21.02.2022 14:30

Top Tips for Taking Your Catering Business Mobile

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Catering might have suffered a few notable setbacks as an industry in recent years thanks to the pandemic but one thing it has been able to do (quite profoundly) is to adapt to this new normal. With so many eat-in establishments becoming economically untenable, more and more caterers are taking their business on the road and making them mobile.

Why Take Your Catering Business Mobile?

Having a mobile catering business allows you to travel with your business and serve customers in different places across the country, taking the business to where the customers are rather than waiting for them to come to you. A mobile caterer can set up shop anywhere from a music festival to a football match and anywhere in-between. The only limit is your transportation.

How to Take Your Catering Business Mobile

There are five steps to successfully turning your catering business into a mobile catering operation.

1. Get a Van – You will need a converted van or truck that you can use to prepare food in or at very least keep it clean and cool. You can either buy a regular van or truck and pay to convert it yourself or buy a pre-converted one. It will generally be cheaper in the long run to do the conversion work yourself and that way you’ll be able to kit it out to your exact specifications too.

2. Equipment – You will need all of the necessary equipment to prepare and serve food from your mobile unit safely and healthily. This includes generators to power the equipment, cookers on board, payment machines and a decent washing/cleaning surface.

3. Registering – You will need to register your business as a mobile catering business, as this comes under different regulations to normal food businesses. Neglecting to do this could cost you a small fortune and even lead to your license being revoked.

4. Finding Locations and Getting Permits – You will need to keep an eye on different locations where there will be eager customers waiting for your tasty treats. This could be outdoor events, festivals or even just busy outdoor spaces. You will need to contact the event planner/owner/authorities to receive a permit to park and serve food there and be prepared to pay a charge for operating in most places. But it is bound to be significantly more affordable than rent.

5. Marketing – Marketing your mobile catering business is a key aspect of your strategy. Let people know where you will be going next and where they can find you on social media and promote your various social media accounts on your van or truck so customers can learn more about you and find you again. And remember to keep content regular and interesting. You’ve got a lot of competition to think about, after all!

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