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Top 8 Online Tools to Boost Your Job Search

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Do you want to find a job? Want to learn how to use all the online resources to get it? We have a wide range of tips and tricks, as well as the tools that we recommend below.

Top 8 Online Tools to Boost Your Job Search

1. Setting up a profile

Top 8 Online Tools to Boost Your Job SearchFirst, create a unique LinkedIn profile. Your profile should include the following:

  • Localization
  • Education background
  • Summary for professionals
  • Notable skills
  • Up to date profile picture
  • If you have an online resume, link to it

Your success can depend on the people you have in your networkThe ‘about’ section of a construction worker can look something like this:

“A project manager certified in time management and quality work.”
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2. Connecting

Your success can depend on the people you have in your network. It is essential to have the right people in your network. The power of social media will only be realized if you have the right people around you. Social Plus buying Instagram Likes will boost your profile. Look for former colleagues, bosses, and supervisors.

It is possible to add college friends or colleagues who work in the same field as you. This will help you build your professional network. You might be able to get help from a former colleague who has recently moved on to a better job.

ConnectingConnect with strangers if you see them in the same place. You must be specific and personal in your request for connection, e.g.

Robert, I noticed you work in the construction industry. I have been in this industry for over 20 years. “I would love to get in touch with you.”

3. Joining Facebook groups relevant to your niche and participating in discussions

LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site, but Facebook can help you build your professional network.

Join Facebook groups to network with professionals in your field.

Joining an engineering group will give you the opportunity to gain knowledge from other engineers, network, and find out about career opportunities and job openings.

4. Getting endorsements

Getting endorsementsLinkedIn’s new feature, “Report to your network”, is something you should try if you don’t have it yet.

You have the option to include personal testimonials about yourself and your work. Although it can seem strange to ask for endorsement, consider this your job reference.

To have positive reviews on your profile, you can ask for endorsements from friends, customers, or former managers.

This will provide recruiters and hiring managers with a solid indication of your credibility and authenticity.

5. Google yourself

Some statistics show that candidates can be rejected by companies after they have reviewed their social media profiles.

Google yourselfYou can Google your username to see what your online presence looks like from the outside.

Make sure you do not have anything that might make potential recruiters run away. You can post old photos that are implicating on Facebook or tweets that are too political.

Privacy settings are also useful because they allow you to hide information you don’t wish to be made public.

6. Participating in discussions on X (Twitter)

You can also use your social media platform to make relevant contributions on Twitter while searching for a job.

Find hashtags in your industry and join the discussion. If someone searches for that trend, they will see the post. This will make you an industry expert.

Engaging and following thought leaders in your field is a smart idea. This will help you build relationships with professionals in the industry and make your name known to recruiters and hiring managers.

Participating in discussions on X (Twitter)Trending topics often have to do with current events. This is why it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.

This is evident with the pandemic, which affected all industries. Twitter is full of popular topics about the pandemic, its impact and other related topics. It is important to know the best time of day to join the conversation. This will help you be noticed by potential employers.

You can search for discussion topics about major projects or industrial development and then retweet the ones that interest you. Twitter offers a “retweet without a quote” feature that allows you to share your thoughts and add your insights.

7. How to find out more about employers

Social media has a wide range of applications. You can narrow your search down to just a few companies within your industry.

Visit the company’s website, social media platforms, and blog. This will allow you to access current information as well as learn more about their company culture.

Engage with a company on social media if you are interested in working for them. Leave insightful comments and useful advice on their posts. Share their posts to increase visibility.

8. Answering Reddit and Quora questions

Professionals, regardless of their industry, can find great information on forums like Reddit or Quora. These platforms can be used to expand your professional knowledge, and to position yourself as an expert on a subject.

Answering Reddit and Quora questionsReddit, Quora and other social media sites are great places to look for information. You might also find people asking questions about your niche.

Answering the questions can make you an industry expert.

Answer as many questions as possible. You might be recognized by experts in your field, which can be a good thing.

These answers may appear when users search for the same type of question that you answered in search engines.

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We recommend looking towards new opportunities associated with the emergence of services in which customers are ready to pay for your work in cryptocurrencies.

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For example, if you want to work as a freelancer then sites such as Quasa Connect are good places to find prospective clients.

With a concrete example, we will show how the Quasa Connect blockchain service works, setting up transactions between freelancers and clients using new crypto settlement tools.

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Quasacoin​The new crypto-settlement tools in QUASA democratize access to services traditionally tied to fiat money and banks, and open up opportunities for hundreds of millions of people. You are not tied to the currency of any country, and you can easily receive assignments from clients from anywhere in the world, even if you work in a country where the circulation of dollars is limited.

There is no need for conversion and complexities with banking operations. No need to know the laws of different countries.

Install the Metamask or Trust Wallet crypto wallet apps on your phone. These are reliable applications used all over the world. Register on a crypto exchange like ProBit or KickEX.
These are simple steps that will allow you to exchange the received cryptocurrency for any other currency.
For example, Binance has a built-in p2p platform where it is easy to exchange cryptocurrencies for dollars.
Quasa Connect app.In the Quasa Connect app, find tasks from clients from anywhere in the world, now it's possible!

Connect your crypto wallet to the Quasa Connect app and answer published tasks.
Complete your profile and add a portfolio so clients can see what you can do, find and select you.
After the customer has chosen you and entrusted his task, you will begin the implementation, and when completed, click the “Finish” button.
The reserved money will go to your balance in the application when the customer accepts your work.

Click "Withdraw" and receive Quasacoin (QUA) cryptocurrency to your personal crypto wallet.

Quasacoin (QUA) is a cryptocurrency that was specifically created for settlements between freelancers and clients, so you can always exchange it for any other.

Quasa Connect On decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, SushiSwap or Balancer, exchange QUA for bitcoin, USDT or any other cryptocurrency. You don’t even need to register on these exchanges, everything is anonymous. You also connect your Metamask or Trust wallet and change QUA. Very safe and secure.

In many countries, payments in dollars are difficult, but there are no problems with cryptocurrencies. And if you live in one of these countries, then, receiving payment in cryptocurrency for your services, you can easily exchange it on p2p exchanges for the currency of your country.

The application is available for all versions of Android. 

Quasa Connect app 3Blockchain app Quasa Connect

Now the application can be used:
- order any work;
- perform any work;
- agree on the cost of work;
- use the chat in the application;
- accept completed task;
- do not accept the task.

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These tips should help you land a job that you love.

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