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QUASA NFT app - Without Installation And Registration, It's Possible!

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To understand how this or that application works, you must first install it and enter your confidential data.

In other words, only after installation and registration do you get access to the functions of these applications.
This is a common practice and it is unlikely that we have told something new here.

But new technologies are changing reality.

The essential difference of the QUASA NFT application from other projects is that it uses the best world practices, know-how and technologies.

Now you do not need to install the QUASA NFT application!

Without installation, you can open the QUASA NFT app, understand how it works, view other authors' ANFT collections, and familiarize yourself with its main functions.

Unlike other projects, you do not need to enter your details and register.

This was made possible thanks to the latest technology from Google "Instant App" - instant application launch without installation on a mobile phone.

It's so convenient and safe - you don't need to install the application and then register to just check it out, understand that it doesn't suit you and can only be used once. But you have already wasted your precious time and shared your sensitive data.

Studies show that so far, more than 99% of companies have not even announced the transition of their mobile applications to the latest "Instant App" technology, which does not require application installation and user registration.

As long as possible, they will sabotage this transition in every possible way.

We understand that companies, corporations and governments do not benefit from people not sharing their sensitive data and installing apps.

QUASA is one of the first companies in the world to introduce Instant App technology to break this vicious practice.

The QUASA NFT application is the first not only in the blockchain industry, but also in most other sectors of the economy.

We invite you to follow the link to the QUASA NFT application so that you can familiarize yourself with it without installation.
We hope you enjoy it and consider using it.


The QUASA NFT app contains several breakthrough technologies and know-how: creating active NFTs (ANFT), publishing, adding metadata - all this is absolutely free for users.

The latest technology implemented in QUASA NFT is the direct publication of active NFTs in the metaverses.

QUASA NFT - Create and Publish your ANFT collections.

You will say that today any platform that deals with NFT allows you to add information to the NFT. Real-time smart contracts collect information and write new data to the NFT.

The most important difference from all other platforms is that in the QUASA NFT application, adding metadata is free, but that's not all!

On any other platform, the author, creator or owner will have to pay to create an NFT, add or change metadata or new information in the NFT.

The QUASA NFT application is absolutely free for all users.

In the QUASA NFT application, you can create, add any information, publish ANFT on the blockchain, share with the community or experts, certify other ANFTs, confirm ownership of your ANFT for free.

Create your active NFT (ANFT):

- Import NFT directly from the marketplace;
- Add information to your ANFT and certify changes;
- Publish your ANFT collections to galleries and metaverses with new metadata.

Confirm any document in the blockchain:

- Upload the document to the blockchain;
- Add information and certify with a certificate;
- Share of issued certificates;
- Create, certify, sign and verify signers and certificates.


- Allow to view your public collections and documents.

To date, only QUASA NFT offers an incredible opportunity to create your own unique active NFT (ANFT), certify it on the blockchain, sign it with the community, experts or friends, add metadata - and all this is absolutely free!

But that's not all - active NFTs (ANFTs) created in the QUASA application with new metadata can now be published in galleries and metaverses.

Active NFTs (A-NFTs) Empower Physical Items.

NFTs aren’t just digital pieces of art. They are layered mechanisms for proving ownership, access, rights, and more.

Active NFTs authenticate physical assets and represent them in virtual spaces.

Now anyone can present objects, works of art, objects they own, and even their beloved pet in virtual spaces and metaverses with proof of ownership of these physical objects and the A-NFT itself.

After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature.

QUASA expands the capabilities of physical objects, allowing them to be authenticated in the virtual space, decentralized to confirm their existence and ownership of these objects.

Decentralized expert or community signature is another know-how of active NFTs (A-NFTs).

Active NFTs for Creators, Authors and Owners.

Great news for NFT creators, authors and owners - now in the QUASA NFT app you can create your own active NFT (A-NFT) and get a QUASA certificate with the "Ownership" mark of your original NFT. 
You do not need to connect a crypto wallet to receive a QUASA certificate with the “Property rights” mark, we care about your safety.

 Without leaving the QUASA NFT application, you only need to verify your key by signing it through MyCrypto - Ethereum Wallet Manager without importing a private key. Read in a separate article.

It is much safer than connecting your crypto wallet and guarantees 100% safety of your data and private keys. 

The intuitive interface of QUASA NFT will allow you to obtain an NFT certificate with a mark of ownership - very simply. 
MyCrypto is an open-source tool that allows you to manage your Ethereum accounts privately and securely.  
MyCrypto service is a reliable partner of QUASA NFT.


The Quasa network is made up of a large number of diverse storage providers and developers. This creates a robust and reliable service.

Data is stored safely and securely. Cryptographic proofs ensure that your information remains accessible and unchanged over time.

Quasa combines with IPFS, a peer-to-peer distributed network protocol, to make a more efficient and secure web free from corporate control.

Now IPFS users can reliably store their data with Quasa – a world of applications and use-cases stored, served, and powered by crypto.

Discover the world of decentralized applications in a whole new way with QUASA.

The Quasa network achieves staggering economies of scale by allowing anyone to participate as a storage provider and compete for your business.

The Quasa Blockchain is the technological backbone of the payment system, operated by a network of validator nodes.

The software that implements the blockchain is open source — designed so that anyone can build on it — and is able to scale so that billions of people can depend on it for their financial needs.

To use all the modules and full functionality of QUASA, each connected creator will need to use a set of services provided by the platform.

QUASA is changing the global NFT industry by providing full transparency, traceability and interaction optimization.


The QUASA certificate confirms that the NFT is identified with a specific smart contract, i.e. the public address in the blockchain, the ID of the NFT token, the blockchain on which the NFT was created, and the standard of the token on which the NFT was created and this NFT is certified by the owner of the public address in blockchain, respectively, the public address of the user in the blockchain is indicated.

In addition to the provided data, the certificate contains cryptographic data:

  • An NFT Hash is an identifier that is uniquely related to the digital NFT. If you make any change in the NFT, the least, even a single pixel, letter or bit, the Hash will be totally different, so this identifier ensures the NFT integrity.

The QUASA application extracts a hash through the standardised algorithm SHA-256, that is the strongest of that algorithm type, and is supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Using the Quasa blockchain, that is inmutable and public, users can prove the NFT existence and content integrity even though Hashing DNA cease operations.

In addition, the records are irremovable, so that the Hash included in the transaction will remain forever registered, and always being publicly accessible.

  • In order to verify QUASA certificates, every certificate has a unique ID, so you can access to our app and check the ID and the file in order to be sure the anything has been altered.
  • NFT description Hash

The only thing you can change is the filename before you certify it.

  • Transaction ID in the Quasa Chain blockchain
  • Document ID (NFT) (smart contract address + token ID)
  • Blockchain creates a universal time stamp in the decentralized database.

The certificate in the application can be shared with other users and signed by other signers, in which case the certificate lists all signers.

For any user, the NFT certificate looks the same.

Quasacoin (QUA) is the first cryptocurrency that brings people together.

Quasacoin (QUA) is an internal platform ecosystem token that is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with all ERC-20 wallets.

The value of Quasacoins (QUA) is supported by the real services offered by the QUASA platform.

Information About Current Placements of QUA.

DEX and CEX:

Rating Systems:




QUASA is changing the global NFT industry by providing full transparency, traceability and interaction optimization.

Users can certify NFTs built on any blockchain as well as smart NFTs.

The QUASA Active NTF (A-NTF) ecosystem is designed to provide open, instant, and low-cost access to blockchain services.

QUASA NFT connects NFT with a smart contract containing events and information. QUASA NFT certificates are signed by experts and/or the community free of charge. By registering the NFT lifecycle on the blockchain, ANFT becomes an asset that grows in popularity and value over time.

QUASA does not compete with Ethereum like Solana or Cardano. On the contrary, QUASA is expanding the NFT ecosystem. Thanks to the Clique and Quasa consensus protocols Byzantine Fault Tolerant 2.0 (QuasaBFT 2.0) — QUASA certifies any NFT on any blockchain.

NFTs can theoretically have an endless application.

NFTs are moving digital assets into the public imagination, but if they’re to become the onramp for more mainstream adoption of blockchain-based systems, they need to prove that they can earn users’ trust and evolve beyond the cute static collectibles they are today.

QUASA is the first project to take into account all the decisive factors of NFT, namely provable rare, dynamic, oracle-powered that will define the arts, games and industries of the future.

Quasa NFT App ! Your NFT, your way!

P.S. Get a QUASA NFT certificate, share with friends or the community who certify and authenticate your ANFT - it's free. No network fees, transaction fees or anything else.

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