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7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

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Running a business might look an easy task, but it isn’t easy to manage everything and look at every nuance of your business. But heatmaps come as a rescue at this point of time and enable you to maximize your business potential and growth in many different ways.

You can avail of all the benefits of different types of heatmaps and run your business in the right way.

What is a heatmap?

Heatmaps are the graphical representation that depicts various colors on the elements of the webpage. What do these colors represent? Heatmaps allow you to see the highest and lowest traffic areas of your business. 

The dark colors show the highly clickable areas, and the warm colors show the neglected areas which have got lesser attention from the users.

Heatmap shows you the real picture of your business and allows you to improvise it.

How are heatmaps beneficial for your business?

Heatmap is a great marketing automation tool that simplifies your day to day operations and tasks.

Below are some of the benefits of heatmaps in your business:

  • Identify the dead zones of your business 

When you deeply analyze the heatmap reports and analytics, you can realize that many corners of the business have a minimum to low amounts of traffic. 

Maybe you have not placed the CTAs and banner at the right place on your website. Note that CTAs should always be at the last part of your webpage as users usually look at the top and bottom of your website. 

Therefore, please put them in high traffic areas where they can see it. Also, you can quickly improve your sales in such away.

  • Recognize and improvise sales plans :

Identify the loop in your sales plans; are your customers satisfied with the services you are providing them. The primary role business plays in the life of customers is to offer them unwavering customer services.

That means solving the customer tickets, handling them in time, and doing all that is possible to give continuous support to the customers

See if you have installed a live chat support feature on your webpage, or maybe you have placed it in the wrong position. If this is the case, your heatmap will let you see this fact too.

  • Identify the prime marketing locations: Heatmaps are not just restricted to tell you the analytics of your web elements, but it will depict you the locations where you are attaining maximum conversions and where your business is facing issues. You can take a view of all this through geo-heatmaps.

How do businesses enhance growth by using heatmaps?

Heatmaps are not just for speculating the data, but analyzing and understanding it should be a significant concern for your business.

These two types of heatmaps can surely help you : 

1. Hotspot heatmaps

These heatmaps help you signify the humongous data in mere clicks only. You can see the high densities of points with the darker shades and the lower levels of intensities with the lighter shades.

Heatmaps - 7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

2. Regional heatmaps

You can use the regional heatmaps to identify the aggregate or average values in specific areas with different colors.

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 16 at 12.56.43 - 7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

Now let us see how you can use heatmaps for the best of your benefits

  • Get an overview of your marketplace : 

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 16 at 12.57.48 - 7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

Visualizing data is one of the essential benefits of heatmaps. You can use the hotspot heatmaps to spot out the cluster of your customers at a specific location. You can know about your potential customers by looking at the locations where you can target them more.

  • Redefine distribution networks :

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 16 at 13.00.03 - 7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

You can form a customer base by using the heatmaps. You can identify the locations and areas where you can locate your services and distribution centers.

You can chalk out the current positions of the customers and watch out if your distribution center is far away from their locations. You can figure out and set your distribution center in the densely populated areas.

  • Evaluate third-party data :

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 16 at 13.01.34 - 7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

You can create multiple sets of business data from your customers and prospects and send them to the sales representatives.

They can further use the heatmaps to evaluate the customer data and make further decisions to engage customers. With heatmaps, you can analyze the third-party data and also run effective marketing campaigns.

For example – You can use the regional heatmaps for looking into the demographic data of the customers and view where your targeted audience lies. That’s how your marketing teams can allocate the budget and resources in executing the marketing campaigns.

  • Map out areas for franchise expansion:

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 16 at 13.02.59 - 7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

If you are looking forward to expanding your business through franchising. You can map out your franchise locations by downloading the data from CRM.

You can locate your franchisee by using the radius analysis method to spot customers within the 50 -mile radius of their current locations. Also, you can spot out the areas where you cannot serve out your market efficiently.

  • Spot out the customer trends:

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 16 at 13.04.02 - 7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Heatmaps

Use the heatmaps to see the customer satisfaction ratings. Regional heatmaps help you spot out the territories where your brand is doing well, and customer satisfaction rates are higher or lower.

The red areas show lower customer satisfaction rates, and the green areas show higher…

customer satisfaction rates.

  • Understand the time- based trends

Apart from the trends, you can view the changing trends over a period using a visual representation. You can see how your sales are improving and declining over some time. You can further enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Know about your competitors

The best way to grow your business is to go ahead of your competitors. Use the heatmap analytics to gain an advantage over your competitors. View the competitor sales volumes, their locations, and competitor service areas.

By reading this blog, you must have learned a new insight about the heatmaps where you can take heatmaps as your foundation and combat with the on-going marketing trends.

Heatmaps are not limited to websites only. They can help you in marking a remarkable success in your business by taking leaps and bounds.

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