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What is Voice Search and How Voice Search will Transform the Future of eCommerce?

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Voice search is dominating the internet. Nowadays, consumers around the world start their internet searches using phrases such as “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri”. These are two of the most used voice search engines. They can be used to make a call, check the weather, turn on lights, and many other purposes.

These applications are growing every day and have huge business implications.

What is Voice Search?

What is Voice Search?Voice search is the use of speech to ask compatible devices such as smartphones and smart speakers.

The device responds to the user’s question or follows their commands. 72% use such devices daily to do multiple chores.

Nearly 40% of internet users use audio search to find information. Audio search has seen a rapid increase in popularity, which has opened up new opportunities for businesses to communicate with users.

According to researchers, 55% of American households will have a smart speaker in 2022. Voice shopping is also expected to reach $40 million that year.

Let’s explore how voice search can help businesses, and how to optimize your website or eCommerce solution to take advantage of it.

How Voice Search Technology Works

  1. Scientists have long dreamed of a technology that allows devices to talk like human beings. Continue reading to learn how this technology works.
  2. Users can command the voice search device by using phrases such as Hey Siri, Ok Google, or Alexa followed by their questions.
  3. These devices have a voice assistant that transcribes spoken words into text.
  4. The text is then analyzed to determine the user’s needs.
  5. The device can connect to external data sources such as the search engine to provide relevant information for the user’s question or command.
  6. The program then converts the data into an easily digestible format to satisfy the user’s intent.

Voice Search is an important part of eCommerce

eCommerceTo make the most out of the growing demand for voice SEO, include a voice search application in your customer experience strategy.

1. Get a personalized shopping experience

With the help of recommendations, shopping experiences can be personalized to each person based on their preferences. If you place an order for your daily needs on Amazon Fresh using Alexa voice search then the assistant will suggest items based upon your past purchases and your diet.

2. It’s easy to review

Businesses can now collect more reviews using voice search. Consumers can now easily give feedback. It is easy and convenient for consumers to leave feedback, which makes the reviews more genuine and meaningful. This allows other consumers to make better buying decisions.

3. Time-Efficient

Time-EfficientA voice search assistant will take the stress out of searching for long phrases. A person can type 30-35 words per minute on average.

However, when speaking, they can say around 100 words per minute. Voice search allows consumers to quickly get their answers.

4. Smart Shopping

Voice search is limited to voice but also uses machine learning and AI. These mechanisms allow search engines to be able to understand the shopping habits and behavior of people. You will be reminded, for example, of the items you forgot to buy when you shop for your monthly groceries.

Optimizing your eCommerce store for voice search is a great way to maximize the benefits. Below are some tips to help you grow your eCommerce business and create powerful solutions.

How to optimize an eCommerce store for voice search?

1. SEO Strategy to Re-orient Your Business

SEO is essential for any website, even if it doesn’t have a blog. This will help you be seen by your target audience and ultimately bring you more business.

Voice SEO can help your website rank highly on search engines, increasing brand visibility online.

2. Prioritize Right Keywords

Optimizing voice search requires that you use the correct keywords specifically designed for voice search. If you are a web designer who is skilled in creating websites that meet SEO requirements, hire an eCommerce company. We have listed a few tricks to generate keywords for voice optimization.

Question Keywords: Voice searches tend to be in the form of questions rather than phrases. If you’re looking for an ATM in your area, you might say “OK Google, where is it?” While typing, you might write “ATM near me”. These keywords are trigger keywords that you should be paying attention to.

Long-Tail Keyword: Because they are less competitive, it is easier to rank long-tail keywords. As we have discussed, when speaking to the voice assistant, people will use longer phrases than they would while typing.

Natural and conversational: Your business will be more visible if you use natural and conversational content. It is the everyday language people use to communicate with one another.

3. Optimize to Speed Up Your Page

Optimizing your eCommerce website or store is all about speed. Websites that load faster improve user experience and increase engagement. Google must respond immediately to voice searches. If your website takes too long to load, Google may ignore it.

Fey tips to speed up your site:

  1. Choose a fast web host.
  2. Use caching.
  3. Remove all broken links.
  4. Reduce the image size on your webpage.

4. Responsive eCommerce Website

Mobile phones will not be going away. Because of their convenience on the move, users are more likely to use mobile phones than laptops or PCs.

Responsive websites are becoming more important than ever because of the shift in consumer behavior. Responsive websites allow users to have a pleasant experience regardless of the website they visit.

5. Structure your Content with a detailed FAQ Page

Although it may seem odd that an FAQ page should be included in an eCommerce store’s SEO strategy, the truth is that many people rely on FAQs to clarify any doubts they may have when shopping online. If you have all the questions that a customer may have while shopping,

FAQs will save you time. They will have all the information they need and will be able to eliminate any doubts or concerns before purchasing.


Voice search will become more popular in the future. It enhances the customer shopping experience and makes it easier for eCommerce shops to sell. For a competitive advantage, brands like yours should adopt modern approaches.

A professional eCommerce web design company is recommended to help you redefine the shopping experience for your customers. You can also get voice search optimization help so you don’t miss opportunities to rank higher.

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