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What is Database Marketing and Why Do I Need It?

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Did you know that almost 90% of digital marketers believe personalization is one of the most important factors in a company’s success? Personalization is not just about recommending products based upon a customer’s past purchases.

Let’s say you order toys online for your nephew’s Birthday and then receive tons of emails inviting you to buy toys for your children. The emails eventually become tedious and you unsubscribe. If you do not resort to database marketing, the same thing could happen to your company.

What is Database Marketing?

Database marketing lets you create personalized marketing communications and targeted campaigns. It also allows you to make your campaigns more relevant to your target audience. This is a marketing strategy that allows you to collect customer data, analyze it, and make personalized recommendations for customers.

Transaction dataHere are some of the information you might need to market your database.

  1. Transaction data
  2. Names of customers
  3. Addresses of customers
  4. Phone numbers for customers
  5. Purchasing behavior patterns
  6. Support tickets will be sent

To collect the information mentioned above, a digital marketing agency for eCommerce will need a CRM system. This software makes it easy to gather all the information you need and facilitates customer interactions with your company.

Difference Between Direct Marketing And Database Marketing

Difference Between Direct Marketing And Database MarketingTraditional direct marketing involves collecting customer addresses and collecting their names to send flyers or postcards. It’s not the same as database marketing. Database marketing is targeting customers based upon their personal information and creating strategies that are tailored to the products they might be interested in buying. Database marketing is not only about personalizing product recommendations but also about improving your communication with customers.

Email marketing might work well for some customers, but SMS and social media marketing might work better for others. Database marketing focuses on personalizing the marketing experience to ensure potential customers aren’t disturbed by marketing messages that don’t fit their needs.

What To Do With Database Marketing?

Database marketing is a great way to increase your sales volume if you send hundreds of emails to clients.

Database marketingHere are some ways database marketing can help your business:

  1. Create targeted campaigns
  2. Use analytics to find out when you should launch a marketing campaign
  3. Provide discounts to new customers
  4. Offer loyalty programs to existing and long-term customers
  5. Segment customers into different groups to personalize product recommendations
  6. Use analytics to figure out customers’ buying patterns

Database marketing is based on customer data and creates a customized ad experience for your audience. One customer’s experience may not be the same for another. Personalizing the advertising experience can help you target the right audience for your marketing campaign. This will increase conversion rates and get potential customers to respond more positively.

Database marketing offers many benefits but you should not stop at collecting customer information. Instead, you should work with a marketing agency so you can create personalized ads according to the preferences of your target audience.

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