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6 Ways Blockchain Will Improve Digital Marketing

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There has been an immense buzz around bitcoin. This has made blockchain technology a hot-trending topic over the years. The technology that powers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are known as the blockchain.

Besides digital currencies and the financial sector, this technology significantly impacts different industries. Government and insurance firms are some of the sectors using this technology. It helps them to improve service delivery efficiency. According to a digital marketing agency Milwaukee, this technology is gaining traction in the digital marketing sector. 

This article explains blockchain technology and how it will improve digital marketing. 

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is an innovative approach to data security. The blocks are a growing list of records or data connected via encryption. While the public databases that store data are chains. 

Blockchain technology can store information like:

  1. Confidential client data
  2. Financial transactions
  3. Medical data
  4. Contracts and supply information

How Will Blockchain Improve Digital Marketing?

Data is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing. It acts as the new currency in the marketing space. Since it helps with optimizing websites, increasing user experience (UX), and targeted advertising.

Businesses should leverage the security aspect of blockchain technology since it offers data transparency to prevent fraud and increase brand awareness. 

Digital marketing agencies should take advantage of these qualities. Because most customers will feel safe when engaging a firm with blockchain technology. 

Below are some of the ways blockchain technology will improve digital marketing.

1. Blockchain Technology Offers Transparency to the Consumer

Consumers value transparency. Therefore, this technology is ideal for accountability since clients will know who has access to their data and how they obtained it. 

Digital marketers should take advantage of blockchain technology since they’ll be sure they have accurate data. Therefore, making it easy to customize campaigns and increase the conversion rates.

Businesses and marketers should adopt because various sectors are already using the technology. 

It may appear new and complicated, but it offers limitless digital marketing opportunities. Making it worth the effort. 

2. Get Rid of Click Fake in Online Ads

If you are keen, you’ll notice that most clicks on your advertisements are not genuine. Click fraud is a common and serious issue in the digital marketing space.

Click fraud happens when a computer program or a human interacts with an ad as a genuine user. You’ll find that most website owners use this strategy for selfish gain as it increases their PPC.

The beauty about blockchain is it helps drop fake clicks and impressions on ads. 

AdChain is a recent initiative that seeks to solve this problem. It uses the adChain Registry. The technology uses smart contracts to authenticate any interaction with your content. 

The results from adChain research are positive. Since the technology can help increase accountability and reduce online digital fraud through their PPC management system.

3. Keywords Monitoring

Most marketers find keyword tracking is a major challenge. Search engine algorithms are not static. They keep changing, prompting marketers to update their strategies often.

Moreover, it is not easy to detect terms on multiple devices and distinguish between local, national, and global searches. Also, it’s challenging for an SEO company to grasp the organic SERP ranks. Currently, most digital marketers guess results when reporting.

Thanks to blockchain technology, all marketers will access the exact keyword statistics. And with this technology, they can offer better SEO services. 

Additionally, a blockchain-based tracker will ease work for marketers. The technology accounts for all the inconsistencies when reporting their efforts.

This technology helps one discover keyword placements across devices, everywhere in seconds. If this concept seems foreign to you, seek SEO services from a reputable digital marketing agency.

4. Help Digital Marketers Generate Better Leads

Most digital marketers gather data from various sources and create a customized campaign. The unfortunate bit about this is that the data is usually inaccurate. 

This technology simplifies data collection for marketers. Money is always enticing. And you will notice most people are willing to give access to their data when you offer them a reward.

Paid surveys are good examples of how companies collect data from their customers. So, if you're seeking new newsletter subscribers, you may opt to charge them a small amount each time they read an email.

Paying readers may seem expensive. But you should understand that any client willing to share their info is a strong lead. This strategy is beneficial as it helps businesses to tighten their sales funnel and generate quality traffic for nurturing.

5. Blockchain Helps to Cut Middlemen

Blockchain technology makes it difficult to change or copy any information. Consumers and businesses will be sure that their data is safe with the decentralized system.

Besides, decentralization is beneficial for PPC management as it eliminates the middlemen.  This technology acts as a major overhaul in social media marketing. 

Every time you log on Facebook or use Google search, these organizations collect your data and sell them to advertisers. And they make money for every advertisement displayed on their platforms. 

The good news about blockchain technology, your search data is secure as it’s a priority. When using blockchain ad services, one is sure that there are no middlemen. 

The technology establishes a direct link between digital marketers and consumers. Consumers have control over the kind of information they’d wish to share with advertisements. 

Blockchain technology is a win to consumers as it ensures privacy for their data. Moreover, consumers select the kind of information they’d wish to share hence gaining profit.

This technology is a win for both consumers and businesses. The consumer sells their data directly to advertisers, while the businesses get genuine and authentic leads.

7. Blockchain Empowers Digital Marketing Security

Online transactions contribute to major cybersecurity breaches, human errors, and data theft or loss. When you share information online, there’s always a great possibility for it to be misused. 

News about data leaks, data breaches, or exposure to financial information is not new in the mainstream and the new media. The main advantage of blockchain technology is improving data security as all transactions are verifiable.

Besides, this technology has partnered with a Google cloud hosting company to help secure data and infrastructure from possible external threats.

So, you need to ensure that your web design company does a great job when integrating the technology to ensure your customers’ data safety.


Besides blockchain being a payment processing for cryptocurrencies, you can apply it in different sectors. 

Digital marketers should take advantage of this technology to give clients more power and control over their data. 

Moreover, this technology adds an extra layer of security to develop confidence in organizations. This makes it easier for organizations to tap into authentic and valuable data with no fluff. You can search for a digital marketing agency near me if you need help with PPC marketing.
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