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Top 5 Most Exciting Advances in Remote IT

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Many people are still unaware of the profound impact that remote working has had on society. They are constantly evolving at an incredible pace. Below are five exciting developments in remote AI.

Top 5 Most Exciting Advances in Remote IT

1. IoT

IoT (or the internet of things) is one of the most important IT innovations right now, especially in remote work. Remote work will be more important if more companies incorporate IoT in their business processes. Even if remote workers are not available, IoT will revolutionize the way that everything works. It allows for processes to be automated and can even be used by companies without them.

This will allow for the best possible functioning of all devices and their components. A software must also be developed that can identify and monitorall devices within a network.

2. Hyper Automation

Hyper automation refers to the total replacement of labour by machines. This is not something that will happen overnight. Although it is an incremental process, the ultimate impact on society and culture will be significant. In a few ways, hyper automation will be more influential on remote work.

The combination of AI and advanced robotics will allow for fully automated companies. Another is due to advances in communication technology like video conferencing or virtualized offices.

These two factors are combined with the current trend of remote working, which can lead to what amounts to an “end-of-business” or hyperautomation (a company that has no employees).

3. Low Code Services

Because of their usefulness and the potential for creating jobs and companies, low code technologies and services can be very exciting in remote work.

It is a great service for small businesses or entrepreneurs who don’t have the resources to hire web developers. There are also high-profile companies that use low-code technologies such as Comcast, Verizon and IBM.

Low code technologies are designed to make software development easier, faster, and more economical. This is possible by integrating all of the features that you may need into one company. Instead of hiring someone to do each function or feature, all the features are included in one package. This makes it much easier for the end-user. Remote workers love this because there are fewer people involved.

4. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is being integrated into many new software and technologies that are used for remote work. This includes chatbots and voice-activated assistance. These tools will continue to make a difference not only in how remote work is done but also in the various industries that depend on them.

These technologies make it possible to automate tasks, which means that there is less demand for workers who used to do these jobs.

This results in fewer jobs, which has an impact on the workforce. It is best to view it in terms of the fourth industrial revolution. Social factors will make this a different time than in the past when workers were directly affected by automation.

5. Remote experience IT

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly using remote employee experience technology. Software designed to keep remote teams connected by allowing them regular communication. It’s not just about keeping everyone in touch, but also about managing tasks and projects effectively while maintaining organization.

Remote workers can complete tasks and projects much more easily with this technology. This technology makes it easier to streamline the workflow, as communication with tools such as Slack and G Suite can almost always be instantaneous. This is good news for employees and companies, as it allows them to do more in less time.

Offer Cryptocurrencies for Settlements

Although it may seem strange to you, many remote workers may be delighted with this offer, and it will come as a revelation to you!

The fact is that transferring from cryptocurrency to fiat of the country in which your remote employee lives is often cheaper than through a bank transfer.

For example, the conversion of dollars into the currency of a remote employee is carried out through the currency of his country plus a transfer fee. As a result, the employee pays double the conversion and the cost of the commission.

When transferring through cryptocurrencies, there are no such costs, and the cost of the commission is insignificant and does not depend on the transfer amount.

quasa connect appHaving received it in cryptocurrency, your employee can easily exchange it on a p2p exchange for the currency of his country and the costs will be less, which means his salary will increase.

With a concrete example, we will show how the Quasa Connect blockchain service works, setting up transactions between freelancers and clients using new crypto settlement tools.

By connecting your crypto-wallet, a freelancer or customer instantly settles among themselves using the Quasacoin (QUA) cryptocurrency.

quasa coin token​The new crypto-settlement tools in QUASA democratize access to services traditionally tied to fiat money and banks, and open up opportunities for hundreds of millions of people. You are not tied to the currency of any country, and you can easily hire any specialist from anywhere in the world and calmly pay for his work.

There is no need for conversion and complexities with banking operations. No need to know the laws of different countries.

Quasacoin (QUA) is a cryptocurrency that was specifically created for settlements between freelancers and clients, so you can always exchange it for any other.

The application is available for all versions of Android. 

quasa connect app 1Blockchain app Quasa Connect

Now the application can be used:
- order any work;
- perform any work;
- agree on the cost of work;
- use the chat in the application;
- accept completed task;
- do not accept the task.

You can also connect with TOP professionals directly by viewing their profiles, testimonials and portfolios.

quasa connect app 2QUASA offers a service with a simple interface for end users and allows you to place orders on the most favorable terms in just a couple of clicks.

This optimization allows you to simultaneously increase the efficiency of the work of performers, thus increasing their income, and at the same time reduce the cost of completing tasks for customers.

The Quasacoin (QUA) token is listed on many exchanges. Listing and ratings from leading rating agencies CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.


Technology that makes remote work more efficient and long-term sustainable will continue to develop. We will need fewer people across all industries if we depend more on technology to do our jobs.

This will impact everyone in one way or another. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between realistic and possible implementations. These trends are however some of the most important changes in our work lives during this remote work era.

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