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Blog, Tweet, and Pin: Using Social Media to Enhance Your Business

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Is your business utilizing the latest social media platforms? If not, plugin and join the current social media cycle—soon. Here’s the truth: traditional business just doesn’t cut it anymore. Since its inception, social media—like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+—has exponentially grown.

This means that your brand can reach wider audiences to boost marketing and sales efforts.

Unlike expensive or archaic marketing strategies, the main cost of social media is time, not cash. Any business willing to invest time on networking sites and building a community can benefit.

Social media levels the playing field, but only if you know how to get the most out of it. Consider utilizing professional branding and social media services like SevenAtoms for even more marketing leverage.

Stay relevant in today’s ever-evolving social media world by following these simple social media practices:

Consider your audience.
Before social media, people were still social—just in different ways. Fully embrace social media by building relationships independent of technology. Here’s why:Cruise agents want to sell as many travel packages as possible.

However, social media users have only a few strong relationships out of their plentiful connections.It’s unlikely that all connections will respond to an individual’s cruise photo or exotic destination Pin. But these platforms allow more people to see your products.

If a high-seas adventure seems appealing, other contacts will want to know more—thus leading your audience to your product.

Generate Sales.
Don’t underestimate the power of your customer’s small—yet strong—networking circle. Their handful of genuine connections can increase your brand’s profits.Use social media to generate sales by focusing on individuals.

For example, your business might market personalized deals. This way, your customer is more likely to share your brand with their like-minded—and your target—connections.

Promote Your Brand.
Promoting your brand is critical for marketing and customer loyalty.

So, tweet, post, and blog away! Facilitate a conversation between your product, your audience, and their friends. When the conversation is customer-oriented, your clients will do the hard work for you by chatting up your business on Twitter or commenting on your blog post.

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