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Facebook Marketing Strategies for Branding and Leads

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Facebook is one of the biggest marketing sites in the world. Facebook has 2.74 billion monthly active users and has reached 59% of the world’s social networking population. It is the 3rd most visited website and 2nd most downloaded in the world. Having such dynamic stats, Facebook offers the brands and companies an unparalleled marketing place. According to a study by Hubspot, more than 55% businesses and marketers have improved the overall digital marketing budget through Facebook.

Due to mass brand and companies’ audience, in order to be successful in Facebook marketing, you need to have enough strategies that will help you attract the potential customer to your platforms. You have to make your business standout among the fifty million businesses on Facebook.

If you already own a business page or planning to make new one, here’s a list of strategies and tips to help you gain millions of audience on your page. Before moving ahead, make sure to secure facebook account for privacy theft.

1. Create Facebook Goals as Per Your Needs

The first thing you need to determine is to create goals that you want to achieve through Facebook page. The first tip would be not to set unrealistic goals for themselves or chase vanity metrics like followers and likes. Simply set goals that cater to your needs on the social marketing site.

facebookHere are some goals you can set for yourself.

Add value your business through Facebook: Use the most followed social website to grow your potential business.

Bring together reliable leads for your business: Find potential customers, set goals to reach them and generate leads for them.

Increase your sale quality: Learn better targeting of your audience to boost your sales.

2. Work on Facebook Demographics

Demographics are key factor for any market place. There are almost 1.2 billion active users on Facebook causally scrolling their feed every day. How to attract them towards your platform?

demographic factorsDemographics can help you understand your target audience and make them follow your page. It will make you understand the needs for your Facebook business page to grow and create brand awareness among people.

Here are some demographic factors you need to take into consideration:

  • Location of your followers and customers
  • Number of people searching for the products or services you’re offering
  • Trend of your locality
  • Age and Gender of your audience

3. Plan Engaging Content

The first recommendation will be to post content about a month in advance and maintain a regular posting schedule five posts a week. It helps to diversify the topics you can post and consistent posting. The plus point here is that planning content ahead helps you to ensure that you only publish high-quality content. The written text in your content should be short as people are not into reading long paragraphs while scrolling. The audience on Facebook have limited timespan and will not read your large blocks of text.

Facebook all Over the WorldHere are some tips to write engaging content for your brand/company:

  • Three sentence rule to follow: Write one line to grab attention, the other add value to the product and the third one to encourage people to click the link and get your product.
  • Ask the followers to respond in the comments and encourage them to interact with your account and other followers
  • Ask the audience to tag their family or friends in the post
  • Do giveaways and interesting competitions to keep the brand engagement high

4. Set Your Budget

Spend money to make money! That’s the rule. For every business to grow, you have to invest money beforehand to grow your revenue. Your Facebook marketing budget will cover the advertisements, conversions, lead generation ads, boosted posts and content creation. Organic growth on Facebook is a little more difficult than on other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. You to invest money on the Facebook business page to target mass audience.

5. Add Images to Facebook Posts

Images  Facebook PostIt is always good to include images, videos or info graphics as Facebook is really fond of images! According to an estimation, Facebook posts with images receives twice the engagement without the images. Also, posts with graphics such as images help reach better engagement than the posts and customers tend to like and share it more, attracting more audience towards your page.

Look out for this tips while selecting the images:

  • Bright and high-resolution images show your commitment.
  • People tend to trust more the images with faces.
  • It is better to stay away the cheesy stock photos.

6. Research The Interests of People

You have to target the audience on the basis of their interests. Facebook enables you to target your audience interested in the services and products your brand provides. However, this might also prove very challenging since you might find millions of people having the same interests. This is where you need to act smart and find people those are interested in other brands providing same products or services as you do.

The benefits of this practice is that you will find people that are interested in your services or product and can learn from them to how to grow and manage a business page. You have to see how successful business in your niche are promoting and advertising your Facebook page.

7. Content Marketing for Social Sharing

Facebook social sharingContent marketing is an important criteria for any marketing strategy for building brand awareness, let alone Facebook marketing strategies. The main advantage of content marketing to develop your brand as a trustworthy resource that people seek when they need relevant information about your industry.

One of the most interesting strategy for high-quality content is to create awareness. It encourages the customers to share the contents and do the advertising for you.

8. Facebook Advertising

If you are planning to grow your business to wide scale, you need to get Paid Facebook advertisement and promotion features. There are billions of people who are using Facebook every day and if you will do targeted advertisements on the platforms, your chances for higher rich can reach sky high.

Facebook AdvertisingHere are some validated methods of Facebook Advertising:

The Analytics: The Facebook Advertising Platforms offers a robust Analytics. The Facebook application will provide you excellent analytics about the performance of your advertisements. It will make you understand what is working and what is not. You will be provided about metrics on the weekly reach, post engagements, page likes and the posts having the best performance.

Micro-Targeting the Audience: Voila! You can target your audience based on your interests, behaviors, demographics, age, connections, ranges and languages. Even you can target your competitor’s fans.

Add targeting to your specific objective: Facebook guides you through steps that let you choose the kind of the ad, target audience, time frame and budget. The add is customizable and based on what specifically you are trying to accomplish.

Reach increases multifold as compared to the organic posts: By organic posting, only the tiniest fraction of your followers will see what you post. By advertising, you can reach fifty times more than the audience.

You can easily scale your content promotion: Facebook advertisements can amplify your content reach. Through the ads, you can reach more people than you can reach organically. Once you’ve got an ad that converts really well, you put more and more money into it until it no longer performs the way you want it to.

9. Monitoring Your Brand Page

After you have plan and executed everything, the last step would be to regularly monitor your Facebook page. If you are early to the marketing, we recommend you to respond to the comments or messages every day. You also need to make sure you are regularly posting and scheduling your content to post. 70% of the time, people tend to love and recommend that interact with them to others.

Another benefit to daily monitoring is catching errors quickly. Even with spell check and proofreading, it is possible for grammatical errors and typos to happen.

Monitoring your posts after they have been published can help you identify mistakes before people start noticing them. The last and most important reason to monitor your Facebook every single day is to improve your response rate.

Facebook tracks how quickly you respond to messages and advertises your response rate on your page. It may look unappealing to potential customers if you have a low response rate. Be sure to answer every message your brand/company receives as quickly as you can.

Apply These Facebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business Branding and Leads

Facebook has established itself as one of the largest social media marketing site. Almost every business now needs its presence on Facebook. Now through your Facebook Business page, you can post high-resolution images and videos, increase your brand awareness and engagement and attract mass target audience towards your company. Selling your product on Facebook through correct marketing strategies is as easy as selling the cakes!

Today, Facebook has 1.56 billion active users. Facebook is winning the game for the entrepreneurs in terms of ecommerce, referrals, audience, customer relationships, reputation, and brand awareness. Globally, people are spending one hour per day on Facebook, make sure your target audience spend a minute or two scrolling your business page in that hour.

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