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Top 10 Ways for Building a Standout Team for Your Small Business

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Any business can benefit from a great team. Great teams don’t happen by chance. To make new employees productive and passionate brand ambassadors, it takes planning and systems. These tips are from the members of the online community for small businesses.

Performance Boosting with Intra-Team Coaching

Coaching can be a powerful tool to increase your entrepreneurial performance. It can also help you and your team be more productive. You don’t have to go far to find useful insights. Rachel Strella discusses intra-team coaching in this Strella Social Media article.

Learn how to plan parties for introverted coworkers

Each employee is unique. Some employees may be shy or introverted. They may not appreciate loud recognition or the same activities as people who are more outgoing. Claire Ward shares tips to help introverted team members plan parties.

To improve productivity, motivate your employees

Entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to grow their businesses. Your team may not have the same stake as you in your company’s success. If you want them to give their best effort, you must keep them motivated. Ivan Widjaya shares five tips in this Biz Epic article.

Encourage personal cell phone use

Mobile phones can be powerful business tools. Most likely, everyone on your team has one. Some employers provide them for company use. Recent data shows that personal phones can be used for business purposes, which may prove to be a benefit to both employees and businesses. Read more by Deborah Anderson in this GrowMap article.

Learn Spanish on YouTube

Many offices today are bilingual. You will likely work with international clients someday. It may prove beneficial to learn Spanish, even if you only have the basics of YouTube. View examples in Beth Worthy’s GMR Transcription post. You can also visit BizSugar for comments by community members.

A thorough training program will help your team succeed

Every business with employees needs some type of training. A set system is more essential for franchises that have multiple locations and managers. Joel Libava shares thoughts about this key to success in the Franchise Direct post.

Maintain a positive attitude in your team

It’s more than just training and maintaining productivity. Happy employees are more likely to be productive and work harder to achieve your company’s goals. Martin Zwilling has posted Startup Professionals Musings and includes tips to maintain a positive team attitude.

System for welcoming new team members

You can increase your team’s capabilities and help grow your business. Onboarding can be a time-consuming process. There are many ways to welcome new employees, and how to organize the process. This InvoiceBerry article by Daniel Wilson has more information.

Select a top payment processor

It is crucial to pay your employees on time and in a reliable manner. You need a reliable payment processor. In this Small Biz Tipster article, Lisa Sicard lists 15 options. Members of the BizSugar community also shared their thoughts.

Create actionable standard operating procedures

Your team will have a set of standard operating procedures that provide a framework for how they can perform various tasks. This allows them to understand what is expected. It also helps you scale your business without having to be involved. This MYOB post is by Bryan Christensen.

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