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The Benefits of SMS Marketing

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Over the past two decades, SMS marketing has become so dense in our lives that we don’t even pause to consider what life was like without it.

Despite that, marketers still don’t regard the platform as highly as email or social media marketing. What a mistake.

Here is what the future of SMS marketing

Fundamental channels for digital marketing.

While email has long been a fundamental channel for digital marketing campaigns. The hype around social media marketing is well deserved, if only for its powerful targeting and personalization capabilities.

SMS marketing, on the other hand, offers equally valuable yet unsung benefits for marketing communications.

If you’ve hesitated to adopt text messaging as a marketing channel, perhaps it’s the best time to reconsider.

Why It’s the Best Time to Adopt SMS Marketing

Although SMS is now considered as a powerful addition to an omnichannel strategy, it wasn’t always an attractive digital marketing platform. It was too expensive for marketers to take it seriously. Plus, it lacked any semblance of a playbook, which email already had.

Today’s digital landscape, however, has paved the way for text messaging to be a marketing platform that’s not just viable but actually worthwhile. In particular, these changes have driven its success as a medium for marketing:

Peak Mobile Penetration

The first SMS-ready mobile phone was introduced to the market in 1993. But, the rapid adoption of mobile phones came towards the late 90s as cellular networks became more stable and even allowed cross-network messaging.

By 2000, 12% of the world’s population had mobile phones, and that number has consistently increased since then.

Today, there are over five billion unique mobile subscribers worldwide. The stat means over 65% of people all over the world have a mobile device of some kind.

Although the number of smartphone users is increasing steadily, approximately 30% of mobile subscribers don’t have a smartphone with internet access. But, each one is capable of receiving text messages.

Development of Regulations

In the first days of SMS advertising, there were hardly any regulations to direct entrepreneurs in using it appropriately.

It was basically a free-for-all platform for virtually any company that could afford to use it.

Spam was widespread and branded text messages were considered a nuisance.

Data Privacy Regulations

Several regulations have been developed and broadly recognized throughout the world to promote not just respectful practices but also information privacy security.

These regulations have made people more receptive to getting promotional text messages. In reality, today, 75 percent of customers say that they do not mind getting texts from brands for as long as they select in.

Lower Costs

From the early 2000s, one SMS could cost anywhere from ten to twenty five cents, based upon the operator. For companies engaged in texting, the prices quickly piled up. However, as time passes, prices were pushed down by many aspects.

These days, there are countless advertising packages which make SMS a cheap platform. A number of them may even bring prices down to a single cent per cent.

Keywords and shortcodes require additional expenses.

Keywords are unique phrases your clients can use to interact with your organization while shortcodes are the amounts to which keywords are shipped. From the text”Send HELP to 66586,” HELP is your key word and 66586 is your shortcode.

Before, a company seeking to seriously take part in SMS advertising would want to create use of committed shortcodes, which allow for unlimited use of keywords.

Those can cost anywhere from fifteen to eight thousand dollars each year. These days, there are cellular marketing and advertising companies that discuss shortcodes across multiple companies via a key word rental model.

Each key word rental may cost anywhere from five to five twenty five bucks per month.

Software Advancements

These days, SMS gateway software permits you to do everything minus the expense of procuring hardware.

Advancements in advertising applications also have resulted in the broad approval of SMS as an advertising medium.

When there are SMS-specific programs for companies with limited demands, there’s also strong software which lets you manage entire marketing and advertising campaigns across multiple channels, using one stage.

Utilizing such programs, you can use SMS within a omnichannel strategy together with email, social networking, and search advertisements.

Omnichannel Adoption

In the last few decades, consumers have demonstrated a definite preference for omnichannel manufacturer communications.

Not only are buy rates higher for businesses that utilize three or more stations, but retention rates are also higher.

While companies available on just one station maintain roughly 33 percent of the clients, retention rates are as large as 89 percent for businesses using omnichannel engagement.

There is no denying that a sizable portion of the achievement of omnichannel campaigns would be that the suitable use of SMS advertising.

Not only are users more prepared to get text messages from companies, but people who elect into SMS together with different stations are far more likely to convert.

This accelerated adoption and positive approval of omnichannel advertising make the future of SMS more exciting.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

Advancements in the electronic advertising landscape have paved the way for SMS to be an important marketing and advertising platform. To manufacturers and entrepreneurs, these would be the most Important benefits that are unique to this medium:

It Doesn’t Require an Internet Connection

Contrary to email, it does not require an online connection or maybe a smartphone to get text messages.

That means your clients are going to get your message regardless of where they are and what type of phone they are using. In the united states, this offers you access to 96 percent of the whole adult population.

It is a Widely Accepted Medium

A greater part of digital customers are to forty-nine years of age. Of these, 99 percent have access to SMS-enabled cellular devices.

However, the success of SMS advertising isn’t only due to mobile penetration but also the approval of texting as a natural way of communicating. In reality, one of Americans younger than fifty, text messaging has become the most popular type of communicating .

It is Always Within Reach

According to study from Morgan Stanley, 91 percent of adults maintain their cellular devices within reach in any way times. In reality, Americans assess their telephones each 12 minutes while they are awake. That means the typical American participates using their phone roughly 80 times daily.

It is Easy to Consume

Since telephones are constantly within reach and text messages are generally around 160 characters, advertising messages on SMS can easily be consumed.

That’s most likely the main reason it appreciates ample rates of over 98%. By comparison, email open rates typical 14% across all businesses. Furthermore, approximately 90% of text messages are read over the initial 3 minutes of receipt.

SMS Messaging Encourages Quick Responses

Since text messages are easy to eat, recipients will also be more inclined to reply. In reality, the ordinary response speed for SMS is 45 percent whilst email response is just 6 percent.

SMS can also be the favored means of getting coupons designed for both online and in-store redemption due to its advantage. In reality, redemption rates for SMS-based vouchers are ten times greater than printed variants.

The Benefits of Combining SMS With Other Channels

Email has become the long-established moderate for electronic advertising. It is not going anywhere, however widespread SMS promotion becomes. Because of this, SMS definitely has its own part to play at a really omnichannel advertising and marketing effort.

While email excels due to its capacity to communicate dynamic and extensive content, it can not conquer the timeliness of SMS. This creates text messaging the ideal match to email.

Time-sensitive provides, as an instance, function best on SMS. Text messaging is also an efficient method to drive your viewers to your content.

SMS and email compose the essential stages of an omnichannel effort. However, it does not really end there.

Based on the nature of your enterprise and the requirements of your audience, using both of these platforms along with others such as push notifications, social networking, search advertising lets you be truly omnipresent with no invasive.

By combining platforms that are available and enabling each one to play with their own functions, you are in a position to offer seamless customer experiences which improve both revenue and brand awareness.

SMS Marketing is Bound to Become More Valuable

Although SMS has definitely proven its value as an advertising channel, developments and changes which will necessarily come will make it a much more effective station. A Number of Them may include

Improvements in Personalization

As it incorporates more seamlessly with different stations and becomes more ingrained in more business procedures, SMS advertising will delight in a wider scope of information.

Add to this the inevitable improvements in artificial intelligence and entrepreneurs will clamor over SMS to your degree to which they could personalize messages.

More information and targeting choices also imply better automation abilities. Marketers will have the ability to put more specific factors, and machine learning capacities can result in more personalized campaigns.

With SMS’ present performance as an advertising medium, these improvements in automation and personalization will lead to even more enhanced involvement prices and, finally, greater earnings.

Developments as a Primary Support Channel

During AI-driven improvements, SMS could become the key means by which clients can gain support. Nowadays, chatbots can accurately answer frequently asked questions. As they become more educated and more intuitive, they are incorporated into more business processes which will inevitably improve customer experiences.

Imagine entering a crowded boutique and locating a shirt you enjoy but not at the size you are wearing.

than waiting for your turn to ask the sales associate to test for your size, you can just send a text message and get a response in a minute. Since SMS bots become more integrated into business processes, they might even teach sales partners to pull the thing you requested for, monitor you down inside the shop, and help you through the remainder of the purchasing procedure.

Usefulness in Various Industries

SMS promotion is now most valuable to ecommerce companies. However, advanced entrepreneurs are rapidly discovering new software for this and open up chances to exploit its power in unconventional manners.

Pretty soon, its advantages as a moderate will promote an increasing number of businesses to embrace it.

That, then, will contribute to its broad acceptance and functionality for an advertising platform.

Integration With More Channels

The most typical way to use SMS would be to match email campaigns. With thoughtful planning and planning, a number of the advanced entrepreneurs also successfully use it along with other stations such as push notifications, instant messaging, social networking, and research.

But through data-driven insights and progress in applications, SMS should shortly integrate more seamlessly using a broader assortment of stations so as to present a really private and cohesive experience that is consistent across all platforms.

Nowadays, a number of the most effective advertising applications are already making a number of those situations possible.

Nevertheless, programs will Keep on advancing and further boost SMS’ worth

Best Use of SMS Marketing

Businesses have adopted SMS for a wide variety of applications.

Here are some of the best ways to use text messaging effectively:

  1. Post-Purchase Notifications: The period after a shopper completes a purchase is crucial to customer retention. Apart from a comprehensive confirmation email, send them SMS alerts as you process their order, ship their item, and confirm that they have received their package. Doing so will make a second purchase much more likely.
  2. Time-Sensitive Alerts: The short format of text messages and the proximity of mobile phones to its users make it the perfect medium for time-sensitive information that you want your audiences to act on right away. These include product launches, sales promotions, and other limited-time offers or events.
  3. Gift Distribution: Impressive redemption rates make SMS an ideal platform for distributing digital coupons and virtual gifts. With marketing automation platforms, you can even send gifts automatically through relevant triggers like birthday and purchase milestones.
  4. Customer Support: The quick and direct nature of SMS makes it an excellent option for providing fantastic customer service. SMS bots can receive and answer basic questions and then escalate more complex or sensitive concerns to a highly trained support team. That allows support teams to focus only on critical issues while giving all customers access to timely assistance.
  5. Accessing Information: Apart from providing assistance, you can use SMS to offer quick and easy access to information. Practical applications include confirming availability, providing store locations, and offering product recommendations.
  6. Drive to Site: Through SMS, you can drive your customers to your site to boost traffic, promote new content, or get them to re-engage. This is especially useful for users that haven’t visited in a long time and have stopped opening emails.
  7. Order Placements: If you have limited SKUs, SMS could be a good way to accept orders. When fully automated, this could provide an effortless ordering experience to your customers, which could lead to better retention and more sales.
  8. Appointment Setting & Reminders: Businesses can allow their customers to book appointments via SMS. You can use the same platform to automatically send appointment reminders.
  9. Identity Verification Processes: Two-factor authorization via SMS is not a new concept. But, as data privacy and security becomes more imperative to the success of businesses, more industries will surely adopt text messaging for identity verification.
  10. Feedback Gathering: Remarkable SMS response rates also make it an excellent platform for feedback gathering. Through text messages, you can ask your customers to answer simple surveys. You can even use SMS bots to ask questions as a human market researcher would.


The present success of SMS advertising proves that it’s here to remain.

Since manufacturers’ innovative utilization of this station pushes its growth and broad acceptance, it must become even more precious.

In the end, it is going to take its rightful place alongside email as an essential medium for advertising communications.

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