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Digital Marketing: The Journey from Online Visitors to Loyal Customers

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Customer experience is the most valuable thing in digital marketing. Your months of planning, tireless effort, and investment will come to whether you meet customers' needs and demands or not.

Your customers generate revenue, so it is crucial to provide them with the ultimate customer experience. A good customer experience leads your website visitors to spend more time, and eventually become a customer.

According to the PWC research, bad experiences can drive users away, even loyal customers.

Most online businesses find the journey from online visitors to loyal customers challenging because they focus on other aspects, like pricing and products. But customer experience should be the priority, as it is a proven way to boost customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue.

Loyal customersLoyal customers help you to boost your business in two ways. Firstly, they will never go away and choose you over competitors. Secondly, they are likely to refer your brand to other customers. So, make sure you keep them satisfied and happy.

In simple words, the key to converting your online visitors into loyal customers is an excellent customer experience. We will explain some result-oriented digital marketing strategies to boost customer experience. But before you lay down your best practices to enhance customer experience, you must know the challenges you face.

Common Customer Experience Challenges

If you want to offer the utmost customer experience, it requires perpetual and persistent improvement, along with top-notch communication. But some challenges can prevent you from managing a successful customer experience. Let us get started.

Lack of response from customers• Lack of response from customers - One of the primary challenges marketers face is insufficient customer response. Please remember, you need a plethora of data from customers to enhance customer experience.

For example, if you do not have sufficient data, it becomes difficult to get insight into customers’ needs and demands. In such a case, your customer experience efforts fail because it does not tell what your consumers want.

To overcome this challenge, you must place your customer response mechanisms in all channels, such as text, email, webpages, and social media. But you need to monitor this constantly so that you can deliver consistent and quality feedback.

• Not creating an omnichannel communication strategy - Managing customer communication across multiple channels is not an easy win. Also, you cannot depend entirely on the in-build features of a CRM package. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-strategic plan. For this, you need to hire an experienced digital marketing strategist.

• Handling qualitative data - Keep in mind that the customer feedback you receive is not necessarily statistical. While you might have constructed your surveys well to ensure a qualitative response, the audience uses their own words to give their opinions. As a result, it may lead to confusion about integrating the data into your customer experience processes.

Are you wondering how to resolve this problem? If yes, then using customer sentiment analysis and text analytics can help get insights into the data. Thanks to technological advancements. We have tools and software to read customer feedback and evaluate what customers want and need.

With these tools, you can also identify changes in your customers’ moods. So, it seems like a valuable investment.

• Obsolete documentation - There is no point in making data accessible across every channel if it is not up-to-date. Online users prefer companies that offer accurate data. You might find various docs that have outdated images and features or technologies that do not exist anymore. With this type of content, you cannot retain customers nor attract new ones.

successful customer managementWe understand keeping your documentation up-to-date is a tricky job. So, what is the solution because accurate documentation translates into a good customer experience? It further helps you turn your visitors into loyal customers.

You can make use of tools that help you keep track of your articles. The spreadsheet is one of the most easily accessible tools for this purpose.

These are some challenges you may expect when improving customer experience. But with the right tools and keeping up with the market trends, you can overcome these challenges and have successful customer experience management.

In a while, we will go through proven digital marketing strategies that help you improve customer experience. Hence, ease out the journey from website visitors to loyal customers.

Even well-established brands like Amazon and Starbucks keep their customer experience game on point. After all, they too thrive because of their loyal customers. It is time to unfold digital marketing strategies to boost your company’s customer experience.

How to Increase Your Customer Experience With Digital Marketing?

turn visitors into loyal customers• Seamless website experience across multiple devices - Apart from being well-designed and feature-rich, your website should be compatible with all devices. It does not matter if your customer uses a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. It should be easily accessible.

Did we mention you should keep the navigation process simple? It means the moment your prospective customers visit your website, they must find the product and buy it with a few clicks. As a thumb rule, unnecessary clicks and scrolling frustrate online users. You may lose them before even showcasing your product.

The Amazon website is the perfect example in this regard. It works well with all devices while letting customers make purchases using a few clicks.

turn visitors into loyal customers• The loading speed of your website - Today, time is of the essence. When it comes to website loading speed, it plays a crucial role in decision-making. It shows that the rate of conversion depends heavily on your website speed.

According to HubSpot, the highest conversion rates happen for websites with a loading speed of 0-2 seconds. It also says that as the load time increases to three seconds, the bounce rate may rise by 32%.

So, if you want visitors to stay on your website and become customers, keep your page-loading time to a few seconds.

As reported by Amazon, every 100 milliseconds delay in page load time results in a loss of 1 percent sales.

• High-resolution photos - High-quality photos are equivalent to the virtual real-life feel of a product. Customers can see, feel and compare the product before purchasing. Like this, you can help your visitors to buy quality products. Therefore, they will come to you again.

 Leverage live chat - Live chat is an effective tool for e-commerce owners. It helps them understand the needs, wants, and concerns of customers.

A few years ago, online customers had limited sources of information. The only ways to know brands were FAQs and product descriptions. There was a lack of trust and credibility. Many visitors used to end up leaving sites and never return. Also, if customers had any issues and concerns about the product, they had to wait for days to get on the phone with customer service.

Live chat has changed the meaning of customer care. It is no more just offering solutions to the problems but building personal connections with customers. It focuses on a personalized approach, which enhances the customer experience.

• Encourage loyalty with reward programs - When we talk about rewards, it could be gestures like a thank you message or follow-up to your customer complaint. On the other hand, you can also reward your customer loyalty with vouchers, coupons, discounts, etc.

These things add value to customers’ shopping experience, which further fosters goodwill and loyalty.

• Creating engaging and unique content - Another way to keep your customers coming back to your website is by providing them with fresh and informative content. Please remember, your brand can offer more than products and services. Today, online users appreciate websites that deal with multiple solutions. So, be what your customers want you to be.

Make contacting you accessible• Make contacting you accessible - One thing that frustrates online users is to dig up websites to get the contact information of businesses. Whether it is an email address, phone number, etc. make sure it is easy to find.

In addition to this, customers go back to companies that offer personalized responses to their queries. It incites a sense in your customers of being valued for their time and investment.

Besides offering original content, reward programs, and a fast-loading and beautiful website, it is vital to have a powerful presence on social media.

According to Techjury, online users spend 3 hours 40 minutes on mobile phones, and more than 50% accounts for social media.

So, it is one of the best ways to reach out and interact with your customers, as almost everyone has a social media profile today. Also, you can use this as a platform to share content and any updates about your brand. Thus, it is another engaging source for your customers to know you better.

The Journey from Online Visitors to Loyal Customers

E-commerce is a highly competitive space for businesses. If you want your brand to remain relevant, focus on improving customer experience. It means your approach should not be limited to products and services. But prioritize communications with your customers to convert them into loyal customers. It will help you understand their needs and concerns and, accordingly, make a digital marketing strategy.

If your business delivers a great customer experience, you will see visitors come back to you and become customers, eventually loyal customers.

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