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“Facebook Lead Ads” The real Game-Changer for your Business

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With the festive season hindering by our doors, has this ever happened with you that, you land upon some enticing product and leave it as it is, and not buying? But hey! Why is the same product popping in your very own Facebook feed? Now that is something interesting when thought in detail right? Upon pondering over this, we are pretty sure that you are thinking, “But Yeah! That is very common right?” Well, for simple users like us, maybe ‘yes’, But for business stewards, absolutely ‘No’. This phenomenon is what we call “Facebook Advertisement”.

We won’t be shocked if you said this sounds like some nuclear codes. But, yeah not exaggerating much, the product incidence is certainly a bit more advanced level of Facebook Advertisement. Now, we know a lot of you might just be wondering if all these complications help anyone at all? To them, we quote a legit fact, “Every 4th person in this entire world, uses Facebook”, with that being said, try to understand the gravity of all these. Imagine your product being watched by such a large magnitude of the targeted audience.

Traditional Ads VS Digital Ads

Now, just for the sake of understanding the power of the digital medium vs traditional marketing, let’s have a bird’s eye view of the entire thing.

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Targeted Audience.

Are you a 90s kid? If yes, this case study is going to be a treat for you. Well, if you are not, we feel petty for you. Now imagine it’s 6:30 PM and you rushed home as fast as you can, leaving your cricket match, just to watch “Shaka Laka Boom Boom”. Those were certainly the days, right? Okay so 15 minutes past the show, you got your first commercial break advertising “Rasna”.

Needless to say, but some intellectual thoughts made us ask our parents to buy the same product for us. Now, coming back to the present, this is a proper example of how brands and companies targeted their audiences. The very fact that we were so attached to the TV show, made the advertisement so relatable for us that, we felt we were a part of the TV show upon drinking that.

Companies targeted the audience watching the show and integrated their ads exactly then, making a huge amount of profit.

Well, times have certainly changed now, and the audience has not only evolved but also their retention span has exponentially decreased. With so many factors coming into play in this day and age, it will certainly not be viable for companies to invest lumps of money at a place, which is highly dubious of making a profit. This is exactly where Digital Advertisement or rather Facebook advertisement comes as a savior.

In this day and age, possibly every single guy who owns a smart-phone uses Facebook. It has become a hub of connectivity, which certainly caters to a wider spectrum of audiences. Be it the CEO of a company or simply someone, who owns a tea store, everyone is an integral part of Facebook. Now, possibly imagine, how much data does the database of Facebook have? It is bizarre to quantify even that. With that being said, relate it to its business aspects.

Simply putting it, due to the huge database we know, it should be pretty easy to categorize upon all these events. Facebook knows practically everything every time? Starting from day 1, of your college to the day you checked into some movie. So, with such personal details in hand, it would be extremely ideal to find the targeted audience for the company. Now you can exactly find the audience, which would solely focus on your product.

Let’s understand with an example, imagine you are 16 years old and are an avid football lover, who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi as a god. All these details are some basic information that we provide on Facebook. So, now, change your perspective and think from a company’s point of view. There is this company which sells football shoes called “studs”. You now know, that showing ad regarding this to the above boy, gives you higher chances to convert him into a lead than any 30 years old man. This is the power of Data and That is certainly the power of Facebook Ads.

What are Facebook Leads?

By implementing Facebook marketing strategies properly, you will improve your brand awareness but also your lead generation system.

All the above sounds very enticing right? Undoubtedly it is too. Now, let’s dive into sheer details of these. This year, companies, more often than not try to understand the audience with sheer depth. They not only extract the opinion from the masses but also aim at developing their own business, and having a substantial amount of engaged audience, lets the business do all those stuff. And that very set of audiences is what we call a ’Lead’. When we make people engaged in the product of business through Facebook advertisement, we are said to be producing a Facebook Lead.

The subject becomes very interesting species from here, as creating leads requires not only the desired technical skills but also an abundance of creativity. With people having an average attention span of fewer than 10 seconds, it requires creatively amalgamated technical skills, to encash the leads.

Types of Leads.

Well, the entirety of the audience, who interact with the advertisement that you have put in, broadly by becoming 2 types of leads.

1. Cold Facebook leads.

Okay! So before starting, let’s have a notion of learning new terms like “Cold lead”; “Hot Lead”; “Targeted Audience’’ etc. Well, here although we won’t be teaching you how to properly put up a fruitful ads, but essentially brief you its whereabouts’ well-curated ad has something called as “Call for Action” , which in turn means, upon seeing the ad of the product, people engage with it in some way or another.

Cold leads are the ones who do not show interest in buying the product and eventually don’t add any value to the business. They might end up viewing the product but are highly unlikely in putting a single “click”. Well, here is the catch, a cold lead might be enthralled by your product or the concept of your business ideas, But, grabbing their attention frequently and letting them inculcate enough faith in your business by creating amazing ads may turn them into hot leads.

2. Hot Facebook leads.

Thanks to Facebook advertising system, you can create hyper-targeted ad campaigns for your business. Now, this is where the real fortune is made. Imagine, seeing an amazing ad, which provokes you to learn guitar in 2 weeks. You are not only fascinated by the offer but also want to learn all the corresponding results, related to it. So? What do you do next? Click on the ad, right? Well, this is exactly where you are contributing to hot leads.

Hot Facebook Leads Lead Generation Ads Social Media Marketing‘Digital’ is still evolving and has a lot of mountains to conquer, but the value that it offers, which in turn would result in the growth of business industries, in the long run, speaks volumes about the platform itself. The sole reason why hot leads might turn your fortune is that Facebook is such a trusted platform, enables the consumers to believe the product or services offered by the business, will not only be helpful for them but also add immense value to their trust.

That is the sole reason, why a hot lead shows a probability of 73%, of going ahead in the business deal. Now, all that is fine, but how to do you convert the leads or the potential customers viable for your business?

How to Encash the Leads on Facebook.

Once Pete Sampras said, “It wasn’t the first win that was the toughest, but the one with a defending champion tag”. Resonating on that note, let's dissect how to make a profit out of the Facebook Leads. Now that you have made them engage with your content by making them click on the ad, you would bring them to the “LandingPage”. This is a page where you collect all the necessary data from the customer by luring them with strong valuable deals. This data, lets you do wonders by enabling you to revert to the customer and build a healthy social network around him.

Closing Thoughts about Lead Generation Done via Facebook Lead Ads

Long story short, you turn the lead to a potential customer if not a recurring customer, by giving value and collecting its data. And as we know, as of now, the valuation of data is more than the value of oil. What works here solely is the quality of the ad you put. Okay so, the times have changed and bringing people to the funnel page, doesn’t keep their anger in the check. Essentially, utilizing the sources properly, we could end up, making them up to them.

If you want to take your Facebook advertising strategy to the next level and not only generating leads but actually talking to your leads and converting them into users or sales, we recommend you have a look at these Facebook Messenger marketing strategies. This is still an underused channel by marketers even if it shows great results, opportunities and promises. 

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