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11 Social Media Ideas that Startups Must Follow in 2022

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Social media is a weapon of mass marketing. Brands like Nike, GoPro, Starbucks, have been dominating the social media space and encashing on the social media addiction of humans.

Leading marketing aficionados agree that social media is a powerful tool that every brand must utilize to rule the digital world.

But all these super successful bands have such unique social media feeds. How do you come up with such amazing social media ideas? If the same question has been bugging you, we have got it covered for you.

In this write-up, we have mentioned some simple yet interesting social media ideas to keep your brand’s feed fresh.

11 Social Media Ideas that Startups Must Follow in 2022

1. Channelize the Power Of Micro-Influencers

Reaching out to industry influencers is an effective way to promote your products among a target audience.

Notwithstanding, most influencers with a blue tick charge a strong sum for a solitary Instagram post or tweet. New businesses don’t have such a sum held for their advertising effort. This is the place where miniature influencers can act the hero.

These are individuals who have an after somewhere in the range of 10k and 100k.

Be that as it may, thereafter is substantially more faithful. Their change rate is a lot higher as they have a more noteworthy commitment with their after. These miniature influencers interface with their fans on a substantially more close to home level.

Out of so numerous social media thoughts, another incredible one is to get the miniature influencers to utilize your products and advance them before their fans. You can generally share their posts utilizing your item on your page to give a new look to your image page and fill it with genuine individuals utilizing your item.

2. Personalize the Feed With Selfies or Videos

While most brands like to keep their social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter professional, it is a great way to add a personal touch to personally connect with your fans on a personal level. In addition to having product images or ad copies and other things, you can add your pictures of videos.

Try not to go hard and fast and put your own life in plain view on your business social media page.

One in each 10-15 posts is fine for social media. Regardless of whether you are making recordings, ensure your recordings don’t go over the edge. They ought to be even with your business profile yet give a much-needed refresher to your business’s social media presence.

3. Generate Curiosity With BTS Video Stories

With 92% of the marketers rooting for videos in their marketing strategy, it is important to have some kind of video on your page. BTS videos or Behind The Scene videos are a great way to keep your followers engaged and curious about your next campaign.

Regardless of whether you are going for a forthcoming ad, anticipating your next video, pressing products, work-in-progress, or essentially a BTS of individuals working in your office, such recordings consistently create interest.

Give them a sneak look into the inventive interaction, the set-up, and individuals to make them return for additional updates.

4. Regram, Retweet, And Share What Inspires You

Your brand’s social media page might become too overwhelmed with your product images and video. Give your audience some breathing space by posting content created by others once in a while. It would not just be something different for the followers but lessen your efforts too.

You should simply track down some great statements and offer them on your page.

Anything that motivates you, news about your industry, a significant post, or whatever else can be reshared on your social media. Not simply that, you can likewise discover individuals who have labeled you on social media and offer their posts on your feed.

You don’t need to be all top to bottom with every one of your posts. It very well may be anything light, engaging, or intuitive.

Try not to avoid programming (reinventing), retweeting, repinning, or resharing other’s substance. Furthermore, ensure you have given due credit to the first maker. By taking the “re” turn — breaks the progression of your posts and gives you an ideal opportunity to make something more imaginative.

Likewise, it’s an incredible method to show your supporters that you are a piece of a discussion, and labeling you would get them highlighted on your page.

5. Make Use Of Reels & Short Stories

We all know that video content will reign in the coming years. And social media platforms are not shying away from encashing on this user behavior. Instagram and Facebook have come up with a short video concept in the form of reels and short stories respectively.

The human capacity to focus needs a little energy. Individuals are not, at this point keen on going through minutes on a solitary video. Such short video substance can be incredible for grabbing their eye.

You can utilize these reels or short stories to exhibit more about your item or administrations. These can likewise be utilized for showing the tributes of your customers. There are a few channels, stickers, sounds, and different things. There are various difficulties too on social media. You can generally utilize the moving ones of every inventive method to acquire ubiquity for your brand.

6. Co-Marketing Goes a Long Way

A great way to amp up your business’s social media profile is by teaming up with another popular brand. Different brands around you are also looking to add versatility to their social media page. Co-marketing saves your efforts and helps you reach out to a newer audience base.

For instance, a wellness brand can team up with a style fashioner to dispatch its own line of wellness wear.

Along these lines, you can have your name advanced on their social media and the other way around.

You can generally crew up with another brand that objectives a similar specialty. Thusly, you’ll have the option to contact their crowd with matched-up endeavors.

7. Tag-A-Friend Always Enhances Visibility

People love sharing pictures with their friends and tagging them on awesome posts. An amazing post idea is to get more engagement with ‘tag-a-friend’ posts. These posts could be all about some habits of people, memes, quotes, incidents, places, gifting options, or anything based on the industry you are in.

You should simply request that individuals ‘tag-a-companion’ who rings a bell first on seeing the post.

Such posts kick discussions off in the remarks and can support your social media commitment. They acquire substantially more permeability and your brand effectively contacts more individuals that may become faithful adherents truly fast. Make presents that propel on be shared and guarantee
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8. Get Your Followers to Generate Content

Zomato, a main food conveyance application in India, as of late declared a mission. It requested that its adherents make video promotions for the brand and the best advertisement would win Rs 25 lakhs.

This activity got the brand a tremendous expansion in after and gave it an entirely different feed to grandstand the adherents. Individuals cherished the recordings it continued sharing from the makers and it gave the feed a new look.

As a startup, you need not declare a major scale crusade. You can just part for certain gifts, a month-to-month enrollment, or comparative things to your adherents to make content. Urge your supporters to produce content for you and exhibit that on your feed.

This would not simply make another search for your feed yet additionally help assemble believe that individuals are really utilizing your item.

9. Data-Rich Posts Get Maximum Shares

Have you recently conducted a survey or research? Do you have some numbers that can help others in the industry? Go ahead and create some interesting infographics or simple pictures with some interesting findings. These are sure to get a lot of shares among the industry peeps.

There are numerous devices in the market like Canva that can help you go creative with the post.

Try to utilize your brand tones to customize the image. Take motivation from Hubspot’s Instagram page. They’ve splendidly utilized their brand tones in making data-rich pictures. Industry peeps love sharing them and get a great deal of commitment on the web.

You can even have significant numbers from your websites or comparative stuff and convert them into pictures to share on your social media pages.

10. Previews and Teasers are Great for Curiosity

Before launching any product, creating excitement for the same is imperative.

This can be a great way to break the monotony of your social media feed and ignite excitement. Whatever new you are planning to announce, share a glimpse of it on your social media. It could be a simple BTS video, launch teaser, event preparation, or anything.

With the new feature of short videos like Reels, Short Videos, and Fleet, it is easier to create a video on the spot and share it with your followers. Create a buzz with it. Create FOMO or countdown for any new event, sale, launch, etc., to get maximum presence. Posts like launching soon, stay tuned, half pictures, etc., also look great when used smartly on social media to generate curiosity.

11. Maintain Consistency Around Brand Image

While it is great to experiment with your social media feed, a little bit of consistency would be great to create a lasting impression. Whether you use the brand colors, logos, fonts, images, or anything else, make sure that it has some element to reflect your brand.

Your brand voice should be steady. Numerous supporters may perceive your brand through visual methods just – by how your posts look, your style, and so forth Try to hold such visual components to guarantee these devotees can tell your brand out.

Other Social Media Strategies for Startups

While those are some awesome social media ideas for your feed, other social media strategies can help strengthen your brand image. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, or some other stage, here are some straightforward and cool social media methodologies for new businesses.

  • Host Free Giveaways

Just the mention of the word ‘FREE’ grasps instant attention. And as a startup, you need not offer something extravagant in such giveaways.

You can keep it a little, even a markdown coupon, preliminary enrollment, demo, or something comparable. Report it on social media and get more labels, notices, and likes through such giveaways.

  • Live Stream Your Events

Video content is going to grow exponentially in 2022 and live videos will be a large part of it. The Covid times have made live recordings much more mainstream. Pretty much every industry is rotating its method of associating with its clients and live recordings are perhaps the best methods.

You can likewise cause your devotees to take an interest in your occasions or basically have meetings with them discussing your brand responding to their inquiries, and so forth

  • AMAs Are Great For Engagement

A new trend that set out on social media was about AMA or Ask Me Anything. Whether we take Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media, many brands and celebrities are hosting such sessions to increase their engagement. This way you can engage with them and answer their questions about your brand.

  • Takeovers Are Effortlessly Raging

Something else that a considerable lot of the social media pages are doing as of now is takeovers. That is, you give your social media page to be taken care of by another person. They carry a new viewpoint to your brand and give it another look to your feed.

This takeover could be for a day or seven days. What’s more, the most awesome aspect is, you need to invest zero exertion. The individual taking over would deal with your social media feed for the time-frame.

  • Ask For Followers’ Opinions With Polls

People love it when their opinions are valued. Get polls before starting with a new product. You can have polls for different things and get to know their interests, likes, dislikes, and much more. This would help you get a closer insight into what’s going on in your followers’ mind about your brand,

  • Organize Highlights For Professional Look

Another cool method to make your social media brand page look much more expert is to coordinate the whole page. Try not to make it look jumbled and unkempt. A fast method to do the equivalent is by getting sorted out the features that are available on your profile.

  • Ephemeral Content Never Dies

As ironic as it is, ephemeral content has been increasing in popularity since Snapchat came up with the idea.

And this concept of short-lived, disappearing content is going to be here for a long time. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, all have the concept of disappearing content. Make use of this amazing social media idea to infuse the fear of missing out on your audience.

On An Ending Note

Social media is a double-edged sword. It can help build massive loyalty for your brand in a short time. But at the same time, a small error in messaging can instantly hurt their sentiments, leading to PR nightmares.

Follow the 80:20 rule on social media to keep churning out new content without putting too much on the shoulders of the content creators.

It is important that your brand’s feed remains versatile yet consistent to offer new content but remind them that it’s your brand in the end.

Make sure that you are regular with posting. Plan and have a social media calendar in place. Make sure your feed never dies and is consistently offering some content to keep your brand alive in their memory.

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