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How Many Quasacoins (QUA) Are There in Free Circulation?

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We are often asked how many Quasacoins (QUA) tokens are actually in circulation on the market?
We have prepared detailed information on how many QUA tokens are currently on the market. All information is verifiable and presented in blockchain explorers.

Current State:

Total Supply - 1,018,212,870 QUA
Total supply = Total coins created - coins that have been burned.


1. CEX and DEX exchanges - 72,138,146 QUA

  • Probit   - 47,547,813
  • KickEX - 22,403,102
  • SushiSwap - 1,103,783
  • Balancer - 978,857
  • Uniswap V3 - 885,975
  • Uniswap V2 - 104,591

2. Team - 924,654,158 QUA

3. On Users' Personal Wallets - 21,420,566 QUA

In total, we find that less than 10% of the total issue of tokens is in free circulation - in total 93,558,712 QUA

Over the past year, the project team has withdrawn more than 20 million QUA tokens from circulation.

In fact, there are even fewer QUA tokens on the market. The estimated number of lost tokens is more than 10 million, the figure is arbitrary, but according to our observations, these tokens have never been moved, and most of these wallets do not have other cryptocurrencies and have been inactive for a long time.

If we take this data into account, then no more than 8% of the total emission of Quasacoins is in free circulation on the market.

Thus, there are approximately 80 million QUA tokens in free circulation.

The total emission volume is intended for the development of the QUASA ecosystem and, mainly, the anchor product - the Quasa Connect app., since QUA tokens are used in the application for all transactions, to pay for remote work and to pay for clicks on posted client tasks - by all executors.

The QUASA team provides advance notice of additional token burns and releases so that current holders and investors have time to make an informed decision.

Below you can find the latest news on combustion and emissions:

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