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How to Use CTAs Effectively to Increase Your Sales

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Ever heard of CTA’s? Want to know more about them? Well, read below to know more! Actually, that sentence you just read is an example of a CTA, which stands for Call to Action. It’s a marketing method that convinces the consumer to do something right away that will benefit the publicist in question.

You have most certainly seen it before, whether through a pop-up ad on the Internet or through a TV commercial.

It gets the attention of the viewer, even if just for a mere second. I mean, this ad is literally telling you what to do! It is talking to you, the viewer, directly.

It’s not really specified when this marketing strategy started. Back when advertising was mostly done by very extensive essays on the press in the XIX century, this method was already at large. A large page of writings about the product would lead to a giant text saying “Buy this product!”. It was effective, just as it is nowadays.

Of course, it was not only used by private companies that wanted their product to be sold. The US army also used this method during World War II to recruit citizens: the famous “I want you in the army” slogan, with Uncle Sam pointing directly to a viewer. That is also CTA. If you want a contemporary example, then take the “stay at home” slogan that many governments use during the Covid-19 outbreak to appeal to their citizens to avoid socializing or to participate in big crowds.

Basically, CTA’s are everywhere. They’re effective! Having that in mind, let’s learn why they are so important, how to use them in your favor, maximizing their qualities, and taking advantage of them, so your content gets viewed by more people.

Why Are CTAs so Important?

• CTAs Enhance Your Sales Funnel

CTAs and sales funnels are interdependent. The CTAs are transitions between the phases of the customer journey. They instruct the visitor on what to do next, pushing them to take action.

• Customers Want and Need Them

Many people rely on the CTA to take action. They’ve read your ad copy, are keen on engaging with your brand, and look for the CTA button to know what to do next. Omitting the CTA can confuse readers and hinder your chances of converting. 

• They Propel the Success of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about generating interest about your product or service, catching the attention of consumers, and prompting them to take action. The CTA is the missing puzzle piece that emphasizes the strength of the ad copy.

Without it, your copy messaging won’t be effective.

How to Use the CTA Method

Well, ok. We’ve realized CTA’s are a good method. I just write some imperative phrases and I’m good to go, right? Well, calm your horses, it’s not that easy. You must choose your words carefully. You don’t want to look too aggressive or too soft. You want a killer sentence that will make people actually want to do whatever it says. If you want people to access your website, you don’t say “Click. Now.” or “Please, click!”. You want to go straight to the point. “We have the website that will change your life! Click here to know more!” will awaken some curiosity to the viewer and the chances that they click on the ad will rise. Imagery also helps. Put some nice pictures of the product that you want to sell: people will, then, have an idea of what they’re being told to buy, and they don’t do it blindly. Basically, use an imperative word, but in a way that the viewer will get some enthusiasm and curiosity, feeded by a good reason to do so. Let creativity get the best of you!

Also, you don’t need to be too formal, unless you’re part of a funerary company or something similarly serious. Try using some goofy language. “Does your smartphone have some odd issue? Snap!... Well, we can fix it for you! Click here to get more info!”.

Using urban culture might help as well, in case your demography is a younger one. Use memes in your favor. Nevertheless, you just need them to feel like it is urgent that they do whatever you tell them to do, one way or another.

You’re Not the Only One

You must also keep in mind that you are not the only one using the Call to Action method. Oh, not even close. You will be competing against various other companies that will use this very same method and it is urgent that you try to make yours the most appealing one. If your CTA is not the one that catches someone’s eye first, you’re done.

The person in question will be clicking another one and will not even consider clicking yours because, well, your competitor was so appealing that the consumer didn’t even check the other ads. Game over. Better luck next time.

That is why imagery is so important - what people see first isn’t exactly the letters, even though that is also very crucial for the CTA to have effect. Try to use flashy showy colors, like neon pink or green (restaurants and hotels don’t use those neon boards just because. Neon can be very flashy at night), but most importantly: try to keep yourself as updated as you can about your competitor’s ads.

That way, you will now be informed about the methods they are using to make their CTA ad more effective and you might even learn a thing or two that you can use in the future. Outsmart them. Be the ad that people see first.


Coco-Cola masters the art of CTANow, when it comes to TV commercials, you might want the CTA to be the last drop that makes the consumer want to know more about your product.

This is, the CTA must be at the end of the commercial, after the usual narrative that it usually has. When it comes to audiovisuals too, the text and the imagery are not the only factors to have in consideration. You must be pleasant to the consumers’ ears as well. Use a jingle, for example.
One that gets stuck in your head. Take Coca-Cola, for example - the jingle works just fine. After a pleasant commercial in general, a “buy now!” or “visit our site to know more” will be the cherry on the top of the cake.

In Real Life

Lastly, I want to talk about the CTA in real life. Imagine you own a restaurant, surely you want people to visit it. You want people to look at a couple restaurants and think “yeah, this is where I am eating”. Better yet, you can make people not even look at the other places and go straight to your flashy restaurant.

CTA’s are crucial here. Having a sentence like “We have the best pizzas in town! Don’t believe us? Try them yourself!” in a speech bubble of a Natura-like mascot is pretty flashy, for example. Even better if the speech bubble is neon, as it will stand out at night. Flashy enough for people to stop, read it and perhaps get into your restaurant to eat those self-proclaimed best pizzas in town. Don’t trust us? Try it yourself! See what I did there?

Master the Art of CTAs and Increase Conversions

Strategic calls-to-action allow you to guide your potential clients through their customers' journey and directly impact your conversion rates. A really effective call-to-action will do wonders at drawing visitors’ attention, stimulating their interest and guiding them during the signup process.

The human mind is so used to how the online world works that your visitors expect to see a CTA in a prominent position on your website or a landing page. However, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to follow your instruction and convert.

Creating effective CTAs is an art in itself. No worries, it can be mastered if you follow the techniques we have just shown you. 

Given all of this, you have the recipe to make amazing CTAs that will make people want to click your ad, sign up on your newsletter and even buy your products. If correctly used, this tactic is a great marketing tool for you to succeed. Ready to make the best CTA around your competitors? Go for it!

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