09.06.2022 15:12

Active NFTs (A-NFTs) Empower Physical Items.

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Active NFTs (A-NFTs) empower physical items.

Before the advent of A-NFT, there was an unsolvable problem, how to represent a physical object in virtual space with proof of the existence of this physical object and confirm ownership of this object?

Yes, of course, you can make an NFT of your picture and place it in the virtual space, but how to prove that your picture exists in the physical world - after all, the digital file and the picture are not connected in any way?

It was not an easy task, especially since QUASA engineers went further and set themselves the task of not just linking a unique NFT to a physical object and proof of ownership, but to make this process free for people!

We all hear that there is real life and there is virtual reality, and they are on their own. In our real world there are objects and bodies, but they are cut off from the virtual world.
Before the advent of active NFTs, this was the case, and now there has been a new round of evolution, and maybe a revolution!

Such events do not happen often, but now we see how you can expand the possibilities of the physical world!

Active NFTs (A-NFTs) Empower Physical Items.

Active NFTs authenticate physical assets and represent them in virtual spaces with a unique active NFT (A-NFT).
Now anyone can present objects, works of art, objects they own, and even their beloved pet in virtual spaces and metaverses with proof of ownership of these physical objects and the A-NFT itself.

After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature without leaving QUASA NFT applications.
Decentralized expert or community signature is another know-how of active NFTs (A-NFTs).

Install the QUASA NFT app and certify your property in the blockchain!
Now it's possible and free for all users!

In the new version of the QUASA NFT application.

A new Poligon blockchain has been added where you can certify NFTs and create active NFTs (A-NFTs). 
Now you can create certified active NFTs (A-NFTs) on three Ethereum, Solana and Polygon blockchains and select NFTs on five marketplaces without leaving the QUASA NFT app!
Great news for NFT creators, authors and owners - now in the QUASA NFT app you can create your own active NFT (A-NFT) and get a QUASA certificate with the "Ownership" mark of your original NFT. 
You do not need to connect a crypto wallet to receive a QUASA certificate with the “Property rights” mark, we care about your safety. 
Without leaving the QUASA NFT application, you only need to verify your key by signing it through MyCrypto - Ethereum Wallet Manager without importing a private key. 
It is much safer than connecting your crypto wallet and guarantees 100% safety of your data and private keys. 
The intuitive interface of QUASA NFT will allow you to obtain an NFT certificate with a mark of ownership - very simply. 
MyCrypto is an open-source tool that allows you to manage your Ethereum accounts privately and securely.  
MyCrypto service is a reliable partner of QUASA NFT

Physical assets are easily represented in virtual spaces (metaverses) using unique active NFTs (A-NFTs).

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