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The Ultimate Checklist: 5 Qualities to Look For In A Trustworthy VPN

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Do you want a high-quality Virtual Private Network? There are many choices. It is not easy to choose the right one. We’ll show you how to identify the five characteristics of a reliable VPN service. Continue reading!


Safety first is a real catchphrase. VPN is a security system. Check the following to see how well VPN protects your online privacy:

  • The standard for encryption: The symmetric 128-bit AES algorithm is widely used and sufficient to make 256 bits unbreakable.
  • A kill switch is a preventative measure. It disables the network connection in case a VPN server goes down. This prevents you from being suddenly exposed.
  • Prevention of leakage – DNS or WebRTC technologies could spill information other than the VPN tunnel. This is prevented by a well-designed system.


The VPN is useless if it slows down the connection. There are many factors that affect the overall speed of your connection.

  • Server congestion. Server congestion is caused by more requests for a resource. This depends on when the resource is being requested and the pricing of the server.
  • Server capabilities are important for obvious reasons. This factor is out of your control, and in most cases is confidential.
  • It is a distance from the server. It hinders speed and latency (delay in responding from the server). It also affects the overall experience.
  • VPN apps are faster because they use optimized software code.
  • Your device’s capabilities. It must be able to handle the extra computational load VPN adds.

The speed of the VPN can vary without you changing anything. It is impossible to predict how fast a VPN will work for your needs. You can read detailed reviews and use online speed meters to get an idea of how fast a VPN will work for you.


Many people choose to use a VPN to increase their privacy. How does a VPN organize that, besides the safety measures?

  • There should be no sharing of data with third parties. Advertisers and others should not be allowed to share any data with third parties.
  • No log policy. It is important to immediately delete all information that could be used in order to track you.
  • There are no governmental demands. Some providers will even move their operations to countries that prohibit authorities from spying on people.

How can you verify this information? The provider’s privacy policies and terms of service. You should carefully read the terms of service and privacy policy if you are very sensitive about your privacy.

Many servers

Good VPN providers take pride in providing excellent customer service. It is essential that they allow customers to bypass geo-blocking. Access to restricted content in a particular region of the globe must be granted by the VPN server. This forces the supplier of VPN servers to have hundreds if not thousands of devices located all over the world.


A good VPN is not the most expensive. There are many cost-free VPNs available. They can display ads, and slow and congested Web links, and they may impair privacy rather than protect it. It’s not very appealing, is it? A compromise solution is available if you don’t have the budget to pay for VPN. You may be able to get a limited version of a premium service for free. tuxlerVPN is one example. There are many similar VPNs.

Good pricing is one that suits your needs. Private users should pay no more than is reasonable for their household. The speed of the servers and the number of them available will affect the amount you pay. Only pay what you need.

These were the key characteristics of a good VPN service. You can now choose one. Make wise choices and surf safely.

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