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A/B Testing on Facebook: How to Do It Right

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The influence of Facebook ads on the business market is undeniable. Many business owners take advantage of the benefits of different methods of advertising or promoting their brands. These days, Facebook advertising is overgrowing because of millions of users worldwide.

A/B testing Facebook ads, most commonly known as Split testing, is a straightforward way to contrast different iterations of a single variable. The goal is to see which works better and resonates with the desired audience. To evaluate format, copy, headlines, graphics, audience, and placement, you can run A/B split testing.

Facebook A/B Testing Variables

Your Facebook ads should be A/B tested to acquire critical knowledge of the behavior of potential customers, which you can then apply to all your marketing initiatives. The goal is not merely to boost conversions by utilizing the version that performs best.

Generally, choosing and performing the A/B testing in the Ads Manager toolbar on Facebook is straightforward. However, the following are the best variables for conducting Facebook A/B testing correctly.

  1. Target Audience
  2. Time Frame
  3. Product Set
  4. Call to Action
  5. Creative

Target Audience

Target audience is crucial in the business industry. Therefore, a company should identify the correct audiences to promote its brands on platforms like Facebook. With Facebook, A/B testing audience is also necessary.

To avoid under-delivery, you should test your audience using a large sample size. In addition, you shouldn’t run any more Facebook campaigns simultaneously with the same audience. Audience overlap could lead to delivery problems and tainted test results. Lastly, audience age, gender, region, and other factors are variables to incorporate in audience testing.

Time Frame

Utilizing the right time range for A/B testing your Facebook ad campaigns is another recommended practice. If you are still deciding on the best time restriction, experts say the best action plan is to start with three or four days. Less thorough testing could result in inconclusive findings.

You can refrain from making modifications during the period because it may result in restarting the process. Additionally, building and applying optimal time frames is a good idea. For example, when setting up your A/B test, you can decide to run it for 30 days. On the other hand, the test should be run for four days, depending on your aim.

Product Set

Checking what product sells better is another variable Facebook A/B testing offers. You can compare two product combinations to identify the best-generating products. A business owner may select this if you want to try out a few different bundles of products.

Call to Action

To see results from Facebook A/B tests, trying and modifying your call to action is critical. Test your call to action because it is arguably the most crucial component of your advertising campaign. In addition, even little adjustments can significantly impact the result.

When split-testing CTAs, there should be just one variable changed. Thus, you may pinpoint the precise factor contributing to your advertisement’s success or failure.


It concentrates on your advertisement’s visual elements. By selecting the Creative option, you can experiment with different images, videos, ads, and headlines. The appearance and attractiveness of your project are crucial.

Facebook ads’ creative design provides the first impression to your target audience. It will determine how it significantly impacts your overall leads and performance. Therefore, Creative A/B testing is one of the variables you can perform to win the best ad images or videos.


How Soon Should You Begin Split-Testing Your Facebook Ads?

You can start split-testing your Facebook ads if you want to gather as much information as possible. Again, it doesn’t matter if you are a newly established company or brand. A/B testing your Facebook advertisements is something you can start doing right away.

How Big of an Audience Should Your Campaign Have?

The size of your target audience is critical in determining your Facebook A/B test effectiveness. If your audience is too small, the reach will be low, and the cost will be high. The general rule is that audiences between 200k and 1MM are optimal in size. It is also essential to refrain from using the test audience for subsequent initiatives.

How Do You Choose the Top Ad or Winning Ad Campaign?

Facebook evaluates each ad and ad package’s cost-per-result. Then it chooses the one that serves your campaign’s needs. Along with the results, it indicates how likely the ad will perform if you repeat the test.

In Facebook’s Ads Manager reporting table, the winning variation has a star icon next to it. Also, you will receive an email with information about your campaign’s success, cost, and total expenditure.

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