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What is Link Building and How to Start Link Building?

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To the average outsider, link building seems intimidatingly complex. Your job will be to place links to your website with subtlety and brand visibility, while also working with prominent publishers and avoiding Google penalties.

If you work with an agency, it will cost you thousands per month.

If you have never tried link building before, it is worth trying.

Link building can be complicated but it is also possible, even if this strategy has never been tried before.

What is Link Building?

Let’s begin by defining what link building is. It’s a method of building links in a digital world. If you have the right approach, it is possible to place links with other publishers or websites that point back to your site.

SEO and DA building

The link serves a primary purpose. It creates more roads that people can use in order to find your website. It’s important for search engine optimization (SEO). Your domain authority (DA) will rise if you have more links and are connected to more authoritative sources. This will eventually help you rank higher in search results and earn you more traffic.

Link Building is a great way to start a new business

Links are especially powerful for new and emerging businesses since they don’t have much authority or much of a web presence to work with initially. This is also a great tool because it’s affordable and easily accessible.

Link building can be approached in many ways. Many people try to build as many links naturally as possible by creating engaging content on the site and hoping people link to it.

It’s more reliable to build links manually, as long as they are appropriate and Google-friendly. We’ll get to that in a moment.

The Benefits of Link Building

There’s no question that link building is valuable, at least when done right. But where is that value? This strategy is so successful because of its effectiveness.

Traffic: A link to your website placed in the right article with the right publisher could send thousands of people to your site each month. The link is permanent and can continue to send recurring traffic to your website for many months or years.

Search rankings: Link building is a common tactic for SEO research. Although link building is not the only component of an SEO strategy, it is one of the most crucial. It can be combined with onsite content optimization and coding optimization to help you rank higher in the SERPs and ultimately get more organic traffic.

Authority building and visibility: Link building can be extremely valuable for visibility and building subjective authority and reputation. Your entire company can benefit from mentioning your brand in articles or connecting with the right authors and publishers.

Black Hat Link Building and Potential Penalties

It’s not always easy to build links. Google will punish websites that violate its users’ experience. Google will penalize you if it believes you are spamming backlinks or overtly promoting your site, or trying to alter its ranking algorithm.

Black hat tactics are link-building strategies that are only designed to manipulate search ranking and have little or no value for average users. These tactics are also considered unethical.

But don’t worry. There are many ways to properly build links – as long as your user experience is improving, there will be no problem. You can write quality content for external publishers and link to your own content as a trusted source. This is the most simple tactic.

Prerequisites to Link Building

There are several things you need to do before you begin link building.

Take, for example:

An established website. Your website must be functional, mobile-friendly, safe, and easy to navigate if you want to reap the maximum value from your links.

Good onsite content. You will need a collection of high-quality written content for your website. This will help you establish your website’s domain authority and serve as valuable fodder for your links. Your links will be stronger if your onsite content is strong.

Social media profiles. Twitter is the best place for you to promote your offsite and onsite content. It is a great way for authors to network and to reach out to other publishers.

Author profiles. Your business may have an awesome brand built for it, but it’s not always ideal to write as the business. You may prefer to write content as individuals, with author profiles that you can build over time.

What makes a link effective?

What makes a link work?

You should consider the following:

  • Domain authority. The higher the DA of the publisher, the more valuable the link is going to be.
  • Value to the reader. If the link is valuable to the reader in some way, like giving them additional background information, that’s helpful.
  • Content and placement. A link should be relevant to the piece and one of many links to different sources. It should not stand out in a strange way.
  • Use appropriate anchor text. You can optimize the anchor text for your targeted keywords and phrases but not so much that it makes the link appear unnatural. It should be consistent with your other content.

Long-term, you’ll also need to consider:

  • Publisher diversity. It is helpful to work with as many publishers possible.
  • Link diversity. Don’t link to the same pages repeatedly. Instead, try linking to different pages on your website.
  • The frequency and volume of your links. This could lead to a fine.

Starting With Your First Links

It is impossible to climb to the top of the mountain. Top of the SERPs Overnight. Some businesses spend months or even years building their brands in order to rank higher. SEO is a long-term strategy and requires patience.

The journey starts with one step. To build your first link(s), you should work with an accessible, low-stakes publisher. Reach out to editors with content ideas that their readers will love by looking for small publishers or local publishers within your niche.

If the publisher likes your pitch, you should take it seriously. Make sure you write the best article possible, place your link in a manner that is beneficial to users, and follow any edits or suggestions you are given.

Building Your Influence

Next, you’ll need to start networking and building your influence. You’ll find more writing opportunities and increase your readership as you get featured in more publications. You will find it easier to be featured in new publications and increase your visibility.

Keep in touch with your existing publisher relationships while you are at it – there may be new publishing opportunities.

Working with an Agency

Though link building is approachable and understandable even for amateurs, it can also be prohibitive in terms of time and monetary costs.

Link building is a complex task, especially if there aren’t any established relationships with publishers and a team of writers. It may be in your best interests to partner with a link-building agency.

This is a group of professionals who know their stuff and can help you achieve the best results. So make sure to contact the Link Gathering agency as they are extremely good at what they do.


Link building can transform your business, no matter what. Now is the best time to start using it to help your SEO strategy and attract more traffic to your site.

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