20.01.2024 23:28

Who Cannot Become an Entrepreneur on QUASA.

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As the familiar character of the prophetic fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” said to everyone, today “you need to run as fast just to stay in place, and to get somewhere, you need to run at least twice as fast!” - and this is the exact definition of that hurricane of transformations and formatting of our yesterday's habitual life, which today makes us run with all our might in order to forever keep up with the majority and not remain an Old Testament grandfather among deserted potato fields to a muskrat farm heated by firewood with a toilet outside and paper bills from the postman on 6 acres.

Many do not even notice how a new reality is being formed around with the speed of stage 4 cancer, in which we are already living.

We know, and now there are many savages who are still chanting in the old fashioned way: “Bitcoin is a scam and it will collapse!”  Who are completely unconscious and do not have the ability to quickly learn from what is happening around (I'm not talking about making a profit on this)

Meanwhile, the phenomenon is already - think about it - 13 years old! Those students who started mining bitcoins in high school are now 40!

And you still have brains in the noughties, where there were plastic push-button Nokias and Dum-2 on the xbox or in the early 15s, when only the lazy did not promise the Mask an imminent failure on the stock exchange with his space and electric trains.

Yes, obscure decentralized contracts, some kind of ethereum, bitcoins with proof of work, blockchains, some crappy quarter-million NFT gifs, million-dollar cryptocats, digital money with a limited duration and a specific purpose, neural networks that diagnose a person and his behavior, robots that perform autonomous operations, drones in everyone’s pocket that are controlled by smartphones and intelligently film you from different angles in flight, banks and money that are controlled with one touch from phones, electric cars that pull up to your parking lot and take you home without a driver, space flights for money have long become a reality for all of us and the only chance to survive and adapt to this is to quickly accept and absorb everything new, even if at first glance it looks absurd and not to be frustrated about the recent past.

The most stupid people in this regard were quickly cured with the help of C19.

When, in just a couple of years, by the method of forced immersion of the blinded into vats with a contrasting surreal solution of restrictions and violence, even dilapidated, ossified torsos realized that it was impossible to stay in place and rot alive in the past and degrade to a cat without passes, codes, passwords and smartphones, no one will be able.

We are all led to a new reality without an alternative, whether we like it or not - the old paradigms instantly become obsolete and are cut off from the options for the development of mankind.

We all need to quickly and consciously become smarter and become entrepreneurs. Only the entrepreneur is the master of his own destiny.

Although 90% of people will not be able to do this and prefer to remain in the pupa stage, which will never be allowed to pupate, we are not interested in them, QUASA is not for them.

It is for entrepreneurs that the QUASA ecosystem is being created.

QUASA was created to solve the biggest problem that humanity will face in the near future, namely to solve the problem of unemployment, so that people / entrepreneurs can find a job they love, provide for themselves and their families.

The @quasagroup community of more than 100 thousand people, plus the revolutionary QUASA blockchain technology, will reduce the cost of finding professionals and quickly cover the current needs for high-quality specialists.

QUASA eliminates the hemorrhoids associated with the search for executors of orders and the fulfillment of orders, as well as problems with receiving money.

QUASA services are controlled by smart contracts. By connecting your crypto-wallet, a freelancer or customer instantly settles among themselves using the QUA cryptocurrency.

Quasacoin tokenNo intermediaries, only the customer and the contractor, no banks, payment systems, no conversion fees, no commissions for transferring payments, no taxes, no "big brother" eye.

QUASA has become the first one-stop marketplace offering cryptocurrency payments for freelancers and those who work remotely!

Quasacoin (QUA) is the governance token of the QUASA.

The Quasa Connect application is placed in the public domain on the Google Store and you can test it both from the side of the contractor and from the side of the customer.

We invite you to join the open testing and we will be grateful for your feedback.

Quasa Connect is an easy way to solve any problem in a couple of clicks!