25.06.2024 14:10

Quasa Rewards: WhiteList of Future Partners

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QUASA Official Announcement “Quasa Rewards (QUA) Whitelist Program”

We are pleased to inform the public that QUASA has officially announced the start of collecting applications from all interested companies wishing to become Quasa Rewards partners.

All interested parties will need to fill out a form and apply for a partnership to join the Quasa Rewards program and receive free QUA tokens for their project balance.

This is necessary, and each person is invited to answer the questionnaire as fully as possible, describe their project and how their project, website, application will benefit the QUASA community in order to earn QUA tokens.

All pre-screened projects will be presented to the community so that Quasa Rewards members can vote for the deserving ones.

Once the collection of applications is completed, we will announce the official voting dates.

What is Quasa Rewards? $QUA (Quasacoin):

Quasa Rewards is a decentralized network connecting advertisers and customers.

$QUA QUA (Quasacoin), a token for a decentralized ad exchange. It compensates the user for attention while protecting privacy.
In the QUASA network, there are two participants: Projects and Participants.

Participants get acquainted with projects and receive QUA tokens for this.
Projects: Applications or websites of Partner companies.
Participants: pre-vetted users who have completed profiles and their preferences.

Quasa Rewards is your target audience and your ideal client in a couple of clicks. Share your brand with millions of people.

Online Advertising

Skip the tech giants and become one of the pioneers of a blockchain-based search engine. 

The best alternatives to Facebook ads
Ad costs go up while ROI goes down. The culprit: tracking-based targeting is disappearing from the Web.

The best alternatives to Google Ads
Even the largest online ad platform isn’t immune to the privacy changes coming to the Internet.

The first part of Quasa Rewards has been launched and has been running for more than a year. During this time, a pool of several thousand participants was formed. The popularity of Quasa Rewards is growing, as is the QUA token. The selection of partners for Quasa Rewards will be serious in order to provide quality service not only to advertisers, but also to participants.

If you are selected, you will receive 25,000 QUA in your Quasa Rewards balance and will be able to assign QUA rewards for viewing your site and advertising.

Quasa Rewards (QUA) Whitelist Program.

Selected companies will receive 25,000 QUA

👇Fill Out The Entire Form

✅ Fill in the form

“Make sure that you have a [QUASA account] to receive your rewards.”

Prize details: 100 random winners will receive 25,000 QUA tokens each for their project balance for advertising campaigns in Quasa Rewards.

👉 Google Form📝


Or you can fill out this form: https://quasa.deform.cc/AllowlistPartners/

Thank you!