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Trends that will Change the HR Landscape in 2022

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The transformation it has enabled has impacted the way employees are working and interacting – with colleagues and the wider ecosystem. This behavioral change will be the focus for HR leaders as they begin to plan beyond the pandemic in the new normal.

The HR function has assumed significance in attracting and retaining talent, ensuring employee wellness and engagement, thereby acting as a driving force for organizations worldwide. Here are a few ways of how HR technology can transform the organization. As organizations are yet to resume the ‘work from office’ model, HR technology has become key to navigating in a virtual world.

To build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people
Julie Bevacqua 

The bygone 2020 ushered in a great avalanche of understanding when it came to understanding what mattered in terms of keeping employees motivated and productive. 2020 can be confidently deemed as the year of the “Great Human Resource Revolution”.

With traditional brick and mortar workspaces getting almost replaced with remote working, there has been a monumental shift in terms of managing resources, communicating company policies, and ensuring work-life balance. The year 2022 will be the one that will witness the implementation of learnings from the year 2020 in terms of HR strategy and implementation.

This year will also witness a great deal of dependence on productivity tools powered by AI and BIG DATA. So here is a ready reckoner of some of the key trends that will shape up the HR landscape in 2022. These are:

Trends that will Change the HR Landscape in 2022

Adopting Smart Collaborative Tools

With the remote work culture becoming the new normal, the role of the HR fraternity has come to recognize the increased need for facilitating collaborations and connections across the various verticals.

What seemed like a useless IT spend in terms of deploying a communication platform and collaboration team, has now become a soaring need. HR leaders across the globe are pushing the case towards investing in communication platforms that have a transformative approach towards entire communication and knowledge sharing. The year 2022 will witness phenomenal process optimization through multifarious tools and technologies.

Creating Employee Experience

The pandemic has been a great disruptor in terms of creating multiple roadblocks towards delivering a superior customer experience. Some businesses collapse while some survived and flourished owing to the tireless efforts of the employees to replace the traditional way of delivering product and service with an interesting and innovative way.

This has propelled the HR personnel across the globe to generate avenues for increased employee engagement through innovative strategies such as talent hunts, appreciation & felicitation programs to retain the best talent.

Focusing on Data Powered Strategies

The digital did usher in business continuity but with a lurking fear of data security. Data security and privacy have been the greatest influencer when it came to identifying the best possible software solutions. The game-changing feature that ruled the roost was data- data that gave insights into user activity, employee productivity, and core abilities.

Creating Opportunities for Employee Upskilling

Failing to learn and prepare for uncertain times is a sure shot recipe for disaster. This has been proved by time immemorial.

The pandemic too testified to this eternal truth. Enterprises that encouraged employee upskilling and created an environment for entrepreneurship won tremendously. One of the greatest key responsibility areas of HR personnel during 2020 was to identify skill gaps in employees and encourage the employees to take in-house devised training programs or formal academic education offered by deemed institutions.

By the same token, HR professionals are being encouraged by their respective organizations to take up executive programs offered by IIMs of the country. One such course is the Executive Programme in Human Resource Management (EPHRM) by IIM Calcutta delivered in collaboration with Hughes Education.

This course has been designed to prepare HR executives for greater and challenging roles in unprecedented times. One of the greatest USPs of the program lies in its course content designed taking best practices culled from across the globe and shared by dynamic mentors.

2022 will be a make-or-break year for HR

Now, HR is at the crossroad, and also at the forefront, instead of ensuring business continuity whilst keeping the smooth operation of operations, in addition to being closely involved in forcing the company together with their respective management teams. The function of HR now has really become sour.

Firms have realized their achievement is dependent upon the collective well-being of the workers; consequently, the attention on individuals’ well-being will last or grow further. Using its task across works well and really cut, 2022 could be the year of the HR.

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