09.03.2023 22:52

QUASA announces a 99% burn of QUA tokens.

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QUA Burning

This activity is carried out before the launch of the company's two key products: the QUASA CONNECT app. and the QUASA NFT app.

Burnable tokens were issued a year ago in March 2022 to implement the BEP20/ERC20 bridge concept and deploy QUA on Binance Smart Chain.

The decision to implement this concept was made under pressure from high commissions in the Ethereum network, since the business model of the QUASA products produced includes, among other things, price competition with other market participants.

The QUASA team at this stage refuses to implement this concept for many reasons, the main of which is the actively developing Ethereum ecosystem and the sharp decrease in network fees.

After a major update of The Merge, i.e. transition to PoS algorithm in September 2022 and until Shanghai's upcoming massive upgrade in March 2023, which is second only to the transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), it was decided that it was inappropriate to use and divert company resources to implement the concept of placing QUA on the network Binance Smart Chain.

This decision will allow the QUASA team to focus on the company's main products, namely the QUASA CONNECT remote work application and the QUASA NFT physical asset tokenization application, where QUA will be used only on the Ethereum blockchain.

A few days after this announcement, the token burn will take place. After burning, the number of tokens in circulation will be 1,018,214,870 QUA.

You can always check the number of burned QUAs here.

Quasacoin (QUA) is the First Cryptocurrency That Brings People Together.

Quasacoin (QUA) is an internal platform ecosystem token that is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with all ERC-20 wallets.

QUA is gaining popularity, the community is growing, and the site traffic is over 230 thousand unique visitors per month.

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The team consists of more than 30 people - this is a unique combination of specialists with advanced experience in the development and implementation of large blockchain systems.

How can people learn more about QUASA?

You can keep abreast of everything by subscribing to the official Twitter account or by joining the Telegram chat and communicate directly with the project team.

On the project website, in the QUA emission section, all information about Quasacoin and a phased development plan for Quasa Metaverse are presented.