19.02.2024 09:20

We're in the Game Even if Someone Doesn't Believe

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How to stop being a lazy idiot?

ANSWER: This is the simplest, here is a step by step plan of 3 steps.

1. Borrow a lot of money from bandits.
2. You squander them, for example, in a casino.
3. Explain to the bandits that ... so they say and so ... there is no money, but you hold on.

Result: Stop being a lazy idiot immediately.

In general, as soon as your ass is on fire, you immediately stop being a lazy idiot. So don't worry, you won't get anywhere from the submarine.

Anything that prevents you from acting is deadly. Those who take risks win, and more or less reasonably. They also sometimes lose, of course. But he who does not act never wins.

It is important to always act, you can doubt, be afraid, tremble, but act. Once you stop acting out of skepticism or fear, it doesn't matter, the countdown begins. No one cares why you can't act, what causes life paralysis - brainwashed, fearful or indecisive or any other excuse - no one will make decisions for you.

In short, an easy way to get out of ass. Everybody dance, mofo!

1. Recognize that you are 0, nothing, all life before that no longer matters. Do not sob, but coolly like this, with a squint, and I think - "it's all the same, I'll fuck you all and dry you!".

2. Remember the joke about "life is getting better." “The homeless man decided to commit suicide. He went into the toilet, took the rope, stood on the toilet, threw the rope around his neck. Suddenly he sees a big cigarette butt. Decided to smoke it. He climbed onto the toilet again, put on the rope. Suddenly he sees an unfinished bottle of beer on the windowsill. He removed the rope. Drank beer. And he thinks: "What's wrong with me? Life seems to be getting better!"

3. Remember that there are those who do not have arms and legs. And there are those who have no head.

4. Stop mudovye sobs, because they will not lead to anything for sure, and if you start to lift your ass, something will turn out.

5. Declare yourself a week of ruthlessness, extend at the end of the week. Again and again.

6. Remember that our world is a Game. You have to play, which means constantly trying to grow, and those who do not want to grow - the Game turns into shit. That is, no one has a choice. Either growth, or ass. In manure and under the fence. You don't like it? Painful and painful? Seriously? Everything is absolutely purple. Grow or into manure.

7. For motivation, you need either fear or anger, but best of all, all this + love, i.e. the one for which you want to FUCK THE WHOLE WORLD! It can be a wife, children, parents, beloved turtle, etc.

Start small and you'll be fine. The main thing is not to quit.