details in real time and a recording system in blockchain. QUASA uses the tracking system to transport goods quickly and efficiently by keeping track of every ship.

  • Freight exchange, real-time auction and marketplace

    Our solution requires deeply complex blockchain technology, but our vision is quite simple:

    Imagine a fully integrated system across the entire supply-chain--from production, the moment the order is placed and leaves the factory, field, or farm--to delivering the finished product to the customer’s doorstep. Now imagine that the entire system is federated in decentralized distributed applications and transparent blockchain smart contracts.

    This is QUASA, the future of supply-chain management.