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Top 10 Technological Tools simplifies HR’s Functions

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As we know, the technological revolution changes each operation of the company. It completely eliminates the paperwork from the working place and allows the employees and employers to perform their job smartly.

Have to ever think about the old manual working scenario of the corporate world? Might be no!, because you and I, we both are habituated with the technological tools. But I suggest you do your work without any mechanical gadgets, at least for a day.

You might have said no, a Big No! You are right at your place, and now we can not do our routine work manually or on paper because we all are dependent upon technology.

The human resource department is the breathing system of the company. What if we eliminate automated tools from the HR section? Yes! It hurts the profitability of the business.

The HR manager hires the workforce and maintains them within the working premises. Advanced technology allows them to perform their job accurately as they want. Thus, we can say that technological enhancement simplifies the work of the human resource department.

Top 10 Technological Tools simplifies HR’s Functions

Let us take a hasty look at the technical tools that simplify the main functions of the human resource department.

HR Tools Migrate To Cloud

I personally like this cloud-based technology. Let us take an example of employee attendance management. Earlier, the HR manager tracks their present and absent data through a manual sheet or excel sheets, which is time and cost-consuming and even not that accurate.

But the automated attendance management methods, i.e., time-card, geo-fencing, geo-tracking, etc., automatically save the data of employee’s attendance in an integrated HR database or cloud, which is safe until the concerned authority deletes the file from the central computer.

Employee Self-service Tool

Earlier, the employees need to inform the superior if they want to take leave or anything, and the employer keeps that data manually.

But that is not an accurate method to keep the data. Nowadays, the automated onboarding application allows the employees to apply for leave or overtime from a single software, which tracks the real-time data automatically.

Blockchain Integration

Implementing technological enhancement in the rigid workplace was the most prominent challenge faced by the human resource department because employees were habituated with the older traditional working method.

Their insecurities were with the security of confidential documents. But the blockchain integration or we can say technological revolution, guaranteed the safety of the data.

Following are the main aspects of blockchain integration:

  1. Blockchain is a standardized aspect that secures all the confidential data of the company in the cloud until the concerned authority deletes it from the computer. Even if anyone wants to delete it, they can’t because the advanced tools ask for the fingerprint, face recognition, or any passwords.
  2. Secondly, technological advancement is trustworthy. An employer can easily trust the automated tools because that is accurate and do not consist of any errors. They just need to give a command, and it works automatically without any interruption.

People Analytics Tool

What if the human resource manager hires a qualified workforce for the vacant place and still they didn’t get the performance or result they want. It might be the fault of employees or the working culture that does not suit them. In this situation, automated employee performance analytics is the only option that helps HR managers to improve the productivity of the employees.

Real-time Performance Management

Again real-time performance management or employee time tracking is essential to increase the productivity of the employees.

If the manager controls the workforce in the working premises with the traditional method, then they might feel uncomfortable while doing their job. But with the help of technological tools, they can check what they are doing on their computer during working hours, and they can capture their moment to calculate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the salary calculation process.

Biometric Time Tracking

As we discussed above, the automated attendance machine keeps the real-time information of employees’ attendance.

Especially the biometric time tracking device captures the fingerprint or face of the employees for taking their real-time punch-in and punch-out for the payroll process.

It tracks employees working hours and keeps it in an integrated HR database used by the human resource department.

Connected Departments In The Workplace

The automated technology connects each department of an organization to synchronize the work. For example, if any employee needs to claim the travel expenses, then they firstly apply for the same through the software, the human resource department approves his/her application and forwards that into the accounting and finance department.

Here communication and collaboration between both the departments are essential. The technological enhancement allows them to perform their job smoothly, and it eliminates human errors in each operation.

The Reporting Tools

The older manual reporting tools were time-consuming; one was that the employer needed to collect the data from each team member and compile the final submission file manually.

But the automated tools like Microsoft tools or Slack allow the workforce to send the document to the employer easily.

Even the online Google Docs allows more than one user to operate a single document at a time, which saves the time of both employees and employers.

These are how automated technology simply the work assigning and reporting tasks within the workplace.

AI In Workforce Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps the human resource department in the management of the employees. AI has the ability to think and act just like a human being and even better than humans.

It helps the HR admin with the recruitment of new staff to handle them within the working area automatically through attendance method, performance analysis, regularization, task completion, etc.

Digital Marketing Platforms

Marketing is the primary operation that helps to run the company without any hurdles.

The digitalized platforms allow the company to introduce its brand globally through different social media and awareness campaigns. It boosts the selling of products and profitability of an organization.


From the above discussion, we can state that the technological revolution changes the scenario of the business and its working pattern.

It simplifies the job of both the employees and the employers of an organization. The accurate technological tools improve the productivity of the employees and profitability of the business.

Thus, implementing such an automated mechanism is worthy for the growth of the individual as well as the firm.

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