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EV at CES: Electric Vehicles in The Future

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The United States was poised to hit a new record for sales of electric vehicles by the end of 2021. The statistics showed an 88% increase in sales through September. Despite this impressive growth, the same study showed that EVs accounted only for 3% of all new car sales in the year.

Future of Electric Vehicles

Researchers found that only 20 fully electric cars were available for purchase during the study period. The majority of these models were expensive, making them out of reach for many people who might otherwise be interested in purchasing them.

If CES 2022 is anything to go by, electric car enthusiasts will soon have plenty to look forward to. Although some of the models are not the most expensive, they will be very attractive. They’ll still have style and plenty of features.

Sony Launches A New Prototype and Announces an EV Business Arm

People often think of Sony when they think about televisions and gaming consoles. At CES 2022, however, the company’s leaders indicated a new direction. It will create an operating company, Sony Mobility, Inc., in spring 2019, and then use it for exploring EV market opportunities.

Sony isn’t starting from scratch. It first had an EV prototype, the VISION S 01, which was subject to public road testing. The company then introduced the CES crowd to the new VISION S 02, a sleek SUV.

The vehicle is equipped with various sensors that allow it to perceive and analyze three-dimensional space. To help drivers stay alert of potential dangers, the system provides driver alerts through the vehicle’s audio system.

The car’s ToF sensors will allow it to recognize authorized drivers. These sensors allow people to make gestures and perform commands. This car is also very customizable.

Every User can Personalize The Car’s Interface, and Even change The Sound It Makes When It Accelerates or Slowed Down

Sony is returning to other products in the car’s entertainment options. A remote-link feature allows people to connect to their PlayStation from the car, so they can play games even if they don’t have it at home.

Cloud connectivity is also available to allow them to download new games. The seats have speakers that recreate the feeling of being in a concert with a favorite artist.

It is too early to predict whether Sony’s official venture into electric vehicles will make a significant impact.

It is encouraging that the brand had its second prototype ready for CES. This bold move by Sony could have an impact on whether other brands, including non-car ones, decide to enter the electric vehicle sector.

Volvo Teases Fully Autonomous Driving in its Next Electric Vehicle

People have been fascinated by the idea of being able to get into a car without having to touch the steering wheel. Volvo is one of the many brands that want to make this a reality.

Luminar, Google, and Qualcomm were among the many partnerships announced by the auto brands at CES. According to company leaders, these entities will allow Volvo to move toward a tech-focused future. This includes becoming a fully electric car manufacturer by 2030.

Volvo also showed the planned outcomes of these tech parings. Mats Moberg (head of research and development at Volvo Cars) stated, “We are proud of the U.S. to launch our first truly autonomous driving feature. We want to set a new industry standard in autonomy without compromising safety.”

The autonomous technology comprises more than 24 sensors, which include Luminar’s high-tech lidar sensor. This interacts with the specially-developed software.

Moberg said, “Having Zenseact’s brand-new [autonomous driving] software, and Luminar’s lidar standard in Volvo Cars’ new fully electric SUV, is a game-changer for Volvo Cars as well as automotive safety and autonomous driving.”

California residents will be the first to experience the Ride Pilot feature in their cars before the brand expands its rollout.

Volvo wants to make it easier for people to expand their travel options. Ride Pilot will transport them to their destinations while they engage in writing and reading activities.

These ambitious plans could be disrupted by the chip shortage that affects Volvo. The global shortage of semiconductors caused an 18.1% drop in Volvo’s December 2021 sales. However, it’s not the only one dealing with this issue. There are many other automakers in similar situations.

Analysts believe there is no one solution to the component shortfall and that it will not end soon. It’s much easier to adapt when you have great inventory visibility.

Many tools include forecasting and scaling features that allow users to see current statistics and potential scenarios.

Mercedes-Benz Targets Eco-Conscious Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts

Many people are attracted to EVs because they can drive around without relying upon fossil fuels. People like the idea of plugging into power. It also saves them money at the pump.

Many people make conscious decisions about the environment that go beyond transportation and affect all aspects of their life. Mercedes-Benz is targeting these people with its VISIONEQXX electric vehicle. These are great examples of how manufacturers can use non-traditional materials creatively.

The interior is made of vegan leather from prickly pear cactus root systems and mushrooms’ root systems. The steering wheel and door trim are made of polyester from recycled plastic containers.

The carpets are made from 100-percent bamboo fibers. Mercedes-Benz was the first auto manufacturer to work with a vegan silk company. This luxurious material is used for door pulls.

The VISION EQXXX takes important steps to overcome range anxiety. The car can go 620 miles on a single charge, and it even comes with roof solar panels that charge an additional battery to power the car’s ancillary devices.

The coupe-like body of the automobile is aerodynamic, and the battery pack underneath the hood is lighter than other models from the automaker.

Chrysler Presents First All-Electric Vehicle at CES 2022

You may be surprised to know that Chrysler has never presented an all-electric vehicle at CES. It did reveal a new with the white Airflow Concept, that should be available for purchase by 2025.

Two 150-kilowatt battery packs are located at the front and back of the automobile. These batteries should provide between 350 and 400 miles of range, and can be charged quickly using a fast-charging feature.

For an attractive look, the chassis features animated LED lights. The panoramic roof offers a unique view of the surrounding scenery. The vehicle’s interior features an unusual oval-shaped steering wheel and a larger display screen.

Another screen is mounted for the front-seat passenger. This screen is smaller to show the brand’s desire to allow people to bring their digital lives along on every trip.

Consumers may no longer consider Chrysler to be their first choice because of the increasing availability of models from established brands in the EV market.

Electric Vehicle Market Growing More Exciting

This CES 2022 coverage and other articles can be found to inspire electric vehicle enthusiasts.

These Cars are A Great Example of What is Possible

It’s not clear, however, if the manufacturers involved can overcome obstacles like the chip shortage of road tests that show autonomous driving is safe.

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