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10 New-Age On-Demand Business Ideas to Consider

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For long as we have internet and an app to book a service, on-demand businesses will continue to prevail successfully in the market and help mankind.

Entrepreneurs who can build an on-demand business ideas sustaining to the market demands can think of these contemporary and promising startup ideas to begin their entrepreneurial journey. 

Here are 10 New-Age On-Demand Business Ideas

On-demand errands service

Some days we wish we had someone to run for errands when you are busy dealing with a burden of office works or taking care of the crying baby. What if there was an on-demand service to book someone for running an errand?

This would benefit old age member who lives alone, someone who need help when they are working late at the office or you are stuck with children. 

If a person needs something, they can post them on the platform with the amount they are willing to pay. Other interested people would connect to the posted person and can do the chores they asked to. 

The platform can earn a small commission out of this and can connect more similarly interested users. 

On-demand beautician / Hairstyler

Finding a good hairstylist or a beautician immediately is not possible. We have to pre-book their appointment or to wait for some time to get their service. Some people are willing to wait for their service. 

But some people are in a rush. And we wish we can book someone on-demand. 

The platform can provide all the services including hairstyling, haircut, manicure, pedicure, etc. The platform also helps old age people to stay at home and get their hair done. 

On-demand tutor service

Finding the teacher/tutor who would teach to our level of understanding is a fortunate moment.

Not everybody finds the right teacher. 

The on-demand tutor service can help students in finding their tutor at a convenient time. 

This also opens the door for individuals who have love towards teaching their favorite subjects. 

On-demand medicine supplies

Similar to food delivery service, there is an underutilized business idea that is getting your needed medicines delivered to your doorstep.

The user can store their scanned prescriptions and order it from the medicine stores. The platform delivers to you on-demand at your doorstep. 

On-demand designer/animator

We think you would have noticed there are freelancing websites like UpWork, Freelancer. 

But, you can create a platform exclusively for designers and animators to exhibit their artwork. You can also include painters, illustrators, book cover designers, logo designers, and other artists on your platform umbrella. 

Designers and painters usually have difficulty in coming to the limelight to a large audience. Building a platform where your work gets recognized and as well as earn your income would be much appreciated. 

On-demand education apps

In this 21st century, we can learn any skills or subjects from video tutorials and learning platforms. Thanks to the internet, it has made it simpler. From building a robot to cooking, we can learn anything through video tutorials and courses. 

Creating an on-demand platform providing educational or learning courses from the beginner to the expert level is one of the promising business models. 

There are many platforms like Coursera, Edx, Skillshare, and Udemy. These platforms are willing to feature experts in a particular field to give practical lessons. The content quality is usually expected by the customers.  

On-demand mechanic service

You are driving to work and suddenly your car stopped in the middle of the road. We panic and push our car at the side of the road to get some help. We call the mechanic we usually goto but he won’t be available at that hour. 

To abate these common day-to-day problems, an on-demand mechanic service app can help anybody to book a mechanic near their location. You can book any service from the app such as car-washing, greasing, changing oil, maintenance, engine checkup, etc. 

On-demand book lending

An app exclusively for bookworms. Everybody at some point read fiction stories or non-fiction books to pass time or learn something. 

You can build an app where people can lend books to people who need it. For each book, the book owner can charge a price. 

On-demand dress for rental

Sometimes you need a gorgeous dress or a suit to attend a wedding or going to a meeting. We know sometimes we are in a hurry to buy a new dress or it is too expensive for our budget. 

Instead of buying it, we can rent for a day or two to appear on any special occasion. But, the rental price should be considerably lower than the retail price. That’s how you can increase customers to your platform. 

On-demand electronic equipment

If you observe, our day to day jobs is dependent upon an electronic device. Be it cooking, office works, entertainment, gardening tools, laundry, mechanic tools, etc. 

We don’t have all the tools at our home but we still need them at times. For instance, we don’t necessarily need a calculator in our day to day lives to find the expenses. But sometimes, we need when we are calculating our taxes, or doing any insurance amount. As these involve calculation done in big figures, the calculator is easy for a fast and precise amount estimation.  

An on-demand platform for renting consumer electronics would be beneficial for the common people. You can include items such as game consoles, pc, MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, etc. 


Similar to this list, you can brainstorm more business ideas with your friends and unveil some creative output. To come up with practical business models, we just need to observe our surroundings and make a simple analysis of it. 

After that, do some research on business scope, profits, business stability, competitors, and how customers will welcome your business.

Start small by implementing with a small group and slowly scale to a large audience. 

You can build your platform by using a pre-built on-demand platform also known as the Uber clone script. This makes it easy to launch your platform fastly into the market. 

Hope this blog is informative and helpful. 

Thank you!
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