24.03.2022 20:16

QUA is Listed on The New Balancer Exchange

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##New Listing QUA

QUASA Announces Successful Addition of Liquidity to Balancer Protocol Decentralized Exchange!

The QUASA team brings QUA to the fifth exchange. Part of what makes DeFi so exciting is its composability, and with Balancer this has resulted in a partnership that optimises the experience for liquidity providers through the QUASA-Balancer Asset Manager and opens up new possibilities for QUA stakers with the QUA/USDT Safety Incentive pool. We look forward to exploring more synergies with Balancer in the future.

Balancer has pioneered a great deal of innovation in the DeFi space and is one of the most widely used liquidity protocols. We are excited to help them expand further.

##About Balancer Protocol 

Put your cryptoassets to work and get the best prices for trades


Portfolios that generate yield and rebalance automatically

Balancer turns the concept of an index fund on its head: instead of paying fees to portfolio managers to rebalance your portfolio, you collect fees from traders who rebalance your portfolio by following arbitrage opportunities.


Decentralized trades at optimal prices

Balancer enables efficient trading by pooling crowdsourced liquidity from investor portfolios and using its Smart Order Router to find traders the best available price. Exchange any combination of ERC-20 tokens permissionlessly, with ease.


A protocol for programmable liquidity

The Balancer Protocol is a core building block of DeFi infrastructure—a unique financial primitive and permissionless development platform. Balancer is the most flexible and versatile Automated Market Maker, giving developers unprecedented customizability.

##Information About Current Placements of QUA.

DEX and CEX:

Rating Systems:



##What Is QUASA (QUA)?

The QUASA is being created to solve the biggest problem facing humanity, namely to solve the problem of unemployment, so that people can find a job they love, provide for themselves and their families. QUASA is registered in Germany - full name Quasa International GmbH.

QUASA is the starting point for the growth and coordination of the Quasa ChainQUA is gaining popularity, the community is growing, and the site traffic is over 120 thousand unique visitors per month.

Combining the most brilliant minds in global trade, information security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, QUASA aims to fix the inefficiencies in a $150 trillion USD industry.

QUASA is a Decentralized Metaverse That Brings Together Freelancers and Clients.

Quasacoins (QUA) value is supported by real services offered by QUASA Metaverse.

Monetization of QUASA services occurs at the last stage of each case of successful completion of the task by any performer in the form of a reward, instantly increasing the demand for QUA tokens.

The technologies used in QUASA eliminate the problem of trust, information barriers and legal costs. By using a trusted environment, unnecessary workflow is eliminated, the cost of completing tasks for clients is reduced, and the performers earn more.

With the move to blockchain and the use of artificial intelligence, QUASA is creating a new environment that will revolutionize our daily work.

##Quasacoin (QUA) is the first cryptocurrency that brings people together.

Token Info:
Quasacoin (QUA) is an internal platform ecosystem token that is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with all ERC-20 wallets. 
• Name: Quasacoin
• Symbol: QUA
• Contract Address: 0x4dAeb4a06F70f4b1A5C329115731fE4b89C0B227

QUA liquidity positions are represented on Uniswap in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Anyone can trade or become a liquidity provider (LP) in the QUA liquidity pool today.

The use of QUA tokens is a prerequisite for working on the QUASA.

Quasacoin (QUA) Value Is Supported By Real Services Offered By QUASA Metaverse

##Ecosystem QUASA

  1. Blockchain application Quasa Documents
  2. Blockchain app Quasa Connect
  3. Blockchain app QUASA NFT

##Who Are the Founders of QUASA?

QUASA was founded by Slava Vasipenok, who explained in an interview with Irishtechnews that he is attracted and inspired by a future in which the problems of millions and hundreds of millions of people left without means of livelihood will be solved with the help of QUASA. 

The mission of the project is to create a universal digital assistant so that people can find the work they love and support themselves and their families.

The team consists of more than 30 people - this is a unique combination of specialists with advanced experience in the development and implementation of large blockchain systems.

##How can people learn more about Quasa?

You can keep abreast of everything by subscribing to the official Twitter account or by joining the Telegram chat and communicate directly with the project team.

On the project website, in the QUA emission section, all information about Quasacoin and a phased development plan for Quasa Metaverse are presented.