19.11.2022 13:15


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What is the Idea of QUASA and What is its Value?

1. Why would people tell others about it? What is the powerful promise of QUASA? How will people's lives change?

Promise: QUASA will help you grow, get out of your ass and dead end. Here is the proof:

2. Why will they use it regularly? 

Why are they returning? Because there is nothing like it on the market. Approximately 23% retention in Quasa Connect

3. Why will they pay? 

Why are they paying? Because when people are unemployed, they still need to eat, and QUASA helps to earn here and now.

4. Why will they suffer if they leave?

Why do they suffer if they leave? Because they stop earning, and stop earning, because they fall asleep, lose concentration and again they have nothing to feed their family and themselves. They wake up, cry, run to complete tasks in Quasa Connect.

But in general, you can start earning immediately. Step by step:

1. Find anything, any task in Quasa Connect.
2. Offer yourself, make an answer to the task.
3. Sell with a small plus, so that at least $5 - 50 profit from the transaction.
4. Repeat
5. 100 trades - $5,000 earnings.
6. Increase margins and volumes.

A business can be started really in 1 day and grow.

Start small and you'll be fine. The main thing is not to quit. If it's difficult - start reading QUASA MEDIA

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