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8 “ALWAYS” Every Entrepreneur Faces and 10 “ALWAYS” Every Employee Faces

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If you are an entrepreneur

1. You will always be alone, except for your family, who will support you even in difficult times. Therefore, everything we do, we do not for the sake of money, but for the sake of those we love.
2. Other people, not entrepreneurs, will always laugh at you while you try and start, rise and fall, they will never understand you, considering you strange, out of this world.
3. Other people, non-entrepreneurs, will always hate you, because you are a living reproach to their fears, laziness and mediocrity.
4. You will always have doubts, fears, worries that everything will go wrong.
5. You will always overcome these fears and move forward.
7. You will always make the world a better place, create new opportunities, but others will always be unhappy, even when buying your products and services.
8. Other people, not entrepreneurs, will always consider you a fraud and a scoundrel, because you have learned what they do not know and cannot do - earn money with your mind, and not wait for a salary.

If you are hired:

1. There will always be someone who will beat you in your career not thanks to their intelligence, but to their arrogance and ability to lick ass.
2. Your growth is always limited, and the quality of your efforts does not affect the amount of your compensation.
3. You will always do what they say, and not what your soul strives for, but you will convince yourself of the opposite.
4. You will always feel like a slave whose well-being depends on someone who is superior to you in position, and not in intelligence.
5. You will never be forgiven for your intelligence.
6. You will never be forgiven for your age.
7. You will always have to go to stupid corporate events and team building trainings.
8. You will always have to follow the rules.
9. Sooner or later you will be fired, no matter what you think to yourself.
10. Sooner or later you will always think about telling the company to hell and starting your own business.

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When someone says, “I don’t have the money to start a business,” it means, “I’m too afraid to take on the risk of getting a loan and end up in debt with no business and a bare ass.” This is a completely rational reasoning for 99% of people who prefer, as they say, “a frail bird in the hand than a pie in the sky.” The problem is that such reasoning creates “paralysis of the beginning”, and we cannot move anywhere. Never. To death. And what to do with it?

The opposite emotional position is called “weakness of mind and courage,” when we say to ourselves “to hell with everything,” take out a loan and, as expected, find ourselves in debt, with nothing to do and with a bare ass. Painfully getting out of debt, 99% take the position stated above (no money, I can’t do anything) and so on until death. 

In 100% of cases, all the problems that people have are poverty, flawed relationships, etc. due to a shitty picture of the world, part of which is the same flawed personality, immaturity and, as a result, low efficiency. Why 99% of people are infantile and wretched is understandable. Traditional institutions of upbringing and education were replaced by surrogate ones. Why this happened, who is to blame for it - is actually deeply violet. Those. this is important, but not at this stage.

In short, 95% of the population, to one degree or another, are wretched and lazy, infantile, fixated on their insignificant personality. This is the main reason why these 95% of the population were, are and will be in the ass. Always. As they say, if education seems expensive, try ignorance. Thus, the important question for a person is: does he really want to change his life? Or is this just an empty fantasy?

If a person says “Yes, I want to change my life!”, and even if this is a primitive desire to double my income, then this desire means that...Details in our next article

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