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Top 3 Businesses You can Start with Little or No Money

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Lean StartupIt doesn’t seem like that long ago when The Lean Startup by Eric Ries took the world by storm. The book gave average people like me hope.

It showed me and people across the world that is was possible to start a business, regardless of circumstance.

It has been nearly a decade because The Lean Startup premiered, but the expectation it the lessons that it taught still live on now.

Thousands of individuals ask this question each day: what’s the ideal company to begin with very little cash?

We wanted to discuss what we think should be the top 3 choices if you’re trying to begin a business but have very little capital to back this up.

Here are the 3 greatest companies to begin with hardly any cash.

Note: All of the below are service-based companies. These generally have the lowest overhead, which makes them ideal candidates for individuals with minimal startup funds. Each one of these companies will probably ask that you challenge yourself and learn new abilities. It is hard, but not hopeless.

1. Tax, accounting and/or bookkeeping services  require little capital

Tax, accountingWe are certain that you have noticed this one a hundred times. There’s a reason: not only does it possess reduced overhead as stated previously, in addition, it includes higher-than-average profit margins along with a huge client base.

This company does need instruction, but not always an advanced level. Professional tip  —  operate one tax season using H&R Block.

They’ll pay you to undergo their training programs, which can be amazing, and you will find out all you want to know to begin with this enterprise.

2. Web design, graphic design and/or Search Engine Optimization

Search EngineThis is just another company which has a massive customer base and decent profit margins. It’ll require some instruction, but you will find a high number of classes on sites like Udemy, as well as free tutorials on YouTube.

This company makes the listing only as an entrepreneur, these are skills which will put you up for success in each undertaking and company venture you choose on. Adopt the learning adventure and revel in the ride.

3. Social media management and growth services

Firms have recognized the value of getting quality social networking accounts across the plank. If you can learn how to make excellent content, then develop social accounts and push visitors with these balances, you readily have a six-figure company in your hands.

Social mediaExpert tip  –  begin by focusing and studying about one social networking platform. As soon as you’ve got a system set up that works, begin providing the support.

This permits you to begin attracting clients and earning when you’re learning. This is just another entrepreneurial ability that’ll set you up for long-term success.

These 3 opions offer a combination of low overhead, high customer bases, higher profit margins and precious entrepreneurial abilities. They could flourish with very little startup funds, and ought to be on peak of each entrepreneur’s list.

service-based businessWhenever you’ve got an idea or fire to get a company — but little cash — ask yourself these questions before committing:

1.    Is this a service-based business?
2.    Does this business have low overhead?
3.    Are there a lot of people who need this service?
4.    Are the profit margins acceptable?
5.    Does this venture provide a skill that will benefit me long-term as an entrepreneur?

If you are able to answer these questions in the affirmative, you have a viable business idea — you could get off the floor with minimal startup funds.

You say that I am ready, but where to get the first clients?

A detailed A to Z guide on how to start a freelance business to help you.

We have created a sandbox game for beginner freelancers where you can try yourself in the role of many professions. This game will give you a general idea of what it means to be a freelancer. What are underwater kami and how to deal with them!

Although it may seem strange to you, it is now easier to find your first orders in an unusual place, where customers are not so picky and often pay much more than on regular sites.

Already today, many people have cryptocurrencies and want to get more services for them, so we made Quasa Connect, the world's first remote work application that makes it easier to find first customers by offering payment in cryptocurrencies.

Customers got access to what they were previously deprived of, and freelancers got the opportunity to earn extra money.

Using a specific example, we will show how the Quasa Connect blockchain service works, which helps to find the first clients and establish transactions between freelancers and clients using new crypto-settlement tools.

By connecting your crypto-wallet, a freelancer or customer instantly settles among themselves using the Quasacoin (QUA) cryptocurrency.

quasacoin (qua)​The new crypto-settlement tools in QUASA democratize access to services traditionally tied to fiat money and banks, and open up opportunities for hundreds of millions of people. You are not tied to the currency of any country, and you can easily receive assignments from clients from anywhere in the world, even if you work in a country where the circulation of dollars is limited.

There is no need for conversion and complexities with banking operations. No need to know the laws of different countries.

Install the Metamask or Trust Wallet crypto wallet apps on your phone. These are reliable applications used all over the world. Register on a crypto exchange like ProBit or KickEX.
These are simple steps that will allow you to exchange the received cryptocurrency for any other currency.
For example, Binance has a built-in p2p platform where it is easy to exchange cryptocurrencies for dollars.
quasaconnect appIn the Quasa Connect app, find tasks from clients from anywhere in the world, now it's possible!

Connect your crypto wallet to the Quasa Connect app and answer published tasks.
Complete your profile and add a portfolio so clients can see what you can do, find and select you.
After the customer has chosen you and entrusted his task, you will begin the implementation, and when completed, click the “Finish” button.
The reserved money will go to your balance in the application when the customer accepts your work.

Click "Withdraw" and receive Quasacoin (QUA) cryptocurrency to your personal crypto wallet.

Quasacoin (QUA) is a cryptocurrency that was specifically created for settlements between freelancers and clients, so you can always exchange it for any other.

quasaconnect app 1On decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, SushiSwap or Balancer, exchange QUA for bitcoin, USDT or any other cryptocurrency. You don’t even need to register on these exchanges, everything is anonymous. You also connect your Metamask or Trust wallet and change QUA. Very safe and secure.

In many countries, payments in dollars are difficult, but there are no problems with cryptocurrencies. And if you live in one of these countries, then, receiving payment in cryptocurrency for your services, you can easily exchange it on p2p exchanges for the currency of your country.

The application is available for all versions of Android. 

quasaconnect app 2Blockchain app Quasa Connect

Now the application can be used:
- order any work;
- perform any work;
- agree on the cost of work;
- use the chat in the application;
- accept completed task;
- do not accept the task.

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